Paris Apartments For Rent (Living Like A Parisian)

Do you dream of visiting Paris and living like a Parisian? In this post I’m sharing how Paris apartments for rent can give you that experience and tidbits from my recent trip. You’ll find the information about our particular apartment at the end of this post!

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I’ve been a Paris regular since my first visit at the age of fourteen, when my parents sent me to live with our French cousins for a summer. Even at that tender age I fell in love with the culture of Paris, the charm of the sights and cadence of the language. I instantly became enamored with the cuisine and it was my “job” every day to go the boulangerie to buy the long baguette to accompany our dinner. I was allowed to head over to the patisserie some days to select dessert for after the meal. I did not speak any French at the time, but quickly learned to navigate with enough to get by. As an independent young teen I walked up the hill often to Montmarte solo, to the marche puces and to Sacre Couer. I took the metro everywhere and enjoyed my own company. This was my first experience in living like a Parisian and I knew that it wouldn’t be my last.

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Fast forward 100 years (so it seems!) to now and probably a dozen more visits to The City Of Light. I still feel the same way when I step off the plane today as I did then. I still enjoy living like a Parisian and today I’ll give a glimpse into the service of a Paris apartments for rent that I have used several times now.


Paris apartments for rent with an eiffel tower view

Paris Apartments For Rent

We honestly had no plans to go to Paris this year, but I noticed that some of my frequent flier miles were due to expire. I started looking around for a Paris accommodation (my husband could only take a week away from his business) and Paris is an easy, direct (though long) flight. My friends at Paris Perfect were having a sale and that really sealed the deal, and we quickly settled on an apartment with a view. Yes…THIS VIEW and although we’ve had views of the Eiffel Tower in the past, we were a block away in this flat. I brought my camera and a travel tripod (THIS ONE) for the view, and it stayed right there…using my phone only for life outside of the apartment.

view of eiffel tower from paris apartment

There is a lot of beauty in Paris and yet the tower is something that makes Paris feel like home. At night it’s complete perfection! As luck would have it the 130th anniversary happened during our stay so we were treated to a concert and special laser light show. Right from our apartment… while sipping wine! I shared more of that in my INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHTS in a video format and for now it’s still there if you’d like to see. Another shot from the window below…at dusk, and that’s the moon behind the clouds. It can’t get any better than this!

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Now some more on our Paris accommodation and why we love staying in an apartment. We had everything that we needed in here and there was a full compact kitchen. It was very easy to cook breakfast here every morning…french style with eggs and fresh croissants from the Rue Cler market within a short walk.

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The apartment was furnished with some antiques and reproduction French items as well. Honestly it looked like I had furnished it…just my style!

french antique mirror

A chic French daybed was a lovely place to sit and sip coffee or wine in true “living like a Parisian” style.

antique French chaise daybed

The mantel in the main living space and again, an antique French mirror. I really prefer mirrors to art (see my post about that HERE)

french mantel mantel

The apartment had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, so if you are searching for Paris apartments for rent for your family, this could be it. We were only the two of us and had plenty of room to spread out. This is not a sponsored post, I wanted to share our Paris accommodation since many of you had asked. The second bedroom had twin beds with sweet cherub paintings as headboards and an ensuite bathroom.

paris sheets

The master bedroom faced a courtyard and was very quiet, even with the Eiffel tower being in such close proximity. Beautiful touches everywhere, including this main bedroom!

french mirror shabbyfufu french grey dresser

10 Tips For Living Like A Parisian

  • Walk everywhere. Paris is such a walkable city! Download a map of Paris, and we LOVE City Mapper…find it HERE. It gives you a walking path, bus, metro and RER info.
  • Stay in an apartment. If you are going to be in Paris for more than a few days there are many apartment options. As mentioned we use Paris Perfect and love the neighborhoods and views that they offer as well as service. Having a place to cook a meal and a washer/dryer makes you feel just as if you live there and saves money.
  • Do things out of the ordinary. I wrote about that on a trip to Paris last year…Paris Travel Tips – Out Of The Ordinary Non Touristy. 
  • Walk the many parks in Paris. They are all incredibly beautiful…especially in the spring.
  • Eat in sidewalk cafe’s or brasseries. We only had a very fancy dinner one evening with my cousin, and who was in the restaurant but President Macron and his wife!
  • Drink wine, eat a baguette and buy chocolate. There are so many amazing locally owned shops and markets to choose from everywhere.
  • Buy flowers. Whether in an open air street market or a flower shop, the fleurs are special in this city of love and light.
  • Wake up early. Whether you want to capture the light photographically or just see Paris as it awakens, early is my favorite time of day in Paris.
  • Take a side trip. Whether by RER, Uber or a day tour…there are amazing places to visit outside of the city. I’ll be posting more about my own side trips to the French countryside soon.
  • Try your hand at speaking a little bit of French. I speak some French but am far from fluent, but even if you just say bonjour and merci it’s appreciated in Paris.


tuileries garden paris rue cler market in paris sunrise at the arc de triomphe french fleuriste

We stayed in the St. Emilion apartment that is available through Paris Perfect and hope to stay here again some day. I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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10 Tips For Living Like A Parisian

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the pillowcases with the Eiffel Tower! The flowers ? Wish I could get on a plane right now!

    1. Thank you Eileen and I can’t wait to go back myself!

  2. Such a beautiful city! We are hoping to visit within the year. There are so many places I would love to see. The apartment is sublime

    1. I hope that you get to go Cathy!!

  3. Janet
    What an amazing trip! Your photos are fab! To be so close to the tower! Thanks for sharing! Love all the tips.?

    1. Thank you so much Jayne and I’m so happy that you enjoyed this post!

  4. Lovely!!!!! Thank you for sharing?

  5. Lynne Beattie says:

    Wonderful, beautiful, informative post. Thank you.

  6. Great tips, Janet, and such a pretty place to stay! Thanks for sharing the info.

  7. Judy Johnson says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful info Janet. Love the apartment, will definitely check it out. So in love with the city of light.

    1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the post Judy and Paris Perfect is a great company to rent from.