Heart Decorations For Valentines Day Decor

Are you a romantic at heart? These heart decorations for valentines day decor are whimsical and budget friendly. I believe that decorating can (and should) be fun and seasonally you can (and maybe should!) insert some of that into your life!

So let’s decorate in one quick, inexpensive and FUN fell swoop for the entire month of February! Or even if you don’t want balloons up all month, how about a weekend?

heart decorations valentines day decor

** UPDATE ** GIVEAWAY CLOSED & the winner notified via email! ** I’M GIVING A SET OF THESE BALLOONS AWAY TO ONE READER. Just leave a comment on the bottom of this post and I’ll choose someone random soon! 

Decorating for the seasons is something that I love to do! It’s a chance to add in some fun and whimsy and really change up the look of a room. Life tosses enough drama our way, so why not add in some fancifullness along the way! As Dr. Seuss said “From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” This is just a fun and easy look to recreate for under a mantel, a wall or around a bar cart for a Galentines party. And the best part may the low cost at under $20!

heart decorations valentines day decor

Out came the pink rug that will stay up for the month of February. I LOVE this rug and you can find it here – PINK RUG. A quick swap out of pillows for a few that I have in blush pink and bring on the balloons!

Heart decorations valentines day decor

heart decorations valentines day decor

If you have been following for awhile, you might remember my CREATIVE FALL MANTEL post from last year. I went with the same concept for the heart decorations valentines day decor theme. You can find all of these balloons in a handy package at this link: ROMANTIC BALLOON PACKAGE. At under $20 it’s a WIN/WIN as far as I’m concerned!

valentines day heart decorations with balloons

How To Create The Look

  • Blow up your balloons! I did not have access to a helium tank but being a DIYer I do have an air compressor. The package comes with a stiff straw that you insert into the balloons to aid inflation. Not sure if you can use the air from a vacuum in reverse, but maybe. I only used the compressor on the mylar balloons and blew up the others the normal way.
  • Find a spot on your wall or mirror to hang the LOVE balloon, as this will be your focal point. I used double sided scotch tape to adhere.
  • Next came the mantel, but if you don’t have a mantel that’s okay too! I simply propped the hearts on the right, added some flowers in bucket and jar on the other side for symmetry. While I’m not a strict symmetrical lover personally I believe in some balance. A couple of pink pillar candles and then a final balloon styled into the copper bucket.
  • For the balloons under the mantel I started at the floor and piled them up, stacking and varying colors. I tried taping them to the wall but had no success with our plaster walls. If you have drywall or shiplap it would probably work with double sided masking tape.
  • My vintage pink bench is holding the balloons in this heart decorations valentines day decor arrangement in place!

heart decorations for valentines day

These two are always curious and had to see what mama was up to! The aspect of seasonal decor that I love so much is the flexibility and the temporary nature. I hope that you try this and as I said it’s less than $20…so have fun with it if you do!

Heart decorations valentines day decor SHABBYFUFU

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  1. What a fun, whimsical way to decorate for Valentine’s Day! I love everything about the decor – from your fabulous pink rug to all the heart balloons.

  2. Hi Janet,
    Love all the variety of pinks you have going on! So beautiful! I also love the reflection in the coffee table!! Chic and girly setting!

    1. Hi Babette….this is meant as pure FUN and so glad that you like it! Have a great remainder of your week!

  3. I use to decorate for all the holidays but now that all the kids are gone and the grandkids live so far away I just don’t bother. Do enjoy looking at the decorating other people do.

  4. I really like these! I have a few Valentine’s Day pieces to set out, but not a bunch. I should get some balloons.

  5. That looks like a lot of fun! It’s something different to do for Valentine’s Day and I know the family would love it just because of its creative unexpected look.

  6. Many of us decorate for other holidays more, but I think Valentines Day is such a pretty holiday to decorate for! This Valentines Day decor looks so cute!

  7. I have hearts and love all over my house and person already and my husband likes this about my decorating style. It never hurts to add a little for Valentine’s Day.

  8. Liza Lara says:

    Super cute idea! I would love to try this idea with paper mache hearts! BTW thank you for the free download Valentine images.

    1. Give it a shot and so glad that you like the printables!

  9. This is such a fun and cute decor idea! I would love waking up or coming home to something like this. Can’t imagine my other half actually agreeing or doing it though lol.

