How To Use Pastel Colors In Table Setting For Every Season

pastel flowers in french enamelware
It’s no secret to those who know me in real life, the blog or follow me on INSTAGRAM that I find much of my inspiration in nature…flowers in particular. It’s not always easy to find beautiful pastel flowers like these around here and I went with them for this dinner party that has a French inspired theme. Most people I don’t think associate pastels with fall or winter, but in my home that isn’t the case. I love soft things in both texture and…
color and give it a go no matter the time of year. NO ORANGES or YELLOWS in my home:-)
Before I get to the rest of the post, Pastel Colors Year Round In Table Setting
french tablesetting
I have a collection of FRENCH ENAMELWARE that I love and have collected in visits to France. They were all inexpensive and have various degrees of decay, but I love that FRENCH FARMHOUSE feel that is rustic and counterbalances the soft feminine PASTEL flowers. A pink glass or two from Anthropologie here and there on the table, a grainsack runner and the silk velvet pumpkins in jewel tones. The PASTEL flowers seem to float above the table like a soft sweet cloud.
elegant white tablescape


Layered dishes that are a mix of old and new is standard around here in my mix and match home. The light was beautiful on this day and with the French doors that face west we receive abundant afternoon light reflecting off the pool.
plush pumpkins silk velvet


None of these pitchers will hold water, so I fill a glass with water and snip the stems to fit and then place inside.
If you keep trimming your blooms just a little bit each day and changing the water they will definitely last longer. These flowers were much taller when I purchased them and a week old in these shots. It works!
velvet pumpkins real stems
I just can’t seem to get enough of pumpkins in the fall and love the jewel tones of these velvets with real stems. My daughter asked me today if I had to guess, how many pumpkins would I think are in my collection right now? Never too many and I keep them out from September through Thanksgiving time and just move them around easily in my TABLESCAPES and VIGNETTES. At the end of this post I have some SHOP THE LOOK sources for some of my current PUMPKIN finds.
I hope that you enjoyed the post as much as I did styling it, and as always feel free to ask me any questions! I do get asked often about my photography and you can find out more in THIS POST about my current gear recommendations or enter PHOTOGRAPHY in the search bar on the right for a wealth of FREE information.

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