Valentines Day Hearts – No Sew Craft

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A simple and sweet Valentines Day Hearts craft that is NO SEW and easy to do! Make these for gifts or to hang around your home for the month of February.

Valentines Day Hearts

Many of us don’t do a whole lot of decorating for Valentines Day, but it’s nice to put a little something romantic around the home. February is my birthday month and perhaps that helps explain why this Pisces girl has been a crafter since day one! Today I’m sharing this fun craft, and you know that I like providing you with projects that you can easily do. No fancy machinery needed, other than a glue gun. Here is another pretty NO SEW project that you might like – How To Make Ribbon Roses

romantic pink felted hearts and millinery

The supplies are beautiful unto themselves, don’t you think? I’m going to be offering a handful of kits with these supplies at the end of this post. If you like to purchase pre-made kits, please let me know and maybe I’ll make this a regular thing for you sweet readers!


Valentines Day Hearts - No Sew Craft

Valentines Day Hearts – Supplies

  • 3″ Pink Felt Hearts – 2 per project
  • Small Millinery Flowers & Leaves
  • Pretty Pink Ribbon Assortment
  • Glue Gun

Felt Hearts supplies

How To Make

  • Cut out a 3″ heart shape out of pink felt. I sketched out my heart first onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out to use as a template. *TIP* Draw half of a heart and cut out your cardboard with enough room on the other side to fold over like a greeting card. Then trace the outline of the half heart onto the other side and cut it out. This way your heart template will be even! (former art teacher;-)
  • Start laying out your embellishments on the felt. Once you have an idea of where you’ll place each element, you can begin to hot glue. Use glue in dots, very sparingly. A pair of old scissors helps to hold each element in place so that you don’t burn your fingers.

no sew Valentines Day Hearts

  • Now that you have your embellishments glued down it’s time to add a hanger. Cut a piece of ribbon to the appropriate size for hanging on a cabinet knob, hook or wherever you plan on hanging. Hot glue the ribbon as shown on the back of the felt heart.
  • With the weight of the embellishments, it’s a good idea to hot glue another heart to the back. Plus it hides the ribbon holder and looks neater.
  • These Valentines Day Hearts can be made as sachets by filling with some lavender buds as well. If you plan on doing so, hot glue about 3/4 of the way, carefully place some lavender buds inside and finish gluing.

crafting felt Valentines Day Hearts

Be creative! How about hanging one from a chandelier?

heart on a chandelier

This Valentines Day Heart was filled with the tiniest bit of lavender and is hanging from a cabinet in my laundry room. Yes, I know that the doors don’t meet, a work in progress.

You’ll want to make at least a couple of these, maybe more! I pick up things like pretty ribbon and millinery and fill up a few bins in my craft room. It’s addicting to collect!

Valentines Day Heart Kits For Sale –


Valentines Day Hearts kits

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  1. LindaSonia says:

    Love that you made kits available for these beautiful hearts. I’m thrilled and definitely would vote YES for you to do this as a regular thing!! Love being a subscriber too! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Linda…they sold out quickly so will see what I come up with for the spring! Happy early Feb birthday!

  2. LindaSonia says:

    I knew there was a reason I liked you – I’m a Pisces too!! lol!!

      1. That’s pretty special!

  3. Nice idea! creating kits! They are sweet. I actually crated kits for jewelry 10 years ago and sold them at craft show locally. It did really well. The traveling and setting up was tough .online is more more convenient.


    1. I have done tons of craft shows in my day, but once the internet came along I stopped. You’re right, it’s difficult with the set up and take down!!

  4. beverlee lyons says:

    missed the kits, so where can I find that kind of millinery leaves, etc? thank you …..I needed this sweet thing!

  5. Love this idea, so easy…now, to find such supplies in France 🀨
    Although I have lots of sewing/ craft scraps I’ll have to see
    Thank you JanetπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

    1. I hope that this gave you some good ideas Melanie!

  6. Think how much fun it would be to make these hearts and hang them on someone’s door-like an elderly neighbor not expecting anything for Valentine’s Day. Really cute.

    1. That’s a truly great idea Myrna!

  7. Deb Henry says:

    I just love these; gorgeous! Thanks too for the opportunity as I was sad to see that they sold out before I was able to order. Thank you for your inspirational and fun posts!

  8. These are so pretty! I wish I had seen the post before they sold out!

  9. These are so pretty! They would make a great topper for a card. A little something for them to keep.

  10. Janet,
    I love that you made these so easy to make without having to sew. And I had all the items on-hand.

    Happy Valentines Day! (early)

  11. I think the quick to do kits are a great idea – besides being very pretty. Thank you.

  12. My first reaction to the hearts was, “oooooooh, sooo sweet”. I’m in the middle of moving and I do miss a little Valentine’s Day decor. I love your blog.

  13. These are just too precious! I absolutely love them!

  14. We are celebrating a woman all of February who is retiring after 66 years in ministry. This would be a grand gift on February 14th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You do an amazing job. Keep making the kits!

  15. Dawn Armstrong says:

    Beautiful! And so easy even I could do it. ☺ I love the idea about adding the lavender buds.

  16. Sandy Sebold says:

    Such pretty hearts for Valentine’s Day or to hang in a cozy spot! I love to do crafts too and your site inspires me, thanks!

  17. What a great idea Janet!! The kits are so adorable for Vanentines day!!!!πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  18. These are so feminine and sweet. I think they would look great on a Christmas tree too with velevet poinsettias.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. Vickie, you are the winner!! Please email me your mailing address to [email protected] and I’ll get this right out to you!

  19. Shelly Jursza says:

    Absolutely adorable and looks so fun and easy for anyone to do..just love getting your emails on all your gorgeous decorating tips..😊

  20. Very cute! Not surprised that you sold out fast. πŸ’•

  21. Kathy Woods says:

    These are adorable! I would love to win them! Thank you for the opportunity.

  22. I love these and my house is decorated in pink! I too love the idea of buying these things in a kit! Have a nice weekend!

  23. Love these and love that you offered the kits for sale! I vote YES for more opportunities like this in the future. Love your blog!

  24. Julie Jeffcoat says:

    These are so sweet Janet…of course, they would sell our super fast – and I just love receiving your emails…first thing I do each day is check my emails to see what beautiful decor you’re sharing with us…thanks for everything you do… πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  25. Melissa White says:

    I love the danitiness( is that even a word?) of these sweet hearts.. I so enjoy your blog and the day to day variety of the things you share with us.. Have a blessed weekend.

  26. Those are cute as can be! Wish I’d seen them in time to get a kit. I’ll have to see if I can put one together myself. Or…how do I enter the Giveaway?

  27. Robin Masters says:

    Janet, these are darling. Of course I was too late and missed the kits as popular as they were!! Everything you do is so special down to every detail! Still love everything I have acquired from you. No one else like you! Thank you!

  28. Nancy Weaver says:

    These are adorable for Valentines Day! I love the soft look and the pretty colors. In winter we need something pretty and colorful to take our minds off the weather. Good job!

  29. Pamela Milligan says:

    Janet, these are adorable!!

    1. So glad that you like them…easy to make Pamela! xo