  10. Super cute decoration ideas! The pink rug really brightens up the entire space and the LOVE balloon is my personal favorite.

  11. I love your Valentine’s Day decorations The different shades of pink really add a nice touch.

  12. Oh I love this! All the valentines balloons are so cute and love the colours too! Your dog is amazing!

  13. What a great way to decorate for Valentine’s Day! I love the look. Your dogs are absolutely adorable.

  14. How stinkin’ cute. I love the balloons in the fireplace. That just makes my heart happy!

    1. Thanks so much…we love happy things!

  15. This is SO cute!! I love how you decorated and made it seem simple with balloons, but it truly looks amazing!

  16. I have never bothered to decorate for Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure why. I really love it. Maybe I need to change my ways!

  17. I love how easy to make this Valentines Day decor is. I love the colors too. It’s modern and fancy!

  18. What a pretty Valentine’s Day decor! Gotta love those balloons. This just reminded me to go start decorating. 🙂

  19. Thanks for reminder. I need to get my love decor out. Love your bright balloons!

  20. This makes me want to throw a party! What a fun idea Janet!

    1. LOL…it is a party like atmosphere and everyone who has come in to the room smiles BIG! Have a great week Denise.

  21. Anne Marie says:

    Love the balloons – love the various shades of color – would love this in my home!

  22. I love your idea with the balloons! It is so happy and cheerful. I am glad to see your pink rug out, it is so beautiful.

  23. Belinda Graham says:

    Love is always in the air

  24. Allison Huffstutler says:

    My personal favorite is the “love” balloon! My kids would love having so many fun decorations to play with…it will look beautiful for a day and then when they get home from school, the balloons would probably become a game. I’m ok with that in this season of my life. 🙂

  25. Mirti Murray says:

    I love to re-decorate every month a small entry table I have near my front door. I did that ever since I got married 35 years ago. Now my 4 year old granddaughter comes over the first of each month to help me decorate for that month’s theme. I love how you did your mantle with the balloons and your signature pink touches here and there. LOVE your blog! Thank you Janet.

  26. Debra Wheeler says:

    Love all the pink balloons and accents for Valentjnes Day. I do love pink and it is the accent color in our living and dining room. The pink balloonsmwoukd be a perfecr addition to the room. What an easy way to temporarily decorate!

  27. Candie Firebaugh says:

    Love those balloons but, heck, I want that bench!

  28. Stephanie Cortes says:

    This is too precious! Honestly I’ve just never thought to decorate for Valentine’s Day, what a wonderful idea! One can never have too many excuses to decorate and this just gave me another. I love the way the balloons are spilling from the fireplace, it’s so pretty but my favorite is the picture with your fur babies, they are adorable!

    1. Shari Webbe says:

      “Love” the balloons in the pink colors. A very cute and whimsical way to celebrate Valentines Day. February 14 is my Birthday. 🥰

  29. LindaSonia says:

    How fun are those balloons?!? I love them and I love decorating for Valentine’s Day – love everything pink, red and white and how can a holiday with a heart theme be bad or be ignored. I can’t do it! LOL

  30. Nancy Wichman says:

    I love these decorations! Your pink rug and bench are the perfect companions! Your little doggies are adorable as well. Thanks for the ideas 💕💕

  31. Deborah D says:

    What an absolutely adorable way to decorate. I love all the different colors of pick. Delightful and festive. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set.

  32. What fun! It looks so very casual and effortless and pretty and festive!

    I don’t do much for Valentine’s decorating – I have a Valentine’s feather tree I enjoy – but that’s about it, besides some of my favorite cards I’ve received over the years.

    But, I’m sure I could do something wonderful with a balloon assortment! LOL

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize in addition to all the lovely photos, Janet!

  33. Denise Furnace says:

    What a quick and easy way to decorate. The balloons bring a whimsical soft touch to the decorating.

  34. So subtle, discrete and unassuming. Almost secretive, like a Valentine ought to be…. Promoting ‘full hearts’ this season, is what love is all about in these uncertain times.

  35. Andrea Curtner says:

    Great idea & beautiful!! That is a steal for such nice balloons. Thanks for the inspiration!! Happy Valentines Day!!

  36. These are so beautiful. I love the idea that you can deflate them after you’re done with them. Thank you for the chance at this lovely gift.

  37. Fun and simple and so doable!

  38. How economical and perfect! What I really love, though, is that gas cooktop shown in another picture! Wow! I need one of those!

