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Infuse Some Terrific Tropical Decor Into Your Home

When the weather warms up, there’s nothing quite like the sunny and laid-back feel of a tropical getaway. The good news? You don’t have to book an exotic vacation to escape every day this season! With just a few simple decor tweaks, you can sprinkle in some tropical decor details and give your home that enchanting tropical flair.

tropical decor shabbyfufu home

The upcoming months are the perfect opportunity to refresh your home’s look without tackling expensive renovations or time-consuming projects. In this post, I’m sharing budget-friendly tropical decor ideas that can transform your rooms into staycation-worthy retreats.

How to Infuse Some Tropical Decor Into Your Home

From adding a taste of the outdoors inside with bold floral prints to layering in exotic tropical accents and textured-rich decorative details, these simple tricks will surround you with laid-back tropical vibes in no time. 

coastal dining room with  tropical decor
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Tropical Decor vs. Coastal Calm

At Shabbyfufu we’re huge fans of coastal decor themes, but we also love anything tropical!
But, what is the difference between tropical and coastal in interior design? While they may seem similar, there are a few key elements that make these interior design styles stand out on their own. 

  • A coastal theme leans into a more subdued, timeless look with hints of nautical and New England influences. Airy color palettes of crisp whites, soft blues, and pale sandy hues create serene and windswept spaces. The vibe is casual, yet classic, with an emphasis on natural textures like weathered woods, chunky woven accents, and nautical motifs.
  • On the other hand, tropical decor has a more maximalist feel with accents like punchy colors, lush botanic patterns, and exotic woods. While still relaxed and casual, this aesthetic packs a vibrant and lush feel with more contrast and depth. Think jewel tone oranges and hot pinks, banana leaf and bird of paradise prints, rattan, and bamboo furniture.
Tropical decor styled bedroom with twin beds
via Houzz/Tommy Bahama Home

These two home decor styles pair beautifully! So, if you have a coastal-themed style home and you’re craving a change, try to add some tropical decor elements and spruce up your interiors with a bit of tropical charm.

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Incorporate Lush Greenery

Let’s tackle one of the most important tropical decor elements to nail that quintessential tropical decor look. Greenery! You simply can’t overlook the importance of incorporating plenty of lush greenery indoors. Bringing pieces of the outdoors inside is key to achieving a tropical feel and it’s as simple as adding a couple of rich and lush plants that have the tropical look. 

coastal entryway with tropical decor
via The Colony Hotel Palm Beach

For an instantly luxuriant vibe, consider investing in a few strategically placed large leafy plants or trees. Tropical staples like fiddle leaf figs or majesty palms are perfect for breathing life into open living spaces. Their fanned fronds and jumbo leaves make a major statement that screams “tropical holiday”, don’t you think? 

coastal living room with tropical decor
via Houzz/Robinson S. Flooring

If you’re working with tighter quarters or lower-light conditions, get creative by hanging trailing potted plants like ivy or pothos from shelves or mounted ceiling planters. The cascading vines will soften up stark corners while adding interesting depth and texture.

tropical decor bedroom featuring tropica elements
via Houzz/ Fan Diego The Ceiling Fan Stores

Don’t have much of a green thumb? No worries! These days you can find ultra-realistic faux palm trees, crystallized plant versions, and other faux greenery that provides all the lush beauty without the time-consuming maintenance. A few key artificial pieces paired with real plants are an effortless way to embrace those glorious tropical vibes on a budget.

Layer In Bold & Floral Prints

Once you’ve established a foundation with plenty of greenery, it’s time to amp up the tropical feel by layering in bold prints. 

tropical decor breakfast nook featuring tropical wallpaper
via Jan Showers

Look for statement-making prints that feature iconic tropical motifs. Think palm fronds, hibiscus blooms, and illustrations of birds and tropical landscapes if you want to go the extra mile. Whether you prefer modern oversized patterns or more traditional micro-prints, lush tropical-themed patterns will add a dramatic twist to your decor.

bathroom in pin and greens colors featuring tropical wallpaper
via Palm Beach Lately

You can embrace the tropical decor aesthetic by using tropical floral prints liberally across pillows, curtain panels, area rugs, and even upholstered furniture if you want to go all out. For a curated look, opt for complementary color palettes – perhaps a sunny yellow floral paired with punchy pineapple motifs for a taste of the tropics.

