White Decorating Tips: How to Live in an All-White Decor Home

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Learn these white decorating tips and learn how to live in an all-white decor home!

An all-white decor is one of the most timeless interior design styles, ever. It’s the quintessential quiet luxury look that’s both serene, fresh, and inviting. Its versatility is also a huge plus, as it can help you achieve decor styles from coastal to farmhouse to elegantly chic.

Using white as a backdrop can transform a room with a simple change of accessories or the introduction of accent colors. With its ability to brighten and expand a space, white furniture creates an inviting and airy atmosphere, reflecting the beauty of natural light.

With all its pros, it also has its cons.

White can be a challenging color to live with when you take into consideration muddy paws, wine, food, and sticky-handed little ones.

But, don’t let that deter you! Although maintaining a white decor home can seem complicated and time-consuming, there’re a few tricks and hacks you can put into practice to keep your white furniture looking crisp and pristine, no matter your lifestyle!
So, if you’re craving an all-white home, here are my top tips on how to live with the all-white look:

White Decorating Tips – How to Clean an All-White Decor Home

To keep your white furniture spotless,  a functional and gorgeous option is using slipcovers. 

Having raised children in Miami and entertaining many friend gatherings at our beach home, washable slipcovers have become my best friends. They’re so useful to keep the all-white look, without having to go crazy with precautions. 

You can opt for slipcovers made of washable materials that still have an organic-like feel, almost exactly like natural fabrics look and feel.  

If you have kids running around or pets (as we do) and prefer something more budget-friendly you can go for a water-resistant protector for everyday use. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Another option is to use outdoor fabrics when selecting your furniture pieces, or going for something like white leather.

No matter what furniture or fabric you choose, to maintain the pristine beauty of white furniture you’ll need a practical and consistent cleaning routine.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your white furniture looking its best:

Dusting and Vacuuming

Keep your white furniture looking flawless by giving it regular dusting sessions using a gentle touch. Grab a soft, lint-free cloth or a trusty Shaver Lint Remover.
Pay attention to the sneaky areas, all the crevices and corners, so you can make sure every nook and cranny of your white furniture is clean.

Addressing Spills and Stains

When spills occur, promptly blot the area with a piece of paper towel or cloth. Remember that to avoid further spreading, you need to just pat on the stain and not rub it in. More tips down below 😉

Use Non Abrasive Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to cleaning white furniture, it’s important to use cleaning products specifically designed for upholstery fabrics. Abrasive chemicals with bleaching agents may damage the furniture’s surface and even cause yellowing or other discolorations. Opt for specialized upholstery cleaners recommended by the manufacturer or be safe and use gentle solutions, like dish soap and hot water.

beach house living room

Regular Deep Cleaning

Alongside your regular maintenance routine, it’s crucial to set aside some time for periodic deep cleaning sessions. A couple of times a year is more than enough.
These sessions dive a little deeper than your regular spring cleaning sessions. For more info on how to deep clean your home, click here. You can also consider techniques like steam cleaning or getting help from professional upholstery cleaners to tackle those stubborn, deep-seated stains.

White Decorating Tips: How to Clean Linens & Whites

I’m not a cleaning expert but have been a homemaker for many years and started my business of antiques and vintage items selling linens.
Here are some simple tips that work for me and have stood the test of time.

Linen & Towels

Our sheets and towels are all white and are washed weekly. I don’t use chlorine bleach because it weakens the fabric and shortens the life span of linens. Use the hottest water that you can and one of my favorite products for bed linens and towels that need some extra oomph in whitening is Oxiclean powder.

Less is more and I give them a longer soak in the washer (sometimes with a cup of baking soda) and occasionally a white vinegar rinse to remove any soap buildup.

Weather permitting, dry in the sunshine and if possible…lay on the grass. The chlorophyll will act as a natural brightener to the white.
*Never use fabric softeners or spray starch when storing fine linens, as it can cause them to yellow over time.

White Fabrics

If you do get a stain on your white slipcovered furniture and don’t feel like taking it off for washing, I have had success with several methods that you could try. A spray and wipe off of Oxiclean Stain Remover directly on the spot as soon as you see it generally works well. If the stain has been sitting there awhile take a toothbrush and some hot water after spraying and work it out, taking care not to damage the fabric.

OxiClean powder or Biz are some cleaners that I always have on hand too and make into a scrub for larger stained areas (muddy paws).

White Decorating Tips: Seasonal Maintenance & Refreshing the Look

One of the greatest things about using white in decor is how easy it is to accessorize. Swapping just a few decorative elements in your decor and you’ll have a completely new style, at almost no cost.
My favorite white decorating tips to spruce up an all-white decor? Use throw blankets and pillows!

When you have an all-white home decor, using different shades of blue creates a stunning and fresh update, perfect for refreshing your decor look in warmer seasons. And personally, it’s one of my ultimate favorite color combos!


You’ll still maintain that sense of harmony by using a white base, encouraging flow and bringing in a sense of airiness from room to room.
Here’s where using lots of texture with chunky cream throws and layers of ruffles will bring some depth and warmness to the whole space!

Do you have any favorite tips to share on living with white and keeping it clean? I’d love to hear from you!

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Here are some of my favorite slipcovers, pillows, and cleaning gadgets to keep my white decor looking brand new. Click to Shop!

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  1. Mary Dineen says:

    Would love the see a photo of the matelasse pad that you made, I
    am using a folded twin cover now but like the idea of a pad. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mary and you’ll see a photo actually in tomorrow’s post that I’m working on!

    2. Kathy Pelletier says:

      Sounds great. I’d love to see the pad also. I thought I was the only person who did things like this. Ha Your home is beautiful and love all the tips !!

