How To Buy And Sell On Facebook Marketplace With Confidence!

In this post, you’ll learn how to buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace with confidence. If you decorate on a budget, check out the tips, etiquette and how to make money as well as save money! Did you know that almost my entire home is either thrifted or used…not much new!

Facebook Marketplace Ethan Allen chest

Ah the wonders of social media. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with it (myself included) and yet it’s almost essential to life today. Whether you slide down the political chasm of Twitter (my husband 🙄), fancy the decor narcissism of Instagram or chat with friends on Facebook…it’s all there and a free for all. Let’s not even talk TikTok! Facebook is very familiar to me, like old home week. In addition to a personal page, I’ve maintained a business page on Facebook for a number of years. It’s large and clearly a traffic driver to my blog (oh…thank you!) But I digress…today we are talking about FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE (herein referred to as FBMP.

paint furniture without chalk paint table

If you haven’t seen the incredible $20 table above that I scored on Facebook Marketplace, see more in this post! I was innocently perusing FBMP a couple of weeks ago and somehow bought this large set of Bordallo Pinheiro Green Cabbage Ware for a few dollars. Score! Not that I really need more table pieces, but I’ll be using them for sure this summer in tablescapes!

Bordallo Pinheiro green cabbage found on Facebook Marketplace

How To Buy And Sell (Like A Pro!) On Facebook Marketplace

First of all, you need to have an account on Facebook (doh). If you have a business page, I would suggest that you use your personal account to purchase items. It just seems less sketchy to a seller and they are more likely to negotiate with a real person 😉

Then you need to find Facebook Marketplace! It’s over on the lefthand side of your dashboard and looks like a little shop.

Facebook Marketplace graphic Shabbyfufu

Facebook Marketplace is a better version of Craigslist and you’ll find EVERYTHING from household items, furniture and clothing to cars, campers and boats!

Tips For Successful Buying

  • Do your research before buying. It takes a little bit of work. Whether buying OR selling, head over to eBay and check out what items actually sold for…not what sellers are asking. Additionally you’ll be able to find what prices are close to where you live. Ebay is probably the best source for this, as now Etsy allows sellers to hide this information. You can also check out what others are asking for similar items right in Facebook Marketplace and it often varies widely!

How To Find What You’re Looking For

I asked in a Facebook decorating group that I’m one of the admins for, what you’d want to know about navigating FBMP. One of the most asked questions was how to find great scores, as I do! 

  • First you need to add your location, as shown below. Then decide how far you’d be willing to go to pick something up. BUT WAIT…why is it showing you items that can be shipped to you??


Well just scroll down a little bit further on the page to see the local items.

How to buy on Facebook Marketplace

Then tap what you want to see and tick the box LOCAL ONLY. I find that this generally works best ON MOBILE for some reason. Then if I find something that I’d like to explore further I head over to my laptop.

So now that you’ve learned where to look for something locally, how do you find what you want on Facebook Marketplace? Simple enough…create a list and save it in a note on your computer. Then you can enter the term into the search box. Here’s one of my current lists – although I have others and will never rule anything out! 😂

list for facebook marketplace search

Once you enter a search often enough you’ll find that Facebook Marketplace starts to suggest these items for you.

**NOTE** I live in Miami and there are lots of listings that are in Spanish only! Learn what to look for in another language if this applies to the area that YOU live in. I’ve both purchased and sold to folks who do not speak English and most have someone who will translate for them. Also, look for misspelled words, like “consold table”, tole for toile, bowel…(I have seen this…for bowl 🤣😂) and the other day I saw this “Only serious buyer’s need and choir” (need inquire) on a local listing…hah!!

This is a question that I’m often asked…Where do I find my saved items on Facebook marketplace?
From your News Feed, click Marketplace in the left menu. Click Your Account. Click Saved.

