Winter In The Master Bedroom

winter white bedroom ideas
Woo hoo…I can hardly contain my excitement today! This is where I wake up every morning, yes…the master bedroom. As long as I’m feeling good physically (as in…no migraines) every day that I wake up I can’t wait to tackle what the day has in store. So today I’m super happy that…

French white bedroom with shabby chic style
the weather here in So. Florida is glorious (quoting my husband here:~) and every window is flung open wide!! It’s rare here indeed, since it’s so humid 99% of the time, not to mention hot and I’m excited and decided to share how I….ahem….”winterized” the bedroom…
vintage clock
Wild flowers picked from my morning walk in a mercury glass vase that has a snowflake design…
shabby chic bedding

Pretty much all that I did was to change out the linens to all white. My tufted headboard is white, so I often do an all white look anyway.If you are going for more of a beige or neutral look and not so much a “white fan” THIS Tufted Headboard is a great choice over at Wayfair (aff. link). I had a different comforter from on the bed for the holiday season that had some unexpected red in it (see that HERE). Today I pulled out my white Shabby Chic Couture petticoat duvet in white that will stay on the bed until spring (I think:~).

Before we leave my bed…LOL…I wanted to tell you about something that has made a HUGE difference in the way that I feel when I do wake up in the morning. I never really thought about having the proper pillow until recently when my massage therapist mentioned THESE PILLOWS to me. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but I ordered them before my daughter came home for Christmas and she loved them…
Remember THIS post with my guest room on the fly? Well it’s still that way, but now when she comes home I now set her up in my studio…which I’ve been decluttering…
If you are hurting in the neck like I WAS, and are in the market for new pillows, (affiliate) I highly recommend at least trying one out…
french bedroom decor
I love to take a quick nap (as in…15 minutes!) or just escape into the bedroom quietly when I can, so I always have a couple of throws around the room too. Keeping things pale and interesting with textures instead of rich colors is what I love…
fireplace styled for winter

Just opposite from our bed is this mantel…which is non working. Hey, it’s Miami and we don’t need a fireplace! I stacked some firewood in an olive bucket anyway, just for a cozy feel:~)

The fireplace screen was a headboard from a damaged bed. I repurposed it years ago and gave it some paint in the process…
french country bedroom design

Mercury glass with winter white roses, white painted pinecones and some lavender scented soy candles that I made over the holidays…

mercury glass for winter on the mantel

The candles give the room a wintery scent…if that’s possible

mantel styled for winter
winter on a mantel
winter mantel not christmas
I hope that you’ve gotten some winterizing ideas and I think that if you just go with whites, pale hues, fresh flowers and candles…it’s probably all that you’ll need to infuse that warmth to your home.
I’m thrilled to be joining in with four super talented design bloggers today who will give you their own take on Winter Design. Please visit for so much inspiration and don’t forget to pin!



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  1. Your bedroom is beautiful Janet. I could move right in! Love your winter tips and I agree with adding white in winter is wonderful and fresh.

  2. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Janet! I adore your soft colors and fluffy bed linens. Makes me want to come over for a nap!!! Thanks so much for putting this link together!

  3. parisjudy says:

    Lovely as always Janet. Heading to Florida in 2 weeks for a short get away. It will be good to get away from Minnesota for a bit even though we have had a nice winter. Always enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

  4. Gorgeous Janet….You certainly do the beauty of winter so well, even though you are surrounded by swaying palm trees and balmy temps….your home glows with serenity! Gorgeous bedroom!

  5. Gorgeous Janet. Love your serene and beautiful bedroom. I think our bedroom should be our santuary's and you have really made yours into a beautiful place to go at the end of the day or even to catch a quick nap. Beautiful. Swooning over the pictures.

  6. Sylvia Cook Photography says:

    Beautiful and peaceful!

  7. Yes a beautiful bedroom, most important one that takes your breath away here. Love the sconces, the candles the linen bedding, it all sparks a fluffing day for me here.
    Enjoy the beauty you have created.


  8. What an absolutely beautiful room Janet. It definitely looks like the perfect place to end and start your day. Gorgeous & inspiring as always.


  9. what a gorgeous retreat, Janet! I love all the winter whites you've used here!
    You have given me some great ideas to spruce up my own room here at the Lake.

  10. Joanie McLaughlin says:

    Janet: Your room is beautiful. I love those sconces! I'm a chronic migraine sufferer too and am thinking I need to get a better pillow as my neck is often involved in the pain. I will check out the one you are recommending. Hope you have many migraine-free days in the future!

  11. Susan Duane says:

    Your room is lovely! I'm sorry about your migraines that is not fun. My neck bothers me often and I often don't sleep well. I might have to try that pillow! Glad you had a good day!

  12. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says:

    So pretty as always Janet!

  13. Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary says:

    Sorry about your headaches – but your bedroom is beautiful. So soft and relaxing. Your really did a terrific job decorating. Feel better.