      1. Thanks Kathy! I don’t have a good close up shot of the pad, but I cut a mattelasse bed cover in half and serged the sides so that it wouldn’t fray. A toss in the washer/dryer every couple of weeks keeps it clean!

  2. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh so beautiful and thank you for sharing and inspiring us to go with white

  3. Janet I have been taking baby steps to add white to my home now that the kids are grown and I really appreciate these tips on how to keep things nice and clean.

    1. One of my favorite things about white is that you can SEE where the dirt is!

  4. Janet- this blog couldn’t have come at a better time. I just purchased an antique French sofa and want to reupholster in white. Can you tell me a little more about the fabric you chose for your French sofa? Also, did you paint it as well? Thanks. Love your home!

    1. Patricia…I did paint the wood with a gray wash and the fabric that I chose is a heavy duty white twill. Wears great and the cushion is slipcovered to wash!

  5. Thanks for this post. I love using white in my home and have been adding more and more of it. I especially love the tip about the chlorophyll! I’m dying to know where you got that mint cable knit throw on the bed?

    1. You can’t go wrong with white Sue! That throw is from Annie Selkie Pine Cone Hill but I’m not sure if they still carry it?

      1. Thanks so much! They DO still carry it! 🙂

  6. Charlotte says:

    I enjoy your posts and tips. Question: i have all oak cabinets,fireplace surround and recessed bookcases. I have wanted neutrals, and plan to start by purchasing a white sofa. Will this coordinate with all of that oak? I have some cherry furniture mixed in. Hard to tell without photos I understand

    1. It is difficult to tell without photos, but white pretty much goes with everything and can tie a room together.

  7. marge batalden says:

    Where do you buy your sheets? Do you have a link for sheets?
    Thanks, Marge

  8. Shelia P. says:

    Hi Janet! You’re slowly but surely convincing me to go with a white sofa! I just love how fresh and clean they look! And it true what you said, at least you can see where the dirt is. I’ve hated my white kitchen tiles but at least I can see how to keep them clean and I know my floors are clean when I can no longer see the dirt! That’s a great idea using a pad on the sofas! Thanks for the tip about fabric softeners yellowing white sheets, and about not bleaching them. I had no idea?! I couldn’t figure out what was causing my sheets and white T-shirt’s to yellow. Now I know it’s probably been my fabric softener all along! It could also have something to do with being on well water. We live on the water surrounded by marsh, so we don’t get city water. I always learn something from your posts and they are just pure eye candy! Enjoy your weekend! ?

    1. I think white slipcovered furniture is perfect for coastal looks or really any decorating style! We have extremely hard water here Sheila and Mrs Stewarts Bluing helps to remove the dingy yellow. Have a wonderful day!

  9. So many great tips! Thanks for debunking the fear of living with white!

    1. I get so many anti-white living comments…but to me it’s the easiest way to live cleanly!

  10. Love, love, love, everything you share and I look forward to starting my day in the early hours of the morning with a cup of coffee and the latest news from Shabbyfufu. It’s like a visit with an old friend that gets the day off to a creative and beautiful start. My little home, Rosary Cottage, is filled with family heirlooms, vintage Catholic memorabilia, and treasured thrift store finds that have transformed a 1939 bungalow into a quaint English cottage in the city. Although I favor chintz over whites, these cleaning tips are very helpful and so appreciated. Many thanks for all your creative inspiration!

    1. What a wonderful email Julie and it sounds like you have an amazing collection of beautiful things in your cottage. Thank you!

  11. Janet thank you so much for empowering us women with your home ideas, tips, assurance and breathtaking atmosphere to learn and grow from. Let’s continue to be there for each other.


    1. Awww, I appreciate you leaving a comment and letting me know how you feel Sandy!

  12. Hi Janet! I love, love your white inspiration! I look forward all of your emails and as someone said it is like visiting a friend.
    Thank you for so many wonderful ideas,

  13. Mary Vogel says:

    When I moved into my son’s walkout basement in North Carolina, I finally bought the Pottery Barn covered sectional in white sunbrella and love it. I have tried to make my place as comfortable and inviting as your homes are. I have followed you for years, but not as great at computers. I get all my ideas on how to decorate from your emails. I check every day for inspiration from you. Thanks for all of your help.

    Mary in NC

  14. Delores Tillman says:

    The rooms are beautiful. I will love to find out where did you purchase the tapestry pillow
    in the chair.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you so much Delores! I’ve had that one for many years, but try searching eBay for Aubusson pillows

  15. Every morning I look forward to your post. Your tips are inspiring to forge ahead with a project I may have only thought about. I dreamed of having a white living room for years before I ever took the plunge and I LOVE the look and the freedom to use any accent color that fits my desire at the time. White is my palette for whatever my whim.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re inspired over here Cassandra! White will always be my palette as well and I’m looking forward to sharing the redo of my dining table and chairs soon!

  16. Susan Krauss says:

    So beautiful, Janet! I love decorating with white and also utilize a white twin quilted coverlet on my sofa to combat potential Scoobie issues! I’ve always loved your style!

    1. Thanks Susan! I too have lots of coverlets around for my pets. They actually love making little nests our of them, lol!

  17. Years ago when I purchased my white sofa I came across a product called Folex. I get it at Home Depot and it’s the miracle worker for any type of spill whether it be on furniture or even clothing. I haven’t come across anything yet that it hasn’t taken out. You just spray it on the spot then rub it in a bit with a clean cloth; sometimes I just use my finger.

    1. Yep, Folex is fantastic!