Miami Attractions – 10 Free Things To Do

Miami attractions…they are numerous and while some can be pricey there is much to do here for free! I have lived here most of my life and have seen it all and done it all, so today I’m sharing some of my favorites. If you’re planning on taking a cruise out of Miami, consider taking a couple of days beforehand to see what this tropical metropolis has to offer. Note – the summer heat and humidity can be brutal from around June through September, so be prepared. This is the view when you are fortunate enough to fly into Miami and the plane turns to make it’s landing from the east!

skyline over miami beach

Miami, Florida is a popular vacation spot for convention goers, spring breakers, cruise takers and families who aren’t interested in going to Disney World. This beachside metropolis is full of things to do, but not all of those activities are budget-friendly. If you’re looking for things to do in Miami that won’t make you pay a cover charge, you’ve come to the right place.

These free things to do in Miami are family friendly. While they’re appropriate for children, they certainly won’t bore adults. Make the most of your vacation by making your wallet stretch farther!

Miami Attractions – 10 Free Things To Do

1. South Beach

miami beaches

At night, South Beach is a bustling nightlife hotspot for the wealthy elite. Although this neighborhood is notoriously glitzy, the public beaches are free to enter! The beach is a party destination, so find a spot away from the spring breakers to enjoy a more family-friendly visit.

lummus park miami beach

Lummus Park is a great family friendly beach. You’ll have access to the beachfront, playgrounds, and outdoor fitness gyms. There are lifeguards on duty from 9am until 5pm to provide safety guidance and extra assurance as you enter the water.

While you’re not at the beach, walk around the South Beach neighborhood to take in the glamorous surroundings. You can go window shopping, take pictures with cool buildings, and spot some over-the-top personalities. Other than paying for parking, you don’t have to drop a dime on South Beach attractions!

2. Art Deco District

miami beach art deco buildings

Miami’s Art Deco District is full of stylish and modern architecture. If you’re walking along Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue, you’ll see functional masterpieces like the Winter Haven Hotel, the Lowes Miami Beach Hotel, and the Lincoln Theatre.

There’s also a free Holocaust memorial with art deco monuments. The monuments truly capture the impact of this event, making it the perfect opportunity to learn and reflect.

With over 900 historic buildings, Miami’s Art Deco District has the country’s largest concentration of Art Deco architecture! Stop by the Art Deco Museum to learn more about this design style. Admission is free as long as you don’t sign up for a tour!

3. Wynwood Walls

wynwood walls miami

The Wynwood Walls is a renovated warehouse district in Miami. My husband actually built a couple of the structures there when first starting his career, so it’s always interesting to head there for us. Nowadays, the buildings are decorated with graffiti and street art, drawing more appreciation to this stigmatized art style. Artists were curated from America and around the world to create astounding walls, doors, and more.

The pieces at the Wynwood Walls make for great photos. It’s no surprise that Wynwood Walls’ official Instagram page has over 70,000 followers!

We were just at Wynwood Walls over the weekend with our family and ate at Beaker & Gray. I had a delicious watercress salad and the burgers looked so good too!

4. Lincoln Road Mall

miami attractions strolling lincoln road miami beach

If you can resist buying something at the Lincoln Road Mall, you can window shop for free! It’s more than just a shopping center – it’s of eight blocks of stores, dining, and salons.

If you get hungry while walking around, check out any of the sidewalk cafes. Their seating is perfect for people watching while you chow down on some delicious food!

5. Little Havana

little havana miami

Get a taste of Cuban culture in Little Havana! With murals, cultural events, and restaurants, this neighborhood offers locals and tourists an authentic look at Cuba’s liveliness.

Pay tribute to Cuban celebrities at the Calle Ocho Latin Walk of Fame. The concept is the same as Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, except this strip exclusively honors Latin idols. You can also browse costumes at La Casa de los Trucos or watch some exciting rounds of Dominoes at the Maximo Gomez Park. You might not think of the game as a spectator sport, but you haven’t seen these matches yet!

6. The Everglades

everglades national park

Can you truly visit Florida without going to the Everglades National Park? There’s so much to see and do there, making it a priority for tourists. You’ll certainly see alligators, since this is their home!

A boardwalk leads to the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, alligators live in the 720,000-acre Big Cypress National Preserve, and you can spot a Florida panther at the Fakahatchee Strand and Preserve State Park. Check out some tropical produce at Robert Is Here, a market with lychee, dragonfruit, and more. As locals, we enjoy going to Robert’s often! What will you discover at the Everglades?

7. Drive to the Florida Keys

 islamorada florida keys

Up for a day trip? Drive to the Florida Keys – the northern part of the Florida Keys is only an hour away from Miami! I live close enough to go down there without staying overnight and shot this in Islamorada at sunset one evening. In the Florida Keys, you’ll find manmade beaches, coral reefs, and natural parks. It’s a tropical wonderland and perfect for snorkeling!

While you’re in the Keys, check out Ernest Hemmingway’s home, the Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center, and the Overseas Heritage Trail. If you’re up for a drink, visit any of the local bars that line the Keys.

8. The Design District

miami design district boho store

The Miami Design District is a luxurious shopping center with exhibitions, dining, and high-end shops. Explore stylish showrooms at Citco, Gallotti & Radice, and Mrs. Mandolin. You’ll also find unique art installations like the Fly’s Eye Dome and Sculpture Garden. At the Design District, the word “design” is broad!

Art educator Margery Gordon leads free art tours twice a month in the Design District. On these tours, you’ll be introduced to stunning pieces by a variety of artists. Be sure to sign up!

9. Metromover

metromover downtown Miami

Looking for a free ride in downtown Miami? The Metromover has got you covered! This shuttle has stops at some popular landmarks like Miami-Dade College, the American Airlines Arena, and the Bayside Marketplace. Check out their service map to see if you can benefit from it!

10. Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park Miami Attractions

Visit this urban park in downtown Miami to see sculptures, the water, and a piece of history. At Bayfront Park, free events take place often. Follow their Twitter page to find out when yoga, salsa classes, and other free events will be held.

Don’t be turned off by the extravagant attractions in Miami – you can still enjoy much of the city for free! Spending less on activities will give you more funds for nice dinners, souvenirs, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that this tropical city has to offer. The Miami experience will have you feeling glamorous, regardless of how much you spend!

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  1. Connie McGhee says:

    I’m so surprised you didn’t mention Viscaya. Absolutely a must see!

    1. It is a must see and we actually work for the family on their private homes! However, it’s not free…and this post is about free things to do ;-))

  2. I live across from Joe’s Stone Crab and love all you mentioned

  3. Oh these places are so beautiful! I would love to visit Miami – the only time I was ever in FL was on a choir tour in college and didn’t see more than the places we sang, and the insides of bars! Thanks for the excellent ideas. And saving money doesn’t hurt either! ?