Spring Living Room Restyling & A Valuable Tip

Today I’m sharing my spring living room restyling and what I feel is a most valuable tip! There isn’t a whole lot new here. I constantly shop my home and encourage you to do that in your home. Once or twice a year I move all of the furniture to the foyer and give the room a deep cleaning. We are talking down on my hands and knees scrubbing the tile floor! Here’s a before shot of my home from last spring for reference.

shabbyfufu living room with peonies and a peony painting

Here is a shot of how it looks today. What do you notice?

spring living room restyling

The furniture layout has changed and it was simple as that! Here is a brief synopsis of what I did in the room (besides clean ☺️)

Spring Living Room Restyling On A Budget

  • First we rearranged the furniture as mentioned with the vintage French sofa facing the fireplace.
  • *BEST TIP* If you have the room, move your furniture away from the walls and allow it to “float”. This actually will give your room a more spacious look! You might think that it will make the room look smaller but I guarantee that it will not. Nor will your living room look like a waiting room if you try this tip!
  • Next we hung the French mirror over the mantel, which only took about 6 months to do, lol. The dang thing is heavy and took two of us on two ladders to hang! It was truly a comedy of some errors!
  • Then I propped the white mirror along a wall on the side of the room. The corner will also be filled with a large potted palm tree or some palm leaves clipped from our property.
  • The pink peonies painting is stored in my stash and may be hung on a wall in the room soon.
  • Not only did we move the sofa, but we relocated the vintage Thomasville bamboo and cane table as well. I purchased this table 20+ years ago at an estate sale. It’s been hidden from view for years, but now has a more prominent place!

Spring Living Room Restyling

Accessories To Restyle A Room

Flowers For Spring

I got the orchids on the mantel from our garden. Our climate makes it difficult to grow any flowers successfully, but orchids do so well! Check out this post How To Grow Orchids On Trees for some great info if you too love beautiful orchids!

spring living room restyle

All of my Chinoiserie was either thrifted or free and I’ve had most of it for years! Chinoiserie is trending now in the popular grandmillennial style, but I’ve always loved mixing a bit into my decor. This vase holds some gorgeous blue delphinium and those fresh flowers came from Petal Driven.

chinoiserie vase with delphinium

The white roses are from my friends at Grace Rose Farm, where you’ll find the best source for fresh roses.

spring styling with white roses

More flowers from Petal Driven with ranunculus and anemones that are so colorful and speak SPRING!

petal driven ranunculus and anemone flowers in a Chinoiserie vase

Secret Weapon For Seasonal Styling – Pillows!

spring pillows on a French sofa

Truth be told I buy most of my pillows on Amazon. Here are the shopping links where you can find these. I don’t spend a lot on pillows, so these worked for me (and maybe you). Just scroll and click on what interests you.

French chair with blue and white pillow

Here is the source for my rug – BLUE AND WHITE DISTRESSED RUG. It’s almost sold out, but they have many styles!

And now…tada! A peek at what I found on FBMP (Facebook Marketplace) where I’ve obsessed lately. It’s a vintage mahogany breakfront that is beautiful condition and I got it for FREE! Yes…OBSESSED, eeek!

vintage mahogany breakfront cabinet Facebook marketplace

I’ll be sharing more about the breakfront soon in another post, and how I updated it…plus more! One more thing I wanted to share before I go is my FREE SPRING DECLUTTERING GUIDE. I find it to be an immense help to be able to have this in front of me as I go through my own home and SPRING CLEAN. Grab it right here – FREE SPRING DECLUTTERING GUIDE.

free spring decluttering guide




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  1. Donna Marie says:

    I like everything!!!

  2. Carol Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    Love the new furniture arrangement and EVERYTHING else. I’m in love with that vintage Thomasville table and that breakfront is AMAZING!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Carol…much appreciated, even if I don’t get around to answering every comment! xo

  3. I love your new layout ! It is so inviting and welcoming for people to gather . Very pretty .

    1. Thanks Angie…it’s really cozy for visitors now!

  4. Odessa Graham says:

    Your living room looks amazing! A change is as good as a rest, so they say and I got a reenergized feeling after seeing how you made that room look brand new! I can’t wait to see what you do with that gorgeous breakfront!

