Garden Stools – Versatile Pieces For Indoors Or Out

One of the best ways to keep your home looking fresh from season to season is by shuffling things around. In terms of furniture, having small pieces in your stash makes it easy! As a decorator and a homeowner I find that one can never have too many small tables and chairs. These are the furniture items that can be the foundation pieces to move around that will give your home a whole new look. You definitely don’t want to be constantly dragging your large sofas and heavy statement pieces from room to room unless you’re thinking of a floor plan change!

garden stools used outdoors

It’s almost time to get outside and enjoy our gardens and the fresh air of spring! Judiciously choosing furniture and accessories that are flexible can help you to transition from spring right on into summer. Having too many one space only home pieces may make you regret having to find a place to store for those items for rest of the year. So let’s look at garden stools, which can be used in any room and any season year round!

garden stool in the master bathroom

Where do garden stools originally come from? Garden stools are thought to originate in China and have been around for over 1,000 years. They evolved out of the Buddhist garden tradition, where elements from nature were often used as seating.

Garden stools are extremely multipurpose! You can use them for every room in your home and outdoors as well. They come in handy as side tables, a spot to hold bath accessories and towels, as a spot for potted plants and as extra seating. Adding a garden stool to your living room will give you an extra space to hold a drink beside a favorite chair. Move your garden stool outdoors to use as a side table or a plant pedestal.

Via – Kristy Wicks

I currently have 3 garden stools in my home and am always looking at getting more because I love them so much! Garden stools are generally inexpensive with many in the $100 range. For a small piece of furniture that can be used anywhere I’d say that’s a win/win! Most are made of ceramic and that allows them to be used outdoors in almost any condition.

We have had one in our pergola area for several years now that has stood the test of our harsh environment. In our recently remodeled master bathroom I have one beside the soaking tub that holds candles and bathing items.

I love the simplicity of the one in my bathroom and it’s sturdy enough to sit on, which I have! Find my white garden stool HERE and it’s under $100.

Look for a complete shopping guide for some more favorites below!

This is our front entry foyer and we currently have this Chinoiserie garden stool under the table. It gets moved around, and when we gather in the living room it serves as a side table for drinks! Find the Chinoiserie stool HERE.

Chinoiserie garden stool shabbyfufu

Here’s how a couple of friends have used garden stools on their patios for summer. So pretty, right? And they look totally natural and are useful pieces that are easy to move around!

Via – Zevy Joy

Via – Blesser House



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  1. Thanks for showing the different ways of using these patio tables.I love them.I am on the lookout for one in my backyard. Oh the thrill of the hunt..😋

    1. They truly are the most versatile, affordable and fun pieces to have!

  2. I would like to get a garden shade fixture like the one in your first picture – can you tell us more about it – is is permanent or something that can be moved around or put away in winter? where did you purchase it please?

  3. I am really partial to the lightweight or faux concrete look garden stools I think they are so versatile for outside. You have a great roundup Janet. I am going to check them out!

    1. I don’t see many faux concrete garden stools but love that idea for certain areas. Such versatile pieces of furniture whether used indoors or outside!

    1. Definitely fun and so practical. I move my garden stools around and utilize in several spots as needed!

  4. I love this idea. I have the perfect spot for one I would love it if you would share this on The Fabulous Friday Link Party this Friday.
    Hugs to you.