Spray Paint For Wood Furniture – My New Favorite!

Spray paint for wood furniture might be difficult to navigate for the DIY enthusiast. If you want fast and flawless results, then this new spray paint and primer by Behr is for you! This is a paid post for BEHR® Spray Paint, available exclusively at The Home Depot.

spray paint for wood furniture

When you think about furniture that is compatible with life in the south, your mind may drift to tropical lifestyles or southern plantation living. Envision the old “cracker” houses of Key West with the screened in porch filled with wicker and rattan for relaxing with an unsweet tea in the heat. How about the verandas of an old coastal home in Georgia with wicker rockers gently moving in the breeze. It’s not far fetched and is still evident in the southern way of life today, and vintage wicker furniture shows up often in yards sales, thrift shops and auctions. I’m a huge fan of wicker and rattan, and have several pieces in my home and garden. Wicker and rattan are gaining new ground with today’s home decorators!

antique wicker chair in the garden

A New Spray Paint For Wood Furniture

When I found this wicker and wood desk at a yard sale here in Miami a few years ago, I grabbed it and brought it home. For awhile it served as an additional spot for me to work in a corner of the living room. Then when one of our daughters moved back home she had asked if she could have it and I obliged. We had the opportunity to replace the flooring in a portion of our home last year. After completion, she decided that she no longer needed or wanted the desk. I needed to revive it somehow and was dreaming and scheming of painting it! I held off, since painting wicker can be a real pain in the neck.

before spray painting wood furniture

Recently the chance to work with Behr paint came across my desk. It’s brand that I know and trust, bast on my years of design. Intrigued by a new product in their line-up, I had to see for myself. The desk and a tropical look came to mind. A color and look more bold like this Hidden Sea Glass would appeal to me more than its current state of old chippy white.

Behr spray paint and primer

5 Key Points Of The New Behr Spray Paint

  • A fast drying paint and primer in one.
  • Performs quickly, easily, and reliably on especially hard to paint projects.
  • Available in 20 beautiful colors.
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use bringing confidence in results.
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces and full coverage.

I did need to do a little prep work prior to painting the desk. When you examine a piece of furniture in preparation for painting, I highly recommend cleaning it of dust and debris first. Sometimes if it’s greasy, you might need to use a cleanser like trisodium phosphate. In this case I decided to run my palm sander over the top surface, just to remove small bumps in the paint.
*TIP* If you don’t have a palm sander, just lightly hand sand any bumps that bother you.

The sanding took just a couple of minutes. Then I wiped off any sanding dust with a simple damp cotton rag. My project was ready to paint! Note that you should always work outside when using any kind of spray paint or in a very well ventilated area. Covering the ground with a drop cloth is a good idea and wear gloves and a mask if possible. I gave the wicker portion of this desk a test shot and could see that this color was going to look amazing!

BEHR Spray Paint Colors

I used the color HIDDEN SEA GLASS that is a gloss paint. The Behr Spray Paint is available in 20 unique great colors including, white, black and grey. All colors come in a GLOSS sheen, with three colors available also in FLAT. Additionally they offer a clear flat sheen for protective coating. Check availability as it’s currently sold in select The Home Depot stores.

The design of the can felt really good to hold and it had great ease of use. Just a minute or two of shaking and I was able to apply the entire can with no clogging. The coverage is the best part though with nothing showing through in terms of the old paint!

When you spray paint wood furniture you’ll want something that gives full coverage. This does and the fact that I didn’t need to get into the wicker portion with a brush saved me a ton of time!

spray paint wood furniture

And the finished project…which looks so tropical and completely transformed in under 1/2 hour! The paint was fully cured quickly as well.

tropical look wicker desk with Behr spray paint in Hidden Sea Glass

Now I have a fun and useful additional area to sit and sip my iced tea and work on the next project.

spray paint wood furniture with Behr paint

Right now…BEHR Spray Paint is currently only available in select Home Depot Stores. Find out if it’s available near you HERE and check out the other colors too!

tropical miami home decor


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  1. Now you need to paint the chair! Really pretty.

    1. That’s an old real French chair, so I’m not sure I could bring myself to, lol. I may make a cushion for it to coordinate though.

  2. Maureen Magner McCroskey says:

    Would this spray paint work on some metal lanterns I want to paint?

    1. Yes…works on almost any hard surface!!

  3. Miss Daisy says:

    Will be trying the paint , thanks.

    1. I have no doubt that you’ll love everything about it!

  4. Looks like it’s only available in about three pockets of the country. BUT one is in the town my sis is retiring to in North Carolina, so next time I visit her, I’ll have to hit up Home Depot!

    1. It’s so good that I think it will be a big hit Sharon! One can and my desk looks brand new!

  5. Jayne McLeod says:

    just in time for me to get outside and paint two of my wicker chairs …. good job on the table, the color you chose is very beachy, such fun … love it !!!! Jayne

  6. Love it and love the picture too!

    1. Thanks Karen…they seemed like a good decorating marriage!

  7. That looks great Janet, I don’t use spray paint as much as I should. It’s so easy. Love the color you chose!

    1. Thanks Susan…I don’t really either but BOY, this is some great stuff!

  8. Oh wow! I did not know that Behr sells their own spray paint. I have used Behr paints many times in our house and love the quality. Can’t wait to try this spray paint.

    1. This is new to Behr and is rolling out to other Home Depot stores. Check it out!

  9. Thanks for the information. I have a wicker set at the lake that I am getting ready to paint.

    1. This stuff definitely makes painting wicker a breeze!

  10. I love the color you chose. I ha a wicker bedroom suite and have been thinking about painting it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. There are lots of colors in this new Behr line, so take a look!

  11. Janet,
    You’ve inspired me to paint my outdoor wicker bar cart that is in need of a facelift!
    Beautiful color and I like your weathered chair. It has lots of character!


    1. I’m so happy to have inspired you! Thanks Robin for stopping by.

  12. Oh my goodness that color is gorgeous and wicker is such a difficult thing to paint too. Beautifully done Janet

    1. Wicker can REALLY be a pain and I’ve done many pieces in the past. Loving this easy to use paint!

  13. I do love this color, Janet! Seafoam green… Very tropical! <3 I love the ease of use and actually have several projects which I could use Behr's spray paint on. Thanks for the great advice and this new paint product.

    Happy spring and enjoy your "new" wicker table,
    Barb 🙂

    1. It really is tropical! Happy spring to you too!

    1. Very springy indeed Michelle!

    1. It’s really great paint!!

    2. It’s really great stuff! Thanks for pinning Cindy.

  14. Selah Ingle says:

    I love anything that can cut down on spending less time painting wicker lol. I will definitely be trying this paint in white for a wicker chair for my bedroom. I have quite the eclectic mix going on in there as far as textures (metal day bed, wood dresser and wickerchair and perhaps a table) so I am hoping the white color will tie them together? I know without seeing them it’s hard to envision but I will ask anyway..lol, what think you?
    Love all your inspirational ideas as always 🙂

    1. I agree…less time spent painting with great results is always what I go for. I think that white paint would definitely tie in any and all styles Selah!