Shabby Chic Decor – Vintage Modern Style Home Tour

Shabby chic decor in a vintage modern style done right! I just love how this young interior designer has transformed her 100+ year old home in a fresh style for her family. Lots of projects and done on a budget and let’s dive in and learn more!

shabby chic decor

I got to know Ashley of the blog At Home With Ashley several years ago over on Instagram. Enamored with her fresh, modern and budget friendly take on design I started following her. Ashley is a young mom currently living in Utah with her high school sweetheart husband and adorable young son Don. She is as cute and fresh as her style and I think that you’ll love her and her DIY projects! Here she is below with the neighborhood library that she created. So clever!

outdoor free library ideas

Ashley’s colors are a mix of everything minty and reminiscent of sorbet in the summer. Happy colors that make her designs spring to life! As a trained interior designer she shares lots of useful information on designing a room as well as color and projects.

“In July of 2018 we moved into a 1905 home that’d been neglected for years. But I could see the possibilities! There was still charm from the original house and we love that we now have a large yard for my son and two dogs to play on.”

modern shabby chic decor

“After renting, I really relaxed about decorating- why take it so seriously?! I’ve been slowly adding touches of my personality to the home. The rainbow staircase is one of my favorite projects! What used to be creaky scary stairs is now one of the prettiest views in the house! I added coordinated wall art that match the stairs and it’s just so fun.” 

shabby chic decor entry

I totally agree and feel that your home is YOURS, so do what you love and break a few of the so called “rules”. Old stairs painted in a rainbow pattern and colorful self made art dress up this former dark staircase beautifully.

pastel rainbow stairs

One of my favorite areas that is all DIY would be the kitchen. You truly can create beauty on a budget if you take some of the creative tips that she shares. Elbow grease definitely pays off in spades here and her letterboard is so inspiring.

budget kitchen pastels

A huge fan of wallpaper, she shares not only her own home but her sister’s and tips for removal and sources. The master bedroom is simply a perfect example of modern shabby chic decor!

modern shabby chic decor master bedroom

Her home office is lovely and a quiet space to work on her blog and designs. Look closely at how she styled the book shelves and all pieces at practically no cost.

feminine home office decor

As most 100+ year old homes, Ashley’s house is small on square footage. Taking the party outside was a goal and the couple created a new space for gatherings.

“This past summer we’ve worked hard on the patio- pouring concrete and making it an extension of the house. It was a lot of work but it’s now one of our favorite places to entertain and relax.”

diy garden gazebo

Carving out space for another relaxation spot and a do it yourself shaded space to swing. Honestly I can’t say that I’ve ever seen such a cute take on outdoor shabby chic decor as Ashley has done!

diy porch swing

The laundry room was a major labor of love! We raised the ceiling and replaced the old water heater for a tankless. I’ve never had a nice laundry room so it really is a treat to have such a pretty place to wash clothes!

shabby chic laundry room

More wallpaper and more rainbows, and although all might not be your taste it is unabashedly Ashley’s taste and her home that she’s rightfully proud of!

“I’m always working on more projects and love customizing my house!”

whimsical pastel wallpapered room

To see more clever inspiration from Ashley, visit her blog AT HOME WITH ASHLEY and her INSTAGRAM of the same name!

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  1. Hi Janet, Thank you for sharing Ashley’s interior with us. I love her use of color as I try to add color in my home also but I’m less adventurous…. I’m going to use some of her ideas!

  2. Odessa Graham says:

    Ashley’s home reminds me of my friend Ida! The colors and imaginative use of DYI…they could be sisters! It always awakens the soul to walk into her home!

    1. Awwww, Ida was my moms name and I’m glad that you enjoyed this tour Odessa!

  3. Janet, this was fun. Ashley’s use of color is blended so that the colors pop without being loud. Love it!

    1. So glad you came over to her home tour Diana!