  39. Thanks for this simple, inexpensive decor! My grandson loves balloons!

  40. Pink and red combinations are one of my favorites and your valentine decorations “blew” my mind. Love it!!!!

  41. Super cute idea! I love it!

  42. Linda Mittleider says:

    How fun and so simple. Love it!

  43. The balloons are cute but I’m in love with the rug! Where do you store your holiday decorations? I can’t imagine adding rugs to my decorations. But this is so pretty, I’d be tempted to use it all year.

  44. Janet I love these ideas! The balloons are so cute! Your dogs are adorable too🐶🐶 enjoy your birthday month coming up soon!!🎉🎉

  45. Debbie Lange says:

    I love all the pinks and reds in the balloons, it shouts party time! It’s simple, pretty and makes a statement to enjoy and make me smile!
    At the moment I still have Christmas up- 4 decorated trees, three upstairs in our open living living area. With restrictions still on here in WA, it is my happy place.
    The balloons could be the transition that is needed to start packing away till next year, lol!
    I love reading your blog for great ideas!
    Thank you, Debbie

  46. Happy Birthday month to you Darby and Bartley! I love the fun and whimsical look of the balloons! The pink rug and antique bench are great! This is such a great and easy way to decorate for Valentine’s Day!

  47. Pink Balloons! How easy, inexpensive and tasteful. I think that’s just what I’ll do to lighten up this home-bound winter.

  48. Winifred (Winnie) Michael says:

    A blast of beautiful balloons…what a fun surprise to anyone coming in your front door!
    And thanks for sharing the link for the package on Amz.

  49. I love to decorate for Valentine’s Day and I do it in all pink. I love the pink rug! I love all things pink!

  50. Your balloon decorations are so sweet and the perfect place for your dear puppies to pose for a sweet Valentine’s photo. I love pink and have pink all over my house. The dining room walls are painted pale pink. Hubby and everyone else thought I was crazy until they saw how good it looked when all done. Now they can see what I was going for.
    Thanks for sharing the fun and sweet decorating ideas! 🙂

  51. Linda Kirby says:

    This is my favorite holiday since I love and collect hearts. I never thought about using balloons! Great because there’s no storage!

  52. Janet, the pink heart balloons make the rug pop. Love it!!!! Early Happy Birthday to you, Darby and Bartley. My birthday is in Feb. too, they just keep coming at me….Smile!

  53. Really love your Valentine’s decorations💓 Your room is just beautiful and the balloons add such a sweet touch of fun.

  54. Donna Turner says:

    So simple yet so lovely! I love how this turned out! I hope you and your babies have a great birthday month!

  55. Your decorations are lovely. I love the rose gold/copper balloon–so in vogue. I wish I had a mantel in my poor cut up living room. The only wall available will eventually hold a large screen TV (am I the only one still watching an old, small TV?) and I refuse to put a TV over a mantel–even If I could camoflauge it!

    1. Charissa B says:

      Thank you for always sharing such beautiful ideas with us!
      I love the fun Valentine ideas!
      I need to add some pink decor 💗

  56. Balloons are a great way to decorate – fantastic inspiration! My hubby would love me if I did something like this because it wouldn’t entail storing anything extra! Looking for ideas so would love to try this – thank you!

  57. Rachel W. Robbins says:

    I have a lovely fireplace in my living room & this would look so pretty! I love pink & red. Valentine’s Day has always seemed like such an uplifting, cheery holiday….falling right when people are getting sick of the cold & snow of winter. Even though I live alone, I still decorate for every holiday; it just makes me happy! And my 11 year old grandsons LOVE the candy part of it. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  58. CHERYL GOOD says:

    Love, Love this idea! It is a great way to use balloons for decorating. Never thought to do that. I usually decorate my mantel for each holiday as I have two girls. One of which is actually turning
    9 on Valentine’s Day this year. BTW I also love your two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They have to be my favorite dogs! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  59. Donna Marie says:

    My mantel is just waiting for those balloons! Need some inspiration this year!!!

  60. Angela E Mahnke says:

    Wow! Simple, but very elegant Valentine’s Day decorating. Looks fun and festive!!! Love your fur babies too!!!

  61. Your dogs are adorable. I really like the LOVE balloon but I adore your bench!

  62. Beautiful way to express your love for each other💕