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Minimalist Decor for Summer: Embrace the Breeze

This summer, embrace the minimalist decor aesthetic with these tips. Learn the basics of minimalist decor and get inspired with real-life examples!

As many of my lovely readers already know, I love the layered, cozy vibes of an English or French country cottage. All those knick-knacks, patterns, and plush textures just make a space feel so warm and inviting to me.
That being said, there’s an undeniable beauty in minimalist decor. When summer rolls around and temperatures rise, a slightly more pared-back, minimalist approach can feel refreshingly elegant.

As much as I love surrounding myself with cherished objects and lots of decor pieces, too much stuff can make your living spaces feel cluttered and stuffy. So while I may not fully embrace minimalist decor year-round, I’m getting on board with taking some of its principles and using them to create breezy, uncluttered rooms to beat the summer heat.

Think strategic editing, fewer accessories, and sticking to a tight color palette of cooling hues. Just enough minimalism to satisfy that warm weather need for fresh simplicity!

Grab an icy drink and let’s look at the basics of minimalist decor and some stunning real-life examples that’ll inspire you to embrace this relaxed style.

What is the minimalist decorating style?

At its core, minimalist decor strips things back to the most fundamental form. We’re talking clean lines, few materials and colors, and an general sense of restraint and intentionality. There are no fussy embellishments or excessive details – just simple and functional beauty.

The Beauty of Minimalist Decor

Clean lines and fewer accessories mean your spaces look less weighed down and more bright – another summertime must. That sun-kissed, open, and airy feeling spreads throughout the entire room and creates the most inviting setting for those long summer afternoons!

So while minimalist decor may seem a little too bare-bones at first glance, when you break it down, it captures the ideal summer aesthetic. 

Decluttering for Minimalism Decor

Decluttering is essential for achieving that breezy minimalist vibe. It’s all about decisive editing to strip our spaces back to just necessary pieces.

First up, take a tough look at your accessory situation. Try to have a look at the amount of knickknacks, photo frames, and decor vignettes cover you have at home. A few are lovely, but too many on every surface make rooms feel fussy.

Things like clearing off coffee tables, editing shelved items down to just a few pieces, and packing away trinkets are key. Leave out only your most beloved accessories in prime real estate spots.

Next, tackle off-season wardrobe overflow and any extra throw blankets and pillows lurking around. Having a closet bursting at the seams, or tons of textiles everywhere, makes a room look cluttered and stuffy fast. Swap out those heavy layers and accessories for your light and most pared-back summer versions only.

Finally, do a sweep for any non-essential furniture pieces that you can move out. An overcrowded floor plan translates to a cramped feel.
See if you can temporarily relocate any armchairs, luggage racks, or accent tables that you don’t absolutely need for summer living.

Minimalist Color Palette

When it comes to capturing minimalism’s light and airy summer essence through color, you’ll want to stick to a tightly edited and refreshing palette.

Soft and airy hues like warm ivory, pale greige, light blues and pale greens are ideal here. There’s something so clean yet cozy about those gentle off-whites and pale neutrals that really allow a space to feel open and bright without feeling stark. They’re the ideal minimalist backdrop!

Or for something a little moodier but still decidedly summery, try leaning into tonal palettes of soothing and monochromatic hues. An all-over washed white or chalky tan-grey scheme an feel incredibly serene, mineral-toned, and refreshingly understated. The lack of harsh contrast between colors creates instant elegance and serene feel to any living space.

For those who crave just a hint of color to liven up their minimalist spaces, simple accessories are the perfect way to get your fix.
Maybe set up your favorite cobalt blue ceramic vases against a creamy wall or place sunny yellow throw pillows against crisp white bedding. Just enough pleasant pops to keep things interesting.

The key is restraint – stick to just two or three hues used repeatedly and you’ll nail minimalism’s edited elegance. Those soft and seamless gradients of color only enhance that open and weightless vibe we’re striving for. 

Streamlined Furnishings

While sleek and streamlined furniture pieces are the quintessential key to nail minimalism decor, you don’t have to go out and get new furniture.

A fantastic and inexpensive option is to cover your sofas and chairs with slipcovers. Simple linen ones can do the job beautifully, especially if these feature French seams, which will add the streamlined effect.

Acrylic coffee tables, chairs with slender metallic legs and accent pieces that pull double-duty by having secret compartments are other great ideas to embrace minimalism decor.

For example, a couple of multifunctional, minimalist-chic ottomans could work overtime as extra seating, simple coffee tables, or even as a base for that tray of summer cocktails.

To avoid a clinical feel, add a touch of warmth with some of your favorite summer pieces! Incorporate textured natural woven materials like sturdy rattan, sleek caned accents, or nicely nuanced jute.

An artfully woven pendant light or side table brings in that subtle hint of tropical flair that paired with a crisp white backdrop makes for a breezy and chic summer setting.

Understated Textiles

When dressing up your minimalist summer interiors, unfussy textiles in soothing shades are key for reinforcing that relaxed atmosphere. Flowing curtains or breezy shades filter in that gorgeous sun-kissed light without being too heavy.

Go for all the wispy linen or gauzy cotton sheers in shades of serene white, soft tan, powdery blue or maybe even a sultry terracotta if you want to infuse a little warmth. Anything too heavy or dark will just weigh down those open, refreshing sightlines we’re working so hard to create.

The bedding follows a similar understated formula – cool, crisp white or beige linen sheets in a relaxed material like linen or soft percale. Absolutely no heavy layers, chunky patterns, or shams and throw pillows overcrowding the bed. We want that gorgeous summer bed to look plush, yet tailored and serene.

Minimalist decor for summer idea featuring neutral living room
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That said, a few well-placed accent pillows in soothing summer tones like washed denim blues, sun-bleached greens, or muted clay shades can re-energize those minimalist linens with a subtle hit of color and texture. Keep it to just a duo or trio thoughtfully arranged to retain that “less is more” philosophy.

large sofa with back pillows and 3 accent pillows

And don’t forget a lightweight throw or runner, maybe in an effortless linen or soft cotton gauze, draped across the end of the bed or favorite chair. That simple layer is perfect for summer snuggling while complementing the minimalist aesthetic.

Minimalist Decor Finishing Touches

With a solid pared-back foundation in place, it’s those last few details that really bring the summer minimalist decor aesthetic home.

First up, placed mirrors strategically. Angle a gorgeous oversized floor mirror to catch and amplify natural light. To make small spaces feel more open and bright, try hanging a few accent mirrors in key locations.

Mirror shapes should follow that signature minimalist geometry – think sleek rectangles, clean ovals, or circular styles with slim bezels. Avoid anything too ornate or carved, but have fun looking for textures. Metallic glosses or textured fibers are my go-to in this scenario.

Next, introduce accents like handmade ceramics, sculptural pieces, or a stunning single floral arrangement. One stunning statement vase in an organic shape or sculptural bloom picks up on minimalism’s appreciation for form while keeping that edited feel.

Finally, appeal to the senses by wafting in subtle summer-inspired scents. Bright citrus notes like lemon or subdued marine scents can truly transport you to breezy beachside living. Just be careful not to go too strong with the fragrance – a light touch is key.

palm tree leave decorating

So there you have it – simple yet stylish strategies for embracing minimalism’s refreshingly chic spirit this summer season! By decisively editing our accessories, seasonal textiles, and nonessential furnishings, we’re left with peaceful and streamlined rooms that embody minimalism’s simple spirit. 

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  1. I often think less is better, I always tell my family and friends when they decorate to think of having less and making their space look more open.

    1. I agree with you Dorothy.