100 Best Christmas Wreath Ideas To Inspire You!

From lush holiday wreaths that capture the essence of tradition to minimalist styles that embrace the spirit of simplicity, wreaths are a simple but impactful decorative element that can give your home a magical holiday feel. 

I’ve curated a collection of 100 Wreath Ideas & DIY Projects, from easy tutorials to more complex ones all the way to product recommendations and creative tips.

These delightful wreaths are a simple way to add a dash of jolly charm and celebrate the joy the holiday season brings. 

Interested? Let’s get started with some inspiring wreath ideas!

100 Wreath Ideas & DIY Projects for Christmas 2023

I just made this flocked wreath, or I should say embellished an old wreath that I’ve had for years! I simply added frayed velvet ribbon as streamers, created a green bow, battery operated twinkle lights and added some pine cones from my stash. Super easy to do and one of my favorite wreath ideas!

embellished Christmas wreath

Use multiple configurations of wreaths.

Trio of Christmas wreaths
  • Celebrate the season with an understated elegant wreath in earthy hues. Think beige, brown, dark red, maroon, and sage green.
  • Make this traditional pine wreath for some budget-friendly holiday cheer.
  • Use fragrant herbs like rosemary, thyme, and lavender for a wreath that smells delightful.
  • Collect wine corks and attach them to a wreath form for a unique and eco-friendly design.
  • Make colorful pom-poms and attach them to a wreath form for a playful and cheerful wreath, like in this DIY. Some fabulous wreath ideas can be crafted with using your own styles and these thoughts!
  • Learn to make Christmas baubles onto a wreath form for a festive and shiny decoration. If you prefer something ready to go, opt for this pretty one from Pottery Barn. If you’ve followed me for a long time then you might remember my own wreath ideas of creating vintage ball Christmas wreaths.
  • Feature a large monogram letter in the center of the wreath, surrounded by complementary decorations.
  • Combine cotton bolls, burlap ribbon, and twine for some rustic farmhouse-inspired wreath ideas.
  • If you want something more boho, attach tassels made from yarn or ribbon to the wreath for a playful vibe.
  • Create a macramé base and add decorative elements like beads and feathers for a boho-chic wreath.
  • Combine rustic burlap with delicate lace for a romantic farmhouse wreath.
  • Stick to a cohesive color palette to create a visually appealing wreath. Complementary or analogous colors always work well together!
  • Personalize your wreath with touches like initials, quotes, or small trinkets to make the wreath uniquely yours. Add in your own personality to your wreath ideas!
  • Incorporate natural elements like twigs, pinecones, or dried flowers for an organic and earthy wreath.
  • Wrap fairy lights around your wreath for a warm and inviting glow. Or, get a pre-lit option, like this sophisticated one from Pottery Barn.
  • Pair a wreath with your mantel decorations for a cozy and festive focal point.
  • Hang wreaths on windows using ribbons or suction hooks for a charming exterior display. You can make your own or get ones specially made for window display, like this set of two.
  • Turn your wreath around and hang it like a chandelier above the dining table or a nook to create a charming and festive vibe.
  • Hang small wreaths on cabinet doors or above the sink for a subtle yet charming look.
  • Hang a wreath on a mirror for a stylish look.
  • Tie small wreaths to the backs of dining chairs for a rustic and whimsical look.
  • Add wreaths to your curtain tiebacks.
  • Make a small gallery wall of different-sized wreaths for an unexpected holiday display.
  • Attach small personalized cards to wreaths and use them as place cards during dinner parties, like in this tutorial using rosemary.
  • Tie simple mini wreaths on your door handles, like in this tutorial.
wreath ideas featuring five traditional wreaths on a window
Johnny Miller via Martha Stewart
Wreath made of greenery, bells ribbon against a blue front door
  • Attach small notes, treats, or tiny surprises in your wreaths for a fun and unexpected twist. If you have little ones this is a cute way to surprise them!
  • Utilize dried flowers like roses, hydrangeas, or statice for an everlasting and elegant wreath design. Here’s my current favorite dried flower wreath!
  • Use a fishing line to wreaths and suspend them from the ceiling for a whimsical floating effect indoors.
  • Experiment with non-traditional shapes like hearts, stars, or triangles for a unique wreath design.
  • Make your lighting feel more magic by placing a wreath around the bases of lanterns.
  • Combine different textures like smooth satin ribbons, rough burlap, and soft feathers for an interesting and texture-rich wreath.
  • If you have an old round mirror, transform it into a decorative wreath! Glue your favorite motif around it and let your creativity run free.
  • Craft miniature wreaths and use them as ornaments on your Christmas tree for a cohesive holiday look.
  • Make your porch look jolly by placing a large wreath on one side of a bench.
  • If you have a deer mount or you like the look of it, give it a festive touch by placing a contrasting wreath. If you like the look but not the real thing, go for a decorative faux reindeer head and pair it with your favorite wreath.
Decorative Pinterest collage featuring different wreath ideas

And there you have it—100 Wreath Ideas & DIY Projects to infuse your home with the holiday spirit.
Whether you’re transforming an old wreath, experimenting with unique materials, or embracing unconventional shapes, there’s a wreath for every taste and style.
And, I hope you found a style that spoke to you and sparked your inspiration to create some holiday magic in every corner of your home!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Are you planning to make your own wreath this year? Which was your favorite of these wreath ideas?

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  1. Some of the mini wreaths are too cute. I think I’m going to make the rosemary ones with velvet ribbon and make dried orange slice garlands.

    1. Those will be so cute Diana!