Symmetry in Interior Design: How To Apply It In Your Home

Looking to elevate your home style in a budget-friendly way?
All that you need to know is how to apply the principle of symmetry in interior design with the pieces that you already own!

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Making your home feel like a reflection of your own style is most of our ultimate goal.

There are hundreds of ideas right at our fingertips that can spark up our inspiration and just as many products to help us achieve our dream home.

Although having these options available is great, there’s a catch.
Interior design has specific rules that can completely transform how a room feels and if these design concepts are out of whack, there’s no inspiration or expensive decor that can help.

And that brings up today’s topic: Symmetry in interior design.


What is Symmetry in Interior Design? 

Symmetry happens when both sides of a composition mirror each other, taking a central axis as the starting point.

You can achieve symmetrical balance when the visual weight of both sides of your design is perfectly equal. Although applying symmetry is not an absolute must when you’re decorating, it’s essential to be aware of it. Even if you want to go the complete opposite way and create an asymmetrical design. Conversely, I personally often prefer asymmetry, and it’s carefully thought out with more of an artist set of eyes. 

Nevertheless, applying the basics of symmetry in interior design will help create balance. It WILL add a harmonious feel to your interiors, no matter your style!


Use a Focal Point – House of Jade Interiors

Clearly in this lovely living room, the TV is the focal point. The owners arranged the furniture around it the tv and fireplace keeping the symmetry concept in mind. As a result, the room is surrounded by a serene and harmonious feel that invites you in.


Symmetry? Use Furniture Strategically – Airows

In this lush London Penthouse’s living room, the look of pixel-perfect symmetry is accentuated using identical furniture on both sides of the room.
A pair of vibrant green chairs, a pair of floor-length mirrors, and two identical lamps create the famous mirroring effect that our naked eye feels naturally drawn to.


When in Doubt, Gallery Wall – Domino

Emphasize any chic nook in your home using shapes and lines, like in this example from designer Jasmine Vaughan. The identical table lamps and the meticulous layout of this minimalistic gallery wall are all it took to make this space stand out from the rest.


Symmetry in Interior Design: The Home Office Edition – Priority Home and Design

Creating a double home office that’s both elegant and functional is no easy feat, but this stunning workspace nailed it.
Along with the mirroring effect of both workstations (smartly divided by a built-in bookshelf), the pale aqua color and bronze accents offer a cohesive rhythm that ties the room together.


Showcase Your Art with Symmetry in Interior Design- RH | Restoration Hardware

Showcase your favorite works of art in the most elegant way possible, following this room as inspiration. Displaying a monochromatic color scheme with subtle gold accents across the room.


Balanced Harmony in the Bedroom – Style Your Senses

If you thought symmetry is boring, this stylish bedroom will definitely change your mind! The light blue colored wall stands out beautifully against the bronze mirrors, making a statement of elevated style.
With a masterful use of proportions and an exquisite color palette, this space creates a sublime sense of tranquility.


Use Symmetry to Play With Furniture – Remodelista


The owners of this home decided to give their classy living room a twist. Using two loveseats and one buttery-soft leather tufted day bed instead of a more traditional setting layout. With a golden-framed mirror as a focal point, two identical doors on each side, and the decor items perfectly placed, this space is one symmetrical dream.

Symmetrical Balance: The Mantel – @michelle_janeen

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The right mantel can transform a dull fireplace into an eye-catching work of art. To take your mantel design to new heights, use the mirror-image symmetry concept, just like in this stunning example!
The white pumpkins, glossy lantern candlesticks, and silver dollar eucalyptus stems stand out beautifully against the crisp white brick wall, making this mantel a sophisticated work of art.


Aren’t these examples just stunning? The takeaway of this golden rule of design is that it can be applied to any home, anywhere, no matter your personal style!

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  1. I crave having a square or rectangle room; especially for my bedroom– unfortunately it is the shape of a baseball diamond and not equal widths for walls…. apartment living over here.