10 Tips For Making Realistic Faux Flower Centerpieces

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These 10 tips for making realistic faux flower centerpieces will make all the difference in your home decor for any season!

Why am I hiding behind this huge bunch of fake flowers today? Because I grabbed all of these from my storage bag to create some fun ideas on creating faux floral arrangements for spring! Let’s talk about some tips that I swear by and hope that you find useful as well!

10 Tips For Making Realistic Faux Flower Centerpieces

  1. Buy Quality Fake Flowers
best fake flowers for realistic faux flower centerpieces

This is my top tip for creating realistic faux flower centerpieces and these days it’s easy to do! If you buy your flowers at the dollar store, then you can expect bright and fake spring flowers. Sometimes that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re crafting something like this Dollar Tree Spring Wreath. But if you are looking to get flowers that will replace real ones, then go for quality. My favorite source for faux flowers is (hands down!)  THIS WEBSITE

2. Look At Real Flower Centerpieces

Get out in nature or stalk Google images and Pinterest for real flower centerpieces. Check out wedding blogs, which I find particularly inspirational for learning about realistic faux flower centerpieces. It’s not difficult to copy the fresh florals that they use and translate them to faux!

3. Think Seasonal

For spring you’ll want to look for lilies, hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, lilacs, hyacinths, daffodils and crocus. Can you think of any other spring flowers that might look good in a realistic faux flower centerpiece?

fake flowers shabbyfufu.com

Tips For Creating Your Best Fake Flower Centerpiece

pink lilacs realistic faux flower centerpieces

4. Bend Or Trim Your Flowers

Just like with flowers from nature you may need to cut them down to size. I often prefer to bend the stem of faux flowers so that the option is still there to use them in a taller container later on if desired. When cutting the wire stems though, use a good pair of garden shears.

bend the stem realistic faux flower centerpieces

  • *TIP* – Use plastic grocery bags stuffed into your container to give the fake fl0wers some “teeth” to grip on to!

realistic faux flower centerpieces with plastic bags

5. Separate Bunches

Some of prettiest faux flowers that you’ll find are bridal bouquets. They come in bunches and if used to create a realistic faux flower centerpiece, separate the stems and arrange them yourself.

6. Use Odd Numbers

One of the basic rules of decorating is to pair in odd numbers. I’m not generally a rule follower, but the rule of 3 creates visual interest.

7. Add Real Greenery

While fake flowers have come a long way in the last few years, I feel that faux greenery generally has not. If at all possible go out and clip some greens from your garden (or the roadside!) Add to your centerpieces and tablescapes and stretch your dollar further.

realistic faux flower centerpieces

8. Branches

While you’re clipping the greens, cut some branches in various lengths as well. Branches add not only height, but texture to your realistic faux flower centerpieces

9. Use Water

If you’re using a clear jar or container add some ordinary tap water! To keep the wire of your stems from rusting, paint with clear nail polish first and allow to dry.

apothecary jar realistic faux flower centerpieces

10. Containers

peonies in an urn

Container possibilities are endless and you probably want to think of this first when arranging flowers! Here is a list of ten of our favorite container ideas for both faux and real flower arrangements:

  1. Apothecary Jars
  2. Urns
  3. Vintage Pottery
  4. Dough Bowl
  5. Crock
  6. Tea Pot or Chocolate Pot
  7. Ginger Jar or Temple Jar
  8. Trophy Cup
  9. Basket
  10. Florist Bucket

Some additional container ideas for your realistic faux flower centerpieces:

  • Small Trash Can
  • Old Paint Can
  • Lay Across The Table With NO CONTAINER!

SHOP my favorite SPRING FLOWERS HERE! Yes, the flowers on my mantel below are faux and included in the list!

beautiful faux cherry blossoms on a mantel

Another favorite resource for faux flowers is THE  AFLORAL WEBSITE. SHOP HERE! They have an amazing assortment of containers, pots and vessels as well.

best faux flowers on Amazon



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  1. Cheryl Melanson says:

    Beautiful! I love this. Thanks, Janet

  2. One other trick I use with a faux arrangement is to place the whole container in my own pot, vase, etc. and to cover the top with miss or the other curly stuff which I can’t think of the name right now. Lol