Porch & Deck Decor & More! The Style Showcase 182

We all seem to have porches and the outdoors on our minds now that spring has sprung! At our home we don’t have much of a front porch but we do have a nice sized back covered porch. I don’t share it that often but suppose that I should! Today you’ll find my post A Modern Glam Home Tour which is a lovely home tour! Be sure to visit that one and the other posts as well and enjoy your day!

Worthing Court I An Amazing Outdoor Deck Tour

Southern Hospitality | Thistle Hill Ranch Tour

Town & Country Living I Adirondack Chair Ideas

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  1. Love the blue on the chairs

    1. Blue is such a great color in every setting indeed Mikki!

  2. Hi Janet, have you changed your personal style? You look somehow different, very relaxed and distinguished. I like it!

    1. Hi Heike, thank you! It’s just a shot for my profile that I needed to take, so I did my hair and makeup ☺️