Simple Floral Arranging Tips – Gradient Centerpiece

In today’s post you’ll learn some simple floral arranging tips. Create an easy yet beautiful gradient flower centerpiece, even if you’ve never arranged flowers before!

simple floral arranging tips

Who doesn’t love flowers and despite the beauty that they bring, arranging them should never be stressful! Disclaimer that I’m not a trained florist. However,  there are a few tricks that I’ve learned with years of putting countless bouquets together. Today I’m sharing an idea that came to me when I was at the grocery store. There were gobs and oodles of pink flowers available and it got me thinking. How about a gradient arrangement in shades of pink! It seriously only took me 20 minutes to create this plan.

grocery store flowers


Simple flower arranging tips shabbyfufu

  • Lay out the flowers on a flat surface and separate by color. Since this was going to be a gradient floral arrangement I set them out from light to dark.
  • Grab your container and cut a length of chicken wire that you’ll roll into a ball. I used white coated chicken wire that you can find inexpensively here.
  • You will want to use some waterproof floral tape to secure the chicken wire so it stays in place. That’s all…easy, fast!

gradient flower arranging diy Shabbyfufu

I talked about that this method in this post and it was interesting to read that it’s used more by real pros these days. More of that at the bottom of this page!

Next you’ll want to start on one side of the pot with either your darkest or lightest color. I planned on using just a couple of sparse pieces of greenery in this arrangement, so was going to add those accents last.


Turn your flowers upside down (one by one) when trying to determine how much stem to cut off. This helps visual the correct height, especially when you’re not a pro!

simple flower arranging tips

Fill to almost the top with water. Begin inserting the the flowers into the chicken wire, starting on one side and then moving across the pot. In most arrangements you’d work your way outside in, but since this is gradient I approached it differently. The great thing about chicken wire is that it’s easy to make adjustments, whereas with floral foam it’s not as easy.

Just keep working by filling in as much of the color on the side as it takes to cover the chicken wire. A good trick is to manipulate some of the flower petals to make the flower look fuller. Keep going towards the other side of the pot with lighter color flowers. Be sure to keep turning your arrangement so that it looks good from all side. That is, unless you’ll be placing it where you don’t see the back!

Once you’re satisfied with the look, add in a few accents of greenery.


Push a flower or two and some greenery down to hang over the sides. Do this artistically and randomly and with the chicken wire, it’s easy!

The other side of this pretty arrangement.

simple floral arranging tips gradient bouquet


There you have it, but along with these simple floral arranging tips I have a GIVEAWAY that I think you’ll LOVE! My friend Erin of Floret Flowers has just written another book! I received my advance copy last week and could not put it down. If you don’t know who Erin is, she and her husband own a working flower farm in Washington State. I had the chance to meet her several years ago at the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker event in NYC. She was just the sweetest person to chat with and I knew that big things were on the horizon for her! She has arrived and you can find her website at Floret Flowers and on Instagram at Floret Flower. Erin would like to give TWO of my readers a chance to win an autographed copy of her new book, A Year In Flowers. You seriously will not be able to put this book down if you love flowers like I do! Simply LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST for a chance to win. We will draw 2 winners at random soon and be notified ON THIS POST! That’s it…I hope that you enter.


Simple Floral Arranging Tips - Gradient Centerpiece

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  1. I am always looking for flower ideas. I volunteer to do the pulpit flowers every Sunday at my church. I live in the north so no garden flowers in the winter forces me to get creative.
    Love this easy, doable, inexpensive idea. Thanks!

    1. Love,love,love waking up Saturday morning with a cup of tea and reading your posts! So inspiring and my home feels like a home when I decorate now.

    2. La vie en rose says:

      Loving the gradient arrangement. Pinks are my fav. Chicken wire is a life saver for sure. If just so enjoy that book

      1. Love the flower arrangement. I am hosting my daughter in-laws baby shower this month and these tips will definitely come in handy. Thank you

  2. I love your floral arrangement. The colors are my favorite. Thank you for the tips on how to arrange them. I love fresh flowers but always have a hard time arranging them to make them look pretty.

  3. Becky Robertson says:

    you make it look soooo easy!!! the arrangement is beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks for the flower tips. My dream is to have a beautiful, native flower garden in my yard. Perhaps I’ll just start with a mixed bouquet on my table!

    2. I always love your arrangements. I’m going to have to try the chicken wire trick!

  4. Thank you for all your ideas. I am inspired to try the chicken wire and would love more ideas to create such lovely arrangements.

  5. Alissa Wiggam says:

    Love the idea of gradient or ombré arrangements! Must try it! Flowers are the perfect way to spread sunshine. Thanks for such great ideas.

  6. Lynn Spencer says:

    I’ve got all my fingers and toes and eyes crossed! I would love to win…maybe then I could put together arrangements like you do!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Hugs, Lynn

  7. That is a gorgeous arrangement, wow!

  8. Jo Wyrosdick says:

    I love pink flowers! This arrangement is gorgeous.