Living room with a tropical decor featuring bold blue wallpaper
via Houzz/Singleton Interiors, Allied ASID

To balance the energy of the botanical prints, don’t forget to add to the mix some solid-colored textiles and furnishings as well. A rich emerald green velvet sofa or tangerine accent chairs can help ground the tropical decor composition gorgeously. 

Bring In Exotic Natural Textures

To truly recreate the essence of the tropics at home, you’ll want to incorporate pieces made from exotic natural materials. These textural elements instantly give spaces a sense of island elegance.

tropical decor living room
via Houzz/Baer’s Furniture

Rattan, bamboo, and Buri wood furnishings are classic picks that add a cabana-style feel to any room. Just think of a Buri wood coffee table or a bamboo-framed mirror above a rattan console table in the entryway. While they may seem like small decor details, these work as statement pieces to help anchor the space with an effortless tropical feel.

Tropical decor style outdoor gallery featuring a dining table and rustic tropical decor lamps
via Houzz/Calimia Home

But the tropical decor theme is not exclusive to textured big furniture pieces. You can incorporate woven wall hangings, jute baskets for storing throw blankets, or breezy jute window shades to really drive home that organic tropical feel.

tropical decor kitchen and dining room featuring bamboo chairs
via Victoria Meadows Interiors

If you’re feeling DIY-inspired, it’s easy to craft your own exotic textural pieces using materials like bamboo poles or rattan webbing. A simple bamboo planter or rattan magazine holder makes for sophisticated yet affordable projects.

entryway featuring  tropical decor style
via House&Home

No matter how you choose to integrate these natural, worldly textures, they are crucial to breathing a sense of getaway elegance into your tropical decor aesthetic.

Add Vibrant Pops of Color

What’s a tropical paradise without vibrant color? Those sun-drenched island destinations are a riot of radiant hues that capture the carefree spirit of endless summer days and the tropical nature surrounding them.

rattan furniture with 2 pink and yellow rattan lamp shades in a tropical decor style home
via The Glam Pad

To mimic that high-spirited tropical vibe at home, don’t be shy about integrating saturated colors throughout your decor. Coral, turquoise, sunny yellow, hot pink – these are the kinds of unabashedly lively shades that effortlessly add to the tropical decor theme with a dash of relaxed luxury. 

An easy way to make a big impact is with a vibrant accent wall or eye-catching backsplash. The shock of an intense hue instantly uplifts any room! 

bedroom with yellow dresser and tropical decor
via Southern Living

You can also have fun creating your own colored accent pieces, like painting a your dresser or a terra cotta planter in a bright yellow or coating an old chair in bright turquoise or zesty tangerine for an eye-catching pop of color.  

living room featuring tropical decor styled pillows
via Chique Home Living

Rather start small? Scatter in some inexpensive tropical-hued decor like pillows, vases, trays, or even vibrant fresh fruit arranged in a bowl. A few key pops go a long way when playing with the tropical decor style!

Adding Finishing Touches to Your Tropical Decor Home

Once you’ve layered in the lush greenery, bold prints, exotic textures, and pops of vibrant color, it’s time for those final few touches that make the tropical decor theme come together.

tropical decor in tray sidetable
via @lindrothdesign

Sensory elements like scent can be incredibly evocative of a tropical area. Consider candles or reed diffusers with intoxicating coconut, pineapple, or plumeria fragrances to surround yourself with those quintessential beachy scents.

For bar areas or entertaining nooks, double down on the island aesthetic with unique drinkware like ceramic tiki mugs or pineapple shaped costers.

Porch bar set in tropical decor style
via Amal Kapen Interiors

Dress your table in tropical decor glam with a tablescape of palm shaped dishes, rattan placemats, bamboo cutlery, esmerald or pink glassware and plenty of tropical palm leaves or floral arrangements.

tropical decor tablescapade
via Alfresco Emporium

Sprinkle in natural elements like seashells, coral accents, or tropical decor inspired motifs like palm leaves and cute flamingo illustrations.

living room featuring tropical decor styled coffee table with decorative elements
via @luxereportdesigns

These elements all come together in a harmonious composition that helps to transform any space and make it look refreshed and elevated.

With small touches of lush greenery, vibrant floral motifs, rich woven textures, and energizing pops of color, your home will be boasting a tropical decor theme in no time!

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