Light Filled Suburban Home Transformation Tour

Welcome to another home tour and in this one we are visiting a suburban home transformation! With the power of paint there is so much that you can do, no matter the size, cost or age of a home. Let’s dive right in and visit Becca Bertotti of Adventures In Decorating with some before and after images to prove the point!

“Our humble abode, here in Northern VA, where I live with my husband and teenage son. While our home was a “new build” when we moved in several years ago, I couldn’t wait to put my DIY stamp on it. And, while it may appear Craftsman in style on the outside, I filled it with my transitional style on the inside. “

DECK BEFORE (neglected and in need of a refresh)

DECK AFTER! Painted decking gray; added a new rug, table and chairs; added a decorative privacy panel (diy project)

Becca’s Suburban Home Transformation!

DINING ROOM (which recently got a little face lift that Becca will share soon)!

FOYER (adding board and batten helped give this space a little personality)

FOYER: Becca loves decorating for the seasons, like here when she goes from SPRING …

… to Fall!

FAMILY ROOM BEFORE: a nice, blank slate

FAMILY ROOM AFTER! Amazing what diy battens on the wall; shiplap on the fireplace; new chandelier; painting the walls/fireplace white; and then painting the windows black did to this room!

FAMILY ROOM: Inexpensive bookcases that I then added moulding and trim to help fill this wall.

FAMILY ROOM: This is one of my favorite rooms to decorate for the holidays!


JACKSON’S BEDROOM AFTER (applied Stikwood to the back wall for a fun accent).


KITCHEN AFTER! Painted cabinets; added a wood vent hood; took down cabinets; added floating shelves in their place; wrapped the island in “shiplap” and added a larger island countertop to it; and then painted all counters with epoxy and paint to resemble calacatta marble. All DIY projects.


KITCHEN: Never enough chandeliers, right?!



BASEMENT REC ROOM AFTER! I laid luxury vinyl plank; painted the doors; and added shiplap to the walls.


SITTING ROOM AFTER: I added a faux mantel and mounted shiplap above. Recently, I added these bookcases and gave them height and a bit of a custom look by adding plywood, trim and moulding.


SUNROOM: I love to play musical furniture, especially in this room, where on any given day, I can take it from a two chair/console table configuration …

to a breakfast room area …

back to a sitting area!

For more inspiration and sources from Becca…be sure to head over to visit her on Adventures In Decorating!


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  1. WOW! I am awe struck! Lots of great tips and one of my favorite makeovers. Loving Becca’s touch! Any suggestion as to where slipcovers were purchased?

  2. Beautiful home interior,Great Job. My Husband and I are having a home built, also builders model, Hope I can do something similar. I do have a request can you resend password for free printable, I seem to have lost mine. Thank you

  3. Ann Drayton says:

    Oh my gosh! I love everything she’s done. Beautiful.

  4. mikki parker says:

    Just beautiful I love all the white. I would have white on everything if I could.My husband can’t do white he’s a mess so he gets brown. Thanks for the tour.

  5. I love everything….She adds enough basic colors so that it is warm and inviting. Sometimes white can be cold, but this is just yummy and cozy.

  6. This home is amazing! She did such a great job. I love that she can change the purpose of the rooms around so easily, and all look gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful and so warm and classy and bright!

  8. Janet, thank you so very much for featuring my home! I truly appreciate it! Have a great day.

  9. Wow this is amazing ambiance, thank you for sharing!

  10. Nancy Welker says:

    Gorgeous ❤❤❤

  11. Tina OConnor says:

    Absolutely beautiful ❤ welcoming!

    1. So glad that you enjoyed this one Tina!

  12. omg how beautiful everythinglooks..
    Your home is stunning.

    So many great ideas.
    You must love you LR space. When i saw the blank room & what you finished with it a work of art.
    Much love

    1. This was a great home to feature and we are so glad that you enjoyed the tour Rose!

  13. Michelle Bagby says:

    I have only 3 words to describe this….RICH RICH and BRIGHT!
    Loved it ALL! (and all surprisingly do-able)
    appreciated the before pics, inspirational!

    1. We love this one too Michelle…thank you!

  14. Debbie in TX says:

    Thank you for posting this. The details are stunning, and I have gotten lots of helpful decorating ideas. Truly inspiring!!

  15. Everything fabulous, I especially love, love your bedrooms. You nailed them.

    1. So glad that you enjoyed this one Ivory!

  16. She transformed this into a happy inviting home. I can imagine uplifting gatherings with friends and family. : )

    1. She loves a mostly white decor and does lots of seasonal color!

  17. Way too much white where nothing actually can pop.

    1. You have to remember that this is someone’s home and her style…maybe not what you would do or what I would do. She adds a lot of seasonal color to the white.

  18. Okay, I have followed Becca for years but I never saw a post about painting the kitchen cabinets green! I love them! We are preparing to have ours painted and I have been toying with green, so this really grabbed my attention. Becca has a gorgeous touch and now I have to go comb her archives for the green cabinet painting. Thank you for spotlighting her beautiful home, Janet.

    1. She does have a lovely touch Janet and so glad that you popped over to see the tour!

    1. She has a lovely home!

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the post Annie!