How To Choose The Right Rugs For Your Home

Learn how to give your home a new layer of cozy luxury using rugs! In this post, I’m sharing tips and tricks on how to choose the right rugs for your home, some amazing inspiration, and where to get the best budget-friendly rugs. I’ve linked some great rugs to shop at the bottom of this post!

Layering is an essential part of a beautifully styled home, yet something that we often take for granted. Although rugs can be a bit of an investment, they can make your home feel incredibly lush and elevate your entire room to a whole new level.

But picking a rug for your home is not such a simple task as it may seem at first. With hundreds of varieties, shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and finishes on the market, picking the perfect one can feel overwhelming.

With these tips and inspiration pictures, it’ll should help you with some style ideas..


How To Find The Best Area Rug For Your Home:

Make the style and size the top priorities.

Before purchasing the first rug you fall in love with, you need to consider its size and the room where it will go. Here are some questions to help you out:

– How much space do you need to cover?

– Is it high traffic or low traffic area? (This question will come in handy when picking up your rug materials!)

– Is the rug a merely decorative add-on, or does it need to accomplish a function (like covering a floor stain)?

– What is the end goal in terms of style? Look at your space and be honest.

– What does it need to bring to the table (floor!)?

– Are you looking for more warmth? Are you trying to connect rooms for more cohesiveness?

– What is your budget?


As a general rule, enclosed small spaces benefit from larger rugs.

A rug with the same color and pattern across the entire room help to unify and amplify the space.


But, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your rugs! Layering a smaller mat on top of a large, neutral carpet can give your room a one-of-a-kind vibe while keeping it practical.

On the other hand, if you have a large room or an open-concept space you want to cozy up, smaller rugs are your friends. You can go the extra mile and use different sizes.

Now, let’s get to the fun part! In this curated roundup, I’ve included rugs for every style and every budget. Besides, don’t forget to check out my main rug recommendations below!


Layered Textures – Plum Pretty Decor & Design

Bring warmth and style to a lackluster living room by layering rugs of contrasting textures, like we can see in this marvelous example by Plum Pretty Decor & Design. To make this work, go for a high-traffic rug as a base, like one made of seagrass or jute, and have fun adding a softer, smaller rug on top to tie the look together.


Cozy Up Any Corner with Organic Fabrics – @shauna.speet.interiors

Keeping up with the layered rug style, this idea it’s also one for the books. A neutral rug with organic and durable fibers works as a perfect foundation for a softer, wool-like smaller rug. This duo adds coziness to an already charming corner.


Add some Earthy Vibes to Your Halls – @wilsonaesthetic


The easiest way to make an empty hall feel lusher is by adding a long rectangular rug. In this example, Emma Wilson took advantage of one space we often forget to glam up; the hall. She used an earthy tone rug that matches flawlessly with the rest of her California style home.


The Best Rug for a Boho Decor Living Room – @life_of_glow


If you have high ceilings, a light-filled room, or both (lucky you!), you seriously need to consider adding a soft and textured rug, as Robyn has done in her living room. Add some natural plants or faux floral arrangements to add a pop of color and let the airy feel take over the room.

Deep and Vibrant Hues: A Combo That Always Works – One Delightful Home

You don’t need to spend big bucks to give your home a sophisticated flair. You just need the right rug! This color-rich patterned carpet matches the intensity of the contrasting green paneled walls making this room even more luscious.


Rug Under Dining Table Inspo- @homemaker_mama


Anchor the dining table with a neutral but appealing rug, as April from @homemaker_mama did in her home. Take notes on how large the carpet is, allowing enough space to comfortably move the chairs even when pulled out from the table.


Mix & Match Patterns and Textures – @modernly_you


If you’re itching to add something more eye-catching, but you still want to keep a minimalist decor style, give a rug with a geometric design a try. As you can see in this bedroom, it’s an uncluttered space mostly using white, black, cream, and tanned shades to add color. That’s why a monochromatic carpet with a geometrical design is perfect to keep the unclutter and airy feel but adding a dose of warmth.

Outdoor Rugs for Decks and Patios – @greeneacresfarmhouse


Spruce up your outdoors and take advantage of these often forgotten spaces. Whether you have a concrete patio, porch, or deck, adding a mat (or layering a few, if you’re feeling bold) is a key element to make an outdoor space not just practical but magical too. Just look at this example!


Make a Subtle Statement With a Geometrical Patterned Rug – @greeneacresfarmhouse



If you’re looking to bring more life to your bedroom but still want to keep your sleeping space serene and neutral, try adding a patterned carpet with similar hues to the other decor and avoid colors clashing.

Maximize a Serene Bedroom Vibe With the Right Rug – The House of Hood Blog


The creamy rug creates a focal point in this bedroom, echoing the airy and calming vibe of the entire room. Thanks to its neutral tone, the green and organic oak tones across the room stand out in perfect harmony.

Use an Outdoor Rug for a Boho Patio Look – @lonnymag

Adding an outdoor rug can be life-changing and create a whole new space in your home, ideal for enjoying a cool drink on hot summer nights.
In this example, the natural tones in this rustic carpet help accentuate the incredibly gorgeous plants, decor details, and exposed brick walls.



And there you have it! Some amazing real-life spaces on how to style your room around a rug plus a couple of key questions to ask yourself before purchasing one.


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  1. Mary Weldon says:

    How do you get wrinkles out of rugs? I have some I love, but there is a wrinkle or two. Also, if I get one for the patio, how do you clean them?

    1. Mary, I’ve found that the only way to do that unfortunately is to remove all of the furniture and lay the rug back out. For outdoor rugs you can hose them off. I have 3 on my patio and do that often!

      1. Thanks for this informative post especially as I’m in the market for a rug at the moment. I think faded grey antique style is the way to go for me. I like the distressed one in Shop the Post.
        On the subject of outdoor rugs, I placed an antique style one in my sunroom – to cosy it up.
        It works well as I use my sunroom alot, but live in England where we can get rainy summers. LOL.

        1. Glad that you found this helpful Ann. We have really rainy summers here in Florida as well, along with that mildew! I have 3 outdoor rugs and they are made of recycled plastic water jugs…so they do well outdoors.

  2. Lois Munn says:

    I love the look of my jute rugs but am so over the dust they cause! How does everyone deal with that?

    1. Personally I love the look of jute, but there are so many options these days that look like it and without the hasssles.