    1. Thanks for stopping by…much appreciated Odessa, even if I don’t get around to answering every comment! xo

  5. Miche Ortega says:

    Everything looks fresh and renewed, as always. I hope you didn’t get rid of your beautiful sideboard. Can’t wait to see the renewed breakfront.

    1. The sideboard in the dining room is staying put for sure!

  6. Christine F says:

    Love the refreshed design. I love moving furniture around too! I need some new pillows. Do you by one size up in the inserts? Also can you get a good karate chop with a polyester fill vs down? Thank you

    1. Thank you! I size up 2″ and prefer feather & down for a karate chop. If using poly it helps to actually size down for the chop!

  7. mikki parker says:

    I love everything you do your the best

    1. You made my day…thank you!

  8. Gorgeous! I love the break front. Such a wonderful idea.

  9. Very much like your new furniture orientation – and I’m so glad that the gilded mirror has found a home on top of the fireplace mantle! LOL

    Looking forward to what happens with that handsome breakfront!

    1. Thanks Tristan and that mirror was a bear to hang!!

  10. The flowers are so gorgeous, the peonies, the white roses, the colorful anemones. Love the mirror, the peony painting and the softness of the white bamboo sofa table.

    1. Thank you so much! I am really enjoying how this room came together!

  11. Floating…. It always makes me think of water. Maybe it is just me, but something about the word seems almost, feminine.

    Mrs. Janet,
    I love the fact you worked on the tile. It is always the little things when taken into account, which makes the larger look extra spacial. There is nothing like a job well done which makes us satisfied in our homes. Spring has fallen in love with your glow!

    1. Thanks for stopping by…much appreciated, even if I don’t get around to answering every comment! xo

  12. Oh, I covet your breakfront! I have 2 smaller ones and the bases hold SO much! And it lets your pretty dishes show! Most of my furniture is that old dark mahogany and though it might not be in vogue, I love it!

    1. It’s a beautiful piece and getting it for free was serendipity!

  13. I love your room it’s perfect. I’ve been surfing the internet for that gorgeous chandelier. Where did you purchase that?

  14. Ashley Bergstrom says:

    I have never liked furniture all stacked up against the walls. Mine is at angles and all floating in the rooms. So true, the room looks bigger. I have been this way forever.

    Love your post so much! Pls. keep them coming! And always appreciate the links!

    XO Ashley

  15. Elnaz Jamalzade says:

    Hi Janet!
    This is a VERY beautiful french style living room decoration. I’m trying to buy the same furniture set for mine but I’m not able to find the link for the armchairs! Could you please provide the link for me?

    1. Thank you! Those are antique French chairs that I found locally years ago.

  16. Mary-Ellen says:

    Love your room . It looks stunning. Years ago you listed the site for the peonies artist. Can you please source it again?

  17. Ann Drayton says:

    Well I love everything Janet! lol
    It is not very spring like here in the UK as yet, but I have decided white is my spring colour this year and have started with the pillows.

    1. Thanks Ann…this was actually last year’s look and I’ve moved things around this spring. White is perfect for spring! xo

    1. Thank you so much Carla!

  18. Beautiful as always. Seeing that large gorgeous mirror up has given me the impetus to try my large one over my mantle. Mine has black and gold gilding and I’m unsure of the black. (All light grey walls & white woodwork mantel and trim)But will set it up there and think about it for a few days. I tried the link to your rug source and doesn’t seem to work. which I’m sure is operator error(me)

    1. Thank you Susan and always good to give things some thought before a makeover. I’m not sure that rug is still available

  19. Jean Windham says:

    Janet, I love everything you have done in this room. It’s beautiful and really has made your room look huge. I love the mantle and the inside piece. Also, all the new white is so pretty and inviting. Thank you Jean

    1. Thank you Jean…this is actually last spring’s look, and once again I’ve revamped the room (coming soon;-). Thanks for stopping by!