Using Bottles For Flowers…The Power Of Multiples In Display

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If you love flowers as I do then you might need to have some more great ways to display them…right? Talking today about using something that is often tossed aside and/or recycled and I’ll give you some tips about how to use the common bottle in your home for flowers…

My weekly market flowers that I actually picked up at the florist and all were on sale! They look lovely in the floral bucket that I transformed and talked about on THIS post, but for now I thought that I’d use them to inspire you to perhaps do something different…
I might have a slight problem in that I collect or hoard bottles:~)
Often I purchase wine or other beverages simply because I love the color or shape of the bottle. Sometimes it’s the label that I’m after or the size. Doesn’t everyone do that??
I’ve amassed quite a nice bunch and saved many from the certain fate of being melted in recycling for who knows what! They look better with a simple single stem in each bottle. I love collections such as these that seem to tell a story and we have everything above from old French water bottles to wine, a vodka bottle and lemonade. Some are old and some are new, but what they have in common is that they are all similarly sized and all glass…
That Prairie brand vodka bottle stands out to me and was a gift from a friend. It was given to me for the bottle…and empty I might add:~)
These bottles are glass water bottles and are smaller than the collection above them. They had labels adhered that I removed with some Goof Off and were from our water delivery company as a bonus at Christmas last year…
Items grouped together make such an impact, even if the item is something everyday mundane in it’s use. Keep your eyes wide open for multiple bottles to collect!
My daughter just brought this bottle home and found it in a friend’s recycling bin. You could easily add a lacy pattern to a wine bottle like this with a pen made for drawing on glass…
I could not resist the petite Elderflower lemonade bottles on the shelf at Whole Foods last week and although I haven’t tried the drink yet you can be sure that the bottles will be saved!

There are so many ways that the common bottle can be decorated such as with a a simple snippet of ribbon. I’m thinking ahead to a project like this for a party and the power of creating and displaying bottles in multiples…

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  1. Postcards from the Ridge says:

    Hopping over from Instagram. I love old bottles and yours are gorgeous. And your photos are stunning. Thanks for the eye candy!

  2. I love bottles also. I don't have any vintage ones but I save my IBC root beer (brown) and IBC cream soda (clear) bottles so I can crochet covers for them. I have them in colors for every season. I love naked bottles too though such as green color ones and pretty wine bottles my friends give me. I would love some Grey Goose vodka bottles but I don't know anyone that drinks that. Of course I love mason jars to hold candy, buttons, safety pins, anything!

  3. Vivre Shabby Chic says:

    Lovely blog! Nice to read you!

    Carla from Rome,

  4. Oh my goodness, your pictures are heavenly!

    I *adore* how you've put those luscious gorgeous branches and flowers in all those bottles- your collection is to DIE for pretty!

  5. Daisy Dianne Bromlow says:

    I love bottles and have quite the collection. I also do the single flower in a bottle a small twig or limb especially if it has buds or leaves. Thanks for sharing and have a Blessed weekend .

    1. Bottles are often simply overlooked and tossed, so it’s good to reuse them! Enjoy your weekend…

  6. I am enjoying using my empty Reed diffuser bottles for small posy bouquets.