Designer Spotlight: Amber Lewis California Inspired Luxury Aesthetic

Welcome to our latest Designer Spotlight! In this edition, we’re delving into the exquisite world of Amber Lewis, the mind behind Amber Interiors Design Studio.

Her designs feel both deeply rooted and refreshingly contemporary – a rare and coveted balance that makes her work stand out. Each space she crafts is a narrative unto itself, layered with meaning and nuance in it’s California inspired luxury. 

Let’s get inspired by her California-inspired aesthetics, shall we? Let’s begin! 

Amber Lewis’s California Inspired Luxury Aesthetic

There are so many projects I love from Amber Interiors Design Studio. But, one thing I love is her consistent design philosophy that enhances, rather than overshadows, each homeowner’s unique personality.

A common thread of sensitivity runs through every space Amber designs. Here, neutrals evolve into a rich tapestry of earth-inspired hues, handcrafted materials are layered with a discerning eye for visual harmony, and a sense of heritage is deeply woven into the fabric of each room.

None of her designs feels one-dimensional. There’s tension and visual interest to boost! She deftly weaves in feminine elements and eclectic touches, creating interiors that are grounded in the California inspired luxury aesthetic but elevated to high art.

In the project Oh Hi Ojai, we can see a perfect blend of sophisticated warmth and coastal delight. Here, her California inspired luxury style takes a more coastal approach, molding to the homeowner’s needs.

The deep blue cabinets paired with crisp white walls create a stunning canvas, while brass accents sprinkle and luxurious marble countertops add a touch of glam.

The wooden open shelving brings a delightful warmth, adding contrast and a more earthy feeling to the kitchen.

In the project, Worth The Wait, there’s a dreamy California inspired luxury casual style that I just love!

In every room, there’s a clear inspiration from nature that blurs the lines between indoors and out.

From the white wooden ceiling beams to the paneled walls and expansive windows framing the landscape, the rooms feel like living artwork.

A sprinkle of mid-century flair comes through in minimalist wooden chairs paired with a distressed wooden farmhouse-style dining table, while subtle artwork and artisan-style vases add just the right touch of nature-inspired chic.

The large skylights above flood the room with natural light, making the space feel even more open and welcoming. It’s California inspired luxury at its finest!

Sheer curtains soften the black-framed windows and doors, allowing light to filter through gently while maintaining a sense of privacy. The curtains, along with the decorative accents layered in rich texture, add a touch of elegance without overpowering the room’s natural aesthetic.

The combination of elegant and homey elements showcases Amber’s signature style of blending comfort with sophisticated design, like in the What’s the Story Spanish Glory project.

Here, she perfectly balances functionality with timeless beauty, making it a true standout! At the heart of it all, a central island with chic bar stools create the perfect hub for stylish gatherings.

This dreamy bedroom with a canopy bed as the focal point is swoon-worthy!

Layers of textured blankets and pillows in neutral tones add warmth with patterned curtains introducing a touch of whimsy. The room’s soft and understated decor exudes such a serene feel. Perfect for restful nights!

Grounded in a tonal color story, this living room from Amber’s Montana Extravaganza project mixes earthy layers of textures with deep and rich shades.

This scheme enhances the spectacular architecture, making for a soulful and sophisticated home.

Californian-Inspired Luxury Aesthetic idea featuring sophisticated new traditional style living room designed by Amber Lewis
via Amber Interior Design

The richly dark woods layered with lighter hues and mismatching finishes complement the luxurious materials like marble and plush texiles. Effortless elegance!

Californian-Inspired Luxury Aesthetic idea featuring bnew traditional style dining room designed by Amber Lewis
via Amber Interior Design

This kitchen, part of the Are We There Yet project, is a masterpiece of rustic charm and refined elegance. Don’t you agree? The arched ceiling dressed in glossy tile is, no doubt, the focal point of the space.

We can see the same design concept was applied to all the rooms of the home, taking advantage of the unique structure.

What was your favorite room from Amber Lewis portfolio? Let me know in the comments, I love reading your thoughts! 

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  1. My gosh! I love all of the rooