10 Stunning Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas to Copy

If you have been wanting to spruce up your dining room decor, you’ll love these dining room wallpaper decor ideas.

Ah, the dining room! It’s the heart of home entertaining, isn’t it? While we may love our kitchen counters for quick breakfasts and our breakfast nooks for everyday dinners, when it’s time to wow your guests, the dining room reigns supreme.

After all, hosting it’s not just about the table setting; it’s about setting the mood and crafting an inviting space to welcome your guests. One simple yet surprisingly dramatic way to boost your dining room? Wallpaper!

Elevating your dining room from a mere mealtime backdrop to a captivating conversation piece is actually quite easy with the right wallpaper. From bold florals that energize casual brunches to subtle textured motifs that add a quiet luxury appeal, wallpaper offers an option for every style and room size. And in this edition, we’re touring dining rooms where wallpaper plays the starring role.

Whether you’re drawn to bold botanicals or timeless stripes, there are dining room wallpaper ideas and inspiration here to make your dining room steal the show. Ready to discover your new favorite dining room wallpaper style? Let’s start!

Dining Room Wallpaper Inspiration: 15 Beautiful Ideas

Wallpaper has this amazing ability to transform any room, adding tons of personality without extra help. Using the right composition and some basics of color theory, wallpaper helps to ground other decor elements into place and make your design come alive.

1. Bold Floral Elegance

If you have a traditional space you want to refresh, consider dressing your walls with bold floral wallpaper, like in this hot pink and green example.

The vibrant charm of the striking floral pattern adds a splash of color and a touch of drama, effortlessly transforming a traditional space. It’s a delightful way to create a dining experience that feels both elegant and refreshingly lively.

2. Sunny & Bright Geometrics

Geometric patterns are a classic dining room wallpaper decor idea that offers a treasure trove of options. There are so many choices, like this sunny yellow chevron wallpaper.

Vibrant yet not overwhelming, the delicate pattern creates a relaxed flair, making the space feel open and airy. It’s a perfect choice to brighten small spaces without overpowering them!

3. Striking Geometric Accent Wall

Geometric patterns can be bold or used as an accent wall to bring all the other elements together, like in this white and blue dining room.

Notice the blue details scarred around the room, including the vaulted ceiling!

4. Refined Whimsy

Whimsical wall decor in the dining room? Absolutely! Offering a creative way to add playfulness with unique motifs and color punches, whimsical designs are a fantastic dining room wallpaper idea.

In this old-world charm example, the waistcoating panels frame the stunning wallpaper scene while the traditional furniture and pops of matching hues make the composition work beautifully.

5. Scenic Backdrop

If you rather pass on the waistcoating, you can create a similar scenery with a wallpaper illustration featuring a bit more white space.

With a mix of pastel colors and vibrant pops of coral and turquoise, this dining room wallpaper design has the perfect mix of traditional and modern with a touch of cheeky charm.

6. Ceiling Showstopper

Creating an unexpected focal point, this coastal dining room with an all-white palette and a stunning wallpapered ceiling is a creative twist to the classic concept.

The wavy abstract white lines on the blue wallpaper backdrop make it one of a kind, perfectly complementing the coastal aesthetic without overwhelming the design.

7. Classic Stripes

No dining room? No problem! You can transform a small nook into a unique dining room wallpaper design with a few touches.

The light blue and white horizontal striped wallpaper enhances the coastal theme and creates a visual frame in this dining room. Positioned next to the media cabinet, it seamlessly integrates the dining nook into the living area, adding coziness and charm without sacrificing either. It’s a perfect blend of style and functionality!

8. Watercolor Damasks

For those of you craving something soft but traditional, consider something like this dining room wallpaper idea.

Featuring a wallpaper design with watercolor damasks in soft greens, this elegant motif complements the classic furniture and its subtle hues to enhance the room’s timeless appeal.

9. Eclectic Floral Garden

Vibrant patterns and bold accents in dining rooms create eclectic atmospheres, making every meal a cheerful experience. Take this dining room, where modern folk-style floral wallpaper in punchy, saturated colors does all the heavy lifting in the decor department.

Paired with white raised wainscoting panels, an eye-catching blue display cabinet, and contemporary furniture, this dining room wallpaper idea boasts an unmatched artistic flair.

10. Neutral Textures

Neutrals are anything but bland when layered with thoughtful textures. A perfect case in point is this quiet luxury dining room wallpaper example. The gentle wallpaper motif in soft ecru and ivory sets the tone, its subtle tropical pattern adding depth and teaming up beautifully with the light wood transitional furniture pieces.

Whether you crave drama, playfulness, or understated elegance, there’s a wallpaper waiting to transform your dining room!

Now, I turn the page to you. What wallpaper style was your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Teresa Gonzales says:

    Love all the ideas!

    1. Glad that you got some inspiration today Teresa!

  2. The refined whimsy draws me in, it is beautiful. I wish I felt comfortable at least doing one wall of wall paper, because I think about changing it out is too much work. LOL

    1. You might want to consider an accent wall with peel and stick wallpaper Diana. It really does peel right off (we have done this) and there are beautiful patterns available!