Noteworthy Tips For Successful Buying on Facebook Marketplace

  • Check out the seller’s Selling Profile. Sadly most buyers don’t take the time to leave feedback, just like on eBay and Etsy. I have sold loads of things and if I remember, I do ask…but people are people and forget. Just suss out the seller and see what kind of feeling you get. How thorough is the listing, if you ask questions…how do they respond?
  • Negotiating on a price… FBMP isn’t a flea market, so don’t tell someone what you’ll give them. I find it infuriating when someone says “I’ll give you $20” on a $100 item…not cool man! A better approach would be to ask something like “would you consider $85” or if you feel that the price is right don’t even ask. People are trying to make some money folks and there really is a time and place to haggle.
  • I don’t feel that I should give advice on buying items shipped, as I haven’t done that and probably would not. If it’s not within reasonable driving distance then I pass.

IMPORTANT!! Head’s Up!

  • If you see the item that you have been lusting after and the price is amazing, send the seller a message immediately (oh yes, you’ll have to work through Facebook Messenger). Don’t just leave a comment on the item! Act cool, but tell them that you can give them a deposit right away with Venmo or Zelle and arrange for pick up soon. This should ensure that you SCORE and those who just leave an “interested” comment do not. 😉

Make sure that you look at the FREE ITEMS. You know that gorgeous vintage breakfront that I told you I got on Facebook Marketplace? Yes…it was FREE, and as soon as I saw it I contacted her and arranged for someone to pick it up.

vintage breakfront shabbyfufu

How To Get Large Local Items Safely To Your Home

My husband didn’t want to lift this thing (can’t blame him) and so I arranged for LUGG to pick it up and deliver. Lugg is an app that you can download on the app store and get pretty much anything picked up and delivered locally door to door. It’s not inexpensive, but a GREAT convenience and I’ve used it several times for Facebook Marketplace purchases. There are a couple of other similar services around, but to date I’ve only used LUGG. Factor this cost in to your item before you decide to purchase if you are going to use them. Estimate is free. You know that blue Ethan Allen cabinet at the top of this post? It retailed for $2K and I got it for $149, but I had to pay Lugg to pick it up.

Always check the seller’s selling profile and see what else they have for sale. This sweet seller was moving and I also purchased the Arhaus armoire from her (for $149 as well!) and she threw in some various lamps! I plan on doing a makeover on the armoire with paint and new hardware and will share soon! It’s just a bit too rustic to me as it is, but I think it will be great for linen storage once finished. I sold my other linen chest on Facebook Marketplace on the same day to someone who came to pick up another item!

Arhaus armoire

Tips For Successful Selling On Facebook Marketplace

  • First… DO NOT HOLD ITEMS when selling unless a deposit or prepayment is made. Use Venmo or Zelle for that. It’s just not fair for people to expect this. Your time is important and everyone is busy, but people can flake out and that’s not cool. So in your item description, add some text like “Please DM me if you are interested in purchasing this item”. Savvy buyers will know not to comment and just to do this, but it’s a good reminder.
  • Be as thorough as you can in your listings. Include any damage, lots of images and if the item has some value that you can prove through an online listing, take a screenshot to share! I just sold something that is still available on Wayfair for $300 and asked $75 for. It was grabbed up quickly!
  • As for your photos, yes…use your phone but don’t have a lot of junk in the way and please style your item nicely. Edit your photo if it needs it. Below is an iPhone image that I shot of a small vintage drum table that I just sold on Facebook Marketplace.

drum table

Safety and Courtesy

Check out the Facebook profile of your potential buyer if you need to or feel suspicious in any way. Likewise of a seller that you might be interested in buying from!

  • Be courteous and be cautious as well. If someone rubs you the wrong way or you are suspicious, you don’t have to sell to them and someone else should come along. I have had this happen and told them in Facebook messenger that it was pending to someone else.
  • Do NOT give out any personal information. I really suss out my buyers and if they want to come pick up at my home, then I make sure that my husband is here. I will only give my address AFTER being paid. Most of my buyers seem nice and legit, and I can generally tell when not. One of the ladies in my decorating group offered this advice “A word of caution and safety could be included – like meeting at the local police station parking lot. Some have designated areas for this type of transaction.” Use your own discretion, but I mostly sell furniture and this wouldn’t work for that with me.
  • Another tip from a Facebook follower “Courtesy – after contacting a seller, let the person know if you’ve decided not to purchase something … and, in reverse, after selling something, mark it sold.”

