5 Tips For Affordable Modern French Country Design

Do you struggle with putting together your decor vision while staying in budget? In this post I’m sharing 5 tips for achieving success with affordable modern French country design. You’ll want to read this one to the end!

affordable modern french country design

Many of us simply love French country design, but these days it’s a more modern version. I first discovered my own passion for French country style when I spent a glorious summer with my French cousins in Paris. As an extremely independent 14 year old I was not afraid to walk to the flea market alone, not too far from my cousin’s flat. I would roam the Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen with my francs in hand with glee, picking up tiny trinkets and treasures to bring home.

I learned a lot that first summer in France from my fashionable cousins and from my forays to the flea and the Louvre. That love has stayed with me over my many return trips to France and it’s the predominant style that I use in my home.

flea market modern french country design

Who would ever dream that someday I’d be photographing about those flea market journeys for some magazines here in the U.S! Before you ask me where you can find this, it was from a story at least 10 years back.

Flea market finds are only a part and perhaps the finishing pieces to a modern french country design. Flowers are an after thought accent that makes your decor come to life.

modern french country design flowers

A modern French country design aesthetic is definitely lighter than that of centuries gone by. Gone is the heavy dark overly ornate furniture. The late designer Charles Faudree perhaps brought French flair to American soil more than any designer of the past. His designs were lush and his mix of color and pattern were elegant and cozy.


Today’s modern French country design is generally lighter and not as formal with a relaxed elegance. So how do you design a room with this more casual style? Here are a few takeaways and a gorgeous new line that I recently discovered with oodles of pieces of affordable modern French country design!

5 Tips For Affordable Modern French Country Design

  • As always, start with grounding your room by placing a rug whenever possible. Keep the rug in pale tones and look for either an Aubusson, Oushak or one of the new modern distressed area rugs.

Below are a few rugs that would be perfect with a modern French room, and I have a couple of these in my home! Scroll & Tap…

  • Larger pieces of furniture will be the mainstay of your room for a long time to come! I never recommend going the cheap route when it comes to sofas, beds and chairs. You generally get what you pay for with longevity and comfort, so these pieces are what you should budget for. Start with the sofa or bed and go from there. Perhaps create a mood board if you can, and I’ve shown how to make your own in THIS POST. Consider hiring an online interior decorator that can save you in the long run.
  • Keep the hard-goods such as coffee tables, accent tables and nightstands in pale bleached out tones and mix things up! If you have old pieces of dark wood that you’d like to paint, check out my HOW TO GIVE FURNITURE A CHALKY FINISH that doesn’t involve much expense or work!
  • Artwork and wall decor should be kept to a minimum and not clutter up your walls. I prefer mirrors to art and talked about it in the post – DECORATING WITH MIRRORS INSTEAD OF ART.
  • Add accessories! Keep a keen eye on not using small tchotchkes or trinkets. Just a few well placed objects perhaps in a tray will do.


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  1. Talya Burstein says:

    This is not appropriate in a hot country like Israel., It is too clean

    1. Sure it is Talya. I live in Miami and it’s extremely hot and humid here. White and light furnishings keep everything nice and cool feeling!

  2. This was a beautiful and well written post. And it was very helpful.

    I have always loved your home – and it was nice to get the links to see what is affordably out there for us should we choose to refresh. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Michele and I’m so glad that you found the post inspiring! Have a great week…Janet

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed them Edmee!

  3. I love your blog Janet. Always glean something to take away. Inspiring!!

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know Beverly…I appreciate you!

  4. Great tips! I love the look of everything you picked! It all goes so we’ll together.

  5. Great blog posts, Janet. Thank you. We are looking for a French rustic chandelier – any particular site for shopping you recommend?

  6. Hi Janet ,

    I love French Country Friday’s !

    French country is perfect anywhere , timeless and beautiful .

    1. Glad that you enjoy the series Angie!

  7. I love French country! That pink is fabulous! However, it was and is toooo overwhelming to look at the pictures or videos with all of the commercial ADS. Those ads are annoying! I just can’t enjoy your site anymore.shabbyfufu

    1. I understand about the ads, but that is my only income for the many hours of producing all of the free content on the blog. Like most folks I can’t work for free, but on the video ad you can x out of it in the upper right corner. Happy New Year!

  8. Kim Harrison says:

    Great tips. And I too like decorating with mirrors!!
    Thank you!!

    1. Kim, thanks for stopping by and mirrors are such a great way to add light! Enjoy your weekend 💚