Best Of Summer Decor Tips: Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home

Embrace the natural beauty of the warmer seasons and invite its bright colors into every corner of your home with these summer decor tips! 

We’ll explore creative summer decor tips to bring the essence of nature indoors. From lush greenery, and DIY projects, to vintage treasures and unique finds, join me on this curated roundup of ideas to bring the outdoors in!

As the weather warms up and the great outdoors charms us, why not invite a bit of this delightful splendor right into our living spaces? So, this season, let’s reimagine our living spaces and let’s bring nature indoors with some summer decor tips.

Worry not, though! While your mind may conjure up complex and time-consuming projects, there are plenty of small and easy ways to bring in the outdoors and all its refreshing beauty!

Before we begin the tips, we’ve curated lots of beautiful affordable summer home decor finds in our Amazon storefront via the button below!

Summer Decor Tips – Incorporate The Elegance of Flowers

Flowers for the spring-summer season are the quintessential decor statement to add some of that shimmery natural beauty indoors.  

I’ve gone over many times before about my love for floral arrangements, so my first tip will not come as a surprise! Orchids stand out for their exquisite beauty and versatility. And yes, they are one of my favorites! Their blooms are truly stunning and have long-lasting appeal, adding a touch of elegance to any room.

For a similar chic and summery vibe, there are other floral options like hydrangeas, geraniums, begonias, delphiniums, and more. You can display them as a focal point on a coffee table, a mantle vignette, or arrange them in clusters along a windowsill.

blue hydrangeas

If you’re feeling inspired to create your own floral arrangements, have a look at my tips for buying and arranging inexpensive grocery store flowers. Click HERE to read.

Bring In Lush Greenery

Houseplants aren’t just gorgeous accents—they’re also natural air purifiers! Just like with flowers, greenery helps blur the lines between home and garden. For those who prefer something more neutral and less time-consuming, adding lush greenery is a wonderful option instead of flowers.

You can go the classic route with potted plants, opting for varieties with a tropical vibe to add that summery accent. Ferns, succulents, Monstera, and ZZ plants are low-maintenance options to freshen up your indoors. So, let your green thumb go wild! Adorn your shelves, windowsills, and tabletops with a verdant menagerie of leafy lovelies!

Hard-to-kill indoor plant featuring potted succulents
via honestlywtf

I’ve written an in-depth guide about hard-to-kill plants for plant beginners. Click HERE to read it!

Use Faux Options

Faux floral arrangements have come a long way and they’re a fantastic way to beautify your home year out, but especially for the warmer seasons! I’m a huge believer fake flowers can look stunning, elegant, and real if you’re getting good quality flowers and style them properly.

This Phalaenopsis orchid leaves, this 30″ real-touch orchid, this blue peony arrangement in a ceramic vase and these blue silk hydrangeas are some of my favorite faux floral arrangements you can get at Amazon with reasonable price tags that look expensive and beautifully chic.

If you’re not a fan of artificial flowers but don’t want to take care of real ones, opt for dried flowers!

While dried floral arrangements may be associated with fall, there are stunning options rich in color that are perfect for sprucing up your home decor. This yellow Craspedia arrangement, this pampas grass bouquet, and this hot pink Hyacinth arrangement are some of my faves!

Framed botanical prints are also a different but stunning way to add nature to your decor without the hassle of floral arrangements, or plants. You can buy botanical vintage-style framed artwork, like this set. But, if you prefer a more DIY option that carries the same look, you can press your own wildflowers and display them in simple frames.

Summer Decor Tips – Layer Organic Textures

Once your home has some of that lush nature indoors, it’s time to add texture. For this, the easiest way to do it is to incorporate outdoor furniture pieces or elements that try to replicate the rich textures we find in nature.

Textural summer decor tips? Think wicker, rattan, and beautifully weathered woods!

These materials give off a relaxed and organic vibe to indoor spaces, recreating the style of sunlit patios and breezy verandas. If you have a wicker armchair on your outdoor patio, bring one or two indoors and place them as accent pieces. Drape this linen knitted throw blanket over the arm for an extra touch!

Welcome your visitors by placing a rustic trestle table or this weathered whitewashed bench on your front porch showcasing your potted flowers and plants.

Summer decor tips featuring rustic table in front porch with outdoor mirror
via DigsDigs

Summer Decor Tips With Rugs

Lay a natural fiber rug under your dining room table for an extra touch of whimsy. Something like a jute rug with scalloped and colored edges, like this one, can make your dining room feel completely different and refreshed.

Traditional neutral rugs in sisal, seagrass, and even synthetical fabrics (like this champagne one from SAFAVIEH that I have in my living room) that at the time of this writing is priced at 72% OFF!

These textured rug beauties add depth and warmth, while their neutral hues allow your vibrant greenery and flowers to shine.

Decorate with Vintage Outdoor Elements

If you want to bring the outdoors in, there’s no better way than to decorate with outdoor decor accents!

One of my favorite ways to incorporate summer decor tips and elements for a seasonal refresh is by repurposing vintage watering cans, planters, and even well-loved garden tools as decor elements. It’s a simple yet unique way to give a summer feel to my home while adding some of that French cottage charm I love so much.

Just imagine a vintage watering can overflowing with lush flowers on your coffee table or a collection of vintage summer hats displayed on a gallery wall. It adds so much character and such a unique summery vibe!

The key is choosing pieces that speak to you and your sense of style. Maybe it’s that family-old watering can. Or an antique birdcage you scored at a flea market or this one that replicates that charming vintage style and use them as lanterns with these flameless candles. Whatever it is, integrate those vintage garden accents and you’ll cultivate a space that feels warm, personal, and connected to nature’s beauty.

Summer Decor Tips: Brighten Up Color Palettes and Motifs

When it comes to curating that quintessential summer vibe indoors, the color palette and patterns you incorporate can make all the difference! This is where you really get to let your creativity bloom.

For an airy and sunlit aesthetic, I always recommend embracing those glorious warm-weather hues – invigorating yellows, soothing oceanic blues, vibrant corals, and lush botanicals.

One of my favorite summer decor tips (and ALL seasons!) is to swap out those heavy winter textiles for breezy cotton or linen in these refreshing summer-spring tones. Or simply add pops of color through these accent pillows, throws blankets, and accessories.

You’ll be amazed at how a few well-placed splashes of yellow or jade green can instantly brighten up a space.

If you really want to lean into the seasonal spirit, consider a classic coastal color scheme of crisp whites and cool blues. This timeless palette evokes seaside escapes and cloudless skies. I’m picturing these breezy linen curtains, weathered wood accents, and maybe even a statement piece like this vintage-style duck egg blue sofa.

For maximum impact, you can’t go wrong with beautiful botanical or fruit motifs. Floral patterns in curtains, bedding, or even wallpaper cultivate an enchanting garden-inspired look. Or tap into that citrus zest with sunny lemon prints for a delightfully playful Mediterranean flair in the kitchen or dining room.

My pro tip? Pick one or two spaces to really go all-out with your summer theme. Maybe it’s a dreamy botanical-themed bedroom with layers of jewel-toned accent hues. Or, a cheery lemon wallpapered breakfast nook with pops of color.

Let your favorite summer vibes guide you and don’t be afraid to go bold!

Pinterest decorative graphic featuring a collage of summer decor tips interiors

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