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I don’t normally share on Saturday but had a couple of exciting things to chat about today! I’m up here at the beach house and it’s been raining cats and dogs, so had a few minutes to
pop in and say hi! So up above I’m sharing a couple of photos from my latest eBay blog post on Styling A Romantic Bedroom. I hope that you pop over to see that because I have really been enjoying working with eBay and I think that you will get something out of my posts over there.
I’m somewhat new at that, but did you know (random fact) that I used to be a Power Seller over on eBay and started my internet business over there selling antiques in the late 1990’s? Times change and well…that was a long time ago:~)
Another recent post…decorating related. Find that HERE
Are you on Facebook? Well I am…with my business page Shabbyfufu and I’d love to have you follow me there if you are. It’s an interesting place that Facebook! I use it mostly for business related aspects but I do have a personal page as well. It’s incredible to me and I’m very grateful that I’ve built up a large following on Facebook and am able to work with others in business through my page.
The simple image above has been seen on the Shabbyfufu Facebook page 95,000 times and shared 580 times. Amazing, a simple floral image that I shot on a whim has gone viral…
Another popular floral image and this one I shared a couple of days ago over on my Instagram page. Join me there if you are on IG and say hi! I love Instagram because it’s fast and easy, so I share from daily life a few times a day there…
And one more thing that I want to share today. If you haven’t yet read our latest issue of Romantic Lifestyle magazine, it’s now ON SALE for a limited time! You’ll find 142 pages of beauty and it is available in a printed format (like a book) normally $45 and now $35 or digital for just $6 (normally $8). You can find that HERE with a preview for browsing too:~)
Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Love that pink cabinet!!! I don't shop on Ebay that much because the whole bidding thing makes me nervous but I'll pop over there:) It's been pouring here too, started yesterday and we woke up to it this morning so it's definitely a stay inside sort of day!

  2. Your images are always amazing, Janet.
    I'm simple minded. I follow you on FB and blogger. That's about all I'm capable of…lol. but I'm happy with that.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. Hi Janet, always beautiful images it's no wonder your floral arrangment on that amazing chair went viral… As for being a big ebay seller, I think I remember this, I too was a big shabby chic seller when actions went crazy on us, then it slowed down to almost nothing, now it's all about buy it now! Do you remember a super big seller by the name Sheri 4 sure ? She is a good friend of mine and we lived in the same town before her beach move and I did some wonderful mural painting over arched windows in her home.

    I have two French romantic bedrooms featured on my new post, both with French iron beds… See you soon.

    Love your magazine, really needs to come to the magazine stands, a great group of contributors you have.