Beach Decor Ideas From The Beach House

If you’re looking for some fun and unique beach decor ideas, let me show you a little sneak peek at how I decorated our beach house. It’s filled with love, creativity, and some unique nautical decor!
slipcover home decor ideas

Beach Decor Ideas From The Beach House

I hope that you had a great weekend! Today I’m sharing some beach decor pictures from our beach home that I took on Saturday. I have changed a few things around since I last took you here for a visit. Yet again, it was not the greatest weather for hanging around outside…grrrr. It’s been so unpredictable lately! Cleaning and organizing was something that I felt good about accomplishing and then adding some spring style to our place on the ocean makes it look amazing!

elegant beach home styles
I’m not one to decorate or design with ubiquity or on trend and just go with what I love over time. My eye is constantly sourcing vintage pieces or repurposing something that has been tossed.  In my mind, beach decor can be modern, rustic or antique. I’ll combine with new and modern finds and somehow it all seems to mesh.
Sitting out here in the morning with my coffee and some magazines {my Miami home just happens to be in this one:~}} is one of the great enjoyments of a day stolen at the beach. And isn’t the view stellar? Waking up to this each and every day is beautiful beach decor on its own!
beach cottage style home decor

Here is my favorite spot indoors to hang out, in the living room plopped on the sofa. I LOVE our white slipcovered sofa and loveseat. Just LOVE! The fact that they can be tossed in the laundry is a huge plus with sand, people and pups. For more about those, check that out in THIS POST. Having outdoor beach decor that’s indoor friendly…awesome.

antique home decor items

Even more elegant coastal decor ideas

The opposing wall and the console table that we built that has an ever-changing array of collectibles and coastal decor. DIY if you are interested in learning how we made that HERE.
Such an insane mix up of pieces on the console…let me quickly fill you in:
Top shelf: Seaglass lamp from HomeGoods. Giant shell, encrusted bottle and old gold, and white buoy from scouring the beach. Huge stoneware jug from HomeGoods filled with greenery from the garden. Vintage aqua glass wine jug from a recent yard sale ($1). Fab vintage wood aqua corbels from a years ago antique fair.
Bottom shelf: Coastal Living magazines (for inspo). A statue that I embellished with seashells found on the beach. A ceramic hand~thrown bowl that I made in college. A vintage aqua wood box from a yard sale…see? it’s possible to find cheap beach decor!
vintage home decor items

Beach Decor finds online and thrifting

I had been searching for one of these step~back cupboards FOREVER and found this one while perusing Craigslist at an estate sale in Miami. My husband wasn’t exactly thrilled that…
1. He had to drive to the estate sale to pick it up for me.
2. He had to drive it up to the beach place that is 3 hours away. This thing is HEAVY!
It’s a great tie~in piece though that sits between the open kitchen area and the living room and holds a whole load of crap great pieces. The paint is original {including the green inside} and perfectly chippy.
plants as home decor
I do know that oleander is poisonous {thank  you commenter on Instagram:~}} and it’s up high away from the dogs!
beach themed wall decor ideas
Don’t these peaches just scream “beach decor”?
DIY home decor
This must have been under the sea for a long time…or at least look that way!
modern beach decor
The eating bar that faces the kitchen with stools that we bought when we first moved into this place…timeless style…I still love it as much as when we bought it.
rustic home decor

Decorate your home in whatever style you love

Cottage style, shabby chic, rustic, beach cottage, flamingo laden, old French, antique, vintage…I go with what I love…and somehow, it always works well.
nautical decor DIY
Adding in a pop of color or beautiful flowers is a great way to spruce up or add fun to your nautical decor.
beach decor diy
There are a few things that I hope to change here over time {like the flooring}, but for now, I just change up the small things by restyling seasonally. Mostly with flowers…and greenery.
beach decor ideas
Console shelf that I designed and had made with antique tin wrapping wood corbels…crazy simple, right?
elegant coastal decor
The breakfast nook with a pop or two of aqua and a lot of French style…
beach house kitchen decor

View into the open kitchen which is something that I hope to change around someday…but for now, it’s function over fashion since we don’t live here all the time…

cheap beach decor
And let’s be real here…This is often how it looks with the dog’s gear, crates, and stuff. They travel with us and enjoy the beach as much as we do! (Can you blame them?)
beach decor

I hope that you enjoyed the tour, and stay tuned as I join in with some extraordinarily talented Instagram blogging friends who will be sharing their spring homes with you later this week!

If beach decor is what you’re after, go with your heart and find pieces that fit!

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  1. Calypso In The Country says:

    Beautiful tour!

  2. I love your beach home Janet! I too love the clean and simple look of it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Patricia Krank says:

    Simply lovely!

  4. Can't imagine how great it is to have your morning coffee looking at the beautiful ocean!…Such a wonderful retreat….love that cupboard and also love your wonderful paintings!…My sister started collecting the paintings of the "Highway Men"