I hope that this helps if you are looking to buy and/or sell on Facebook Marketplace…with confidence! I’ll try and answer any questions that you might have in the comments below. Most of all…it’s FUN and I hope that you have a positive experience and don’t forget to rate your seller/buyer!

told roses console shelf Shabbyfufu

One of my current listings above, which is an amazing vintage Italian Tole Roses wall console table. I could possibly ship this one (we had the glass top custom made) so if you’re interested…let me know and I will get you more information! xo…Janet

How To Buy And Sell On Facebook Marketplace With Confidence!

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  1. Thanks for the info Janet. I have found some great pieces!

    1. My pleasure Lorrie…have fun!

  2. Susan Mendoza Friedman says:

    Thank you for that detailed description and tips for selling on Marketplace. This too is my most popular place for selling my furniture and to a lesser degree, smalls-though I do still have a lot of luck with local Craigslist. Much of what you suggested I already do, and some tips I found new and helpful. One question I wrestle with (almost daily) is how to handle negotiations on the price of an item I am selling(or even trying to purchase!). It seems that buyers tend to leave their offers in comments-and I am not really comfortable with a ‘back and forth’ for everyone else to see! Occasionally I will suggest that I will PM them-and go from there…but that takes more time and trouble and I don’t often go to this next step. If they are regular customers, I will have their private contacts. SO…what is your suggestion for a good way to negotiate the price without the conversation/back and forth there for all to see?
    I enjoy your daily emails especially the gorgeous and inspiring pictures! I am grateful to Janet’s relative for telling me about Shabbyfufu!

    1. Glad that you found this helpful Susan! I know that for me, I will only negotiate in a DM (direct message) and usually put something in the description like “please DM if you are interested in purchasing or “serious buyers, please DM to purchase or for more info” Hope this helps and happy selling/buying!

  3. Thanks, Janet, for the terrific info! I’ll be shopping shortly!

    1. I hope that you find some treasures Cathy…they are out there!

  4. Thank you for the tips! Have also obtained some great finds. And have furnished several homes with mostly used items. Two of the homes are vacation rentals which many comment on how cute and comfortable they are!

    1. Glad that you found the tips useful Deb! My own homes are both filled with second hand finds and it’s so fun for sure! Have a great day…xo

  5. Lots of great tips Janet. I use buy n sell here in Ontario Canada alllll the time to both sell and buy. Check out the sellers for sure as some listings are not as advertised.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the post and yes, it’s hard to see some of the listings on FB!

  6. Thanks for the great info Janet! It is so frustrating when poor quality pictures are posted, or only 1. Also, when selling an item that is large, like a sofa or China cabinet, it is extremely helpful to post the dimensions, and a description. Sadly most people do not post this information. 😊

    1. My pleasure! Yes, I agree but if it’s a piece that you’re serious about, I find that most sellers are willing to send you additional photos and info. I guess they just don’t really think about it, lol

    2. I hear you Amy…it can be frustrating! Generally if the seller is really interesting in selling the piece they will send you more images and dimensions if you ask. I’ve done this with a couple of sellers!

  7. I’m not on FB but I do have a question regarding the sofa pictured next to the chest. I have been looking for something similar but in navy. Was wondering where you got it.

  8. C.Gresham says:

    Hi Janet, this post is timed perfectly as I am considering selling a Thomasville chest of drawers on FBMP. I have purchased three furniture items and been pleased for the most part.

    I’m wondering how to handle payment from the buyer if I don’t do Venmo or PayPal. Are most people willing to pay cash?
    What about security of selling from your home?

  9. Thanx for the great tips!

  10. Janet,
    Good tips. We are remodeling our kitchen and I have had great success with selling items. I second your comments about including as much information as you can in the listing i.e. dimensions, good photos, when/how item can be picked up. I learned that Facebook hides a phone number if you include it in your original post as I had stated interested buyers contact my husband at his # for more details, etc. So, you have to rely solely on FB Messenger to communicate. That’s where I then included his phone number.
    Also, be prepared for what may be a frenzy of interest. I had some kitchen cabinets that people were going crazy over. It can be helpful to distinguish yourself as a buyer from the crowd. In other words, if you are really interested in scoring an item don’t just push the auto “is this item still available?” button. Act enthusiastic. Offer payment (even offer slightly more than listed) and say you can pick up immediately at the seller’s convenience. Assume you are “competing” with other potential buyers.
    On the flip side, as the seller, treat folks with respect and respond. Your #1 person my fall through, so you’ll want to be able to reach out to a 2nd choice. Be prepared for how quickly people will pounce on your listing. There must be a lot of folks just staring at FB waiting for listings to pop up, as I was inundated with inquiries almost immediately after posting listings for our stove and random cabinetry.
    To be honest, we weren’t so much in to this to make $$, but just didn’t want to have to send things to the trash pile. Glad they could be reused and recycled.

    1. Good points and I would be cautious about offering more money as a buyer since the seller is supposed to follow the rules of going down the line of those indicating interest. Glad that you’ve had success Joan!

  11. Thanks for the tips. I have both bought and sold on FBMP. It is a great place to do some business if you are cautious. Laura

    1. Definitely common sense has to be used, and it can be so rewarding!

  12. Thank you so much for this detailed information! I listed my first item yesterday on Facebook Marketplace and sold it this morning. THANK YOU!

    1. That’s awesome Jeanne…so happy to help!

  13. I have purchased some gorgeous armoires, china, etc on FBMP. I bought 10 pieces of gorgeous English china the other day for $8 and the seller gave me a bouquet of fresh lavender from her garden.

    I check FREE every morning. I picked up 4 gorgeous Lolita martini glasses and a shot glass that someone gave away AND LEFT ON THEIR PORCH FOR THE FIRST PERSON TO ARRIVE! In the boxes!! Really pretty and in perfect condition. Retired and worth about $15-20 each. I’m using them and they are stunning.

    I also picked up for FREE a huge rusty wire chandelier, brushed it gold, rewired it and hung it in my guestroom. It is spectacular! I have to sell some items, but am too busy collecting!!!!

    1. Sounds awesome Eileen! On the flipside, when you go to sell it’s not a place to command high prices as people are looking for bargains. Better than selling in a yardsale though 😉

  14. I still find Craigslist and local thrift & consignment stores the best. FB sellers usually don’t put any measurements at all! One crummy picture!
    When you’re selling something, you get a lot of “interested” “is this still available”. What do I do with that? Am I supposed to follow these responses with a comment?
    If I have something for free, I use FB – pick it for free don’t bother me.
    Otherwise I use Let Go/offer up. Or Craigslist.
    But. You have obviously had a different experience! I’ll have to try harder.

    1. I am glad that you’re finding some great pieces elsewhere Nancy! Most that I’ve talked to love FBMP and we have to remember that the sellers are not professionals and I find that if I approach them with grace they are usually cooperative. Have fun shopping!

  15. Annette Spaulding says:

    Janet ,
    I am new at this and I don’t want my Facebook friends to see all of my listings — just particular ones .
    The option to @share all of your listings with your Facebook friends “looks as though it is either 100 percent YIU have to share ALL IF YOUR FRIENDS with all of your listings.
    Can you choose this option item by I item that you list to either share it or not share it vs. having to share ALL THE ITEMS WITH ALL FACEBOOK FRIENDS if you check the one and only share vs don’t share ?

    1. I choose not to share with my Facebook friends because I don’t want to annoy them, but that’s just me. Not sure really if you can select friends one by one but you can probably copy and paste the URL and send to them.

  16. We’re finally ready to look for a different couch after reciving a ugly granny print couch for free for my daughter. A decorating nightmare. Rather sit on the ground! So these tips are very helpful! Happoy New Year!

  17. Thx so much for the great info,can’t wait to try to get rid of my Stuff and scale down a bit.