  9. Sandy Sebold says:

    What a clever way to arrange flowers, with chicken wire! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I was about to enrol in a floristry course but the cost was prohibitive. Your ideas and Erins are so easy to follow. Thank you

  11. Wendi Engstrom says:

    This arrangement is absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of using chicken wire and can’t wait to try it out. I love your style and look forward to your posts. I will have to check out Floret Farms, the cover art of the new book is just gorgeous with all of those roses.

    1. Absolutely love these flower arrangements! I would love to win the book💕💕💕

  12. I love this idea for a floral arrangement! Placing the flowers in a gradient design is so pretty and draws attention to each individual hue! Great time of year for a cheerful bouquet too, altho I love flowers all year! Would love to win this book too! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Hugs!

  13. Wow! What a gorgeous arrangement! I love flower arranging as a non-pro, but these tips and this book would certainly get me doing more. You’ve totally inspired me, Janet!

  14. I have fresh flowers in my home all of the time and it’s such a beautiful way to brighten things up! They’re just grocery store variety, so I would love additional tips on arranging.

    1. floret Farm was one of my very first follows before I even knew anything about Instagram! I dream about all the beauty that Aaron shares if I could win and that would certainly be a Heavenly gift!

    2. Sylvia Carlson says:

      What a pretty flower arrangement! Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks!

  15. I do floral arrangements and decor for my church. In addition, we have a new home and I am very excited about decorating it. I love to make seasonal arrangements and change things around.

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  23. Chris maraccini says:

    Love flower arrangements of like colors. Love flowers, always wanted a cutting garden. Love your site, and would love to win the book.

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    This is so beautiful and I cannot wait to try it for myself. I had no idea it could be so easy to create an arrangement so beautiful!! Thank you for all your great tips!!

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  27. I love the chicken wire method! It also makes it easier for water. My sister is amazing with flowers and I would love to win her a copy of Erin’s book!

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    Well that’s just a gorgeous display of flowers!! Thanks for the tip of using chicken wire! So genius! I love the colors on the book you’re giving away!! I love arranging flowers and I’m no expert but I just like to play with them until I get it the way I like. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    How lovely – you make it look so simple! I truly love all the tips and ideas you share – keep it up! Thanks for sharing all this love and beauty.

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    Love creating simple arrangements from my gardens! Excitedly waiting for Spring and Summer to get back to it!

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    I am a fan of your gradient look or even Ombre..
    I happen to have some chicken wire. Not as pretty and white like yours. I checked it out on Amazon its a great price. I will purchase in the future.
    Thanks for the tip, I learned something new too. To place bud down, stem up to better know where to cut. I mess that up a lot.

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      Starving for flowers here. We have 8” of snow on the ground and the temperatures will be below freezing all day and we are expecting more snow tomorrow and the next day and the next and for the first time in 18 months I’m in bed with a cold. So, having said all that in on long sentence, we are badly in need of flowers here.

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    The main thing I have been working on lately though ( I am SO excited about it!!) is reupholstering a sofa I found that is very similar to yours. I had been looking for one like it ever since I started following your blog and while I didn’t luck out and find it by the curbside, I did find it at a consignment shop for less than $400.00 (including delivery) so I feel like I scored a awesome deal. It’s upholstery at the moment is a really UGLY leather on the back piece and arms, and the bench cushion is upholstered in a hideous fabric that looks like the Victorian era threw up all over it…complete with fringe. I can’t wait to get ‘er done! lol.

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    1. Thank you! This is an older post, so as mentioned the giveaway is finished. Appreciate you stopping by!

  153. As a high school Floral Design teacher I give your arrangement an A+ due to composition, color and using chicken wire (cheaper & better for the environment). Fabulous cover art on Erin’s gorgeous book, I would love to look at how it’s constructed.

  154. Janet, this is just gorgeous! I just used the chicken wire trick for my floppy tulips…it makes such a difference!!

  155. Jane Hansen says:

    Thank you for this flower arrangement idea, especially using the chicken wire. This will bring out everyone’s creative process. I really appreciate your blog and look forward to seeing all your ideas to help me with my home.

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  157. Linda Ray says:

    Hi Janet,
    Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement and a simple way to arrange the flowers. Looking forward to attempting this on my own and bringing sunshine back in my life since my husband’s passing.

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  159. Linda B Gullotta says:

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  162. JOYCE ANGELINI says:


    1. Thank you kindly Joyce!

  163. Kim Lennie says:

    Flowers and flower arranging is my jam. I was so lucky for 8 years to take classes at my community center once a week. I loved it and always made sure I had enough flowers to make two arrangements , one for myself and one that I would randomly give away to someone on my walk home or someone in my building. The best part was making someone’s day. Thank you Janet this book would be much loved.

    1. Kim…that sounds so fulfilling and how nice of you to give arrangements away!

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    1. It really is simple DaleAnn and I hope that you try it!

  165. Dana H. Sharbrough says:

    How lovely! The book looks like it has lots of wonderful ideas on arranging flowers I love to have real flowers around. They always seem to brighten up everything and everyone!

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the post Dana!

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    1. That’s awesome Elaine…have fun with the process!

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    1. Enjoy creating Yvonne!

  168. Theresa Hernandez says:

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    1. Fresh flowers really do add so much to our homes and spirits Theresa!

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    1. Those are good points Lana and I do reuse the chicken wire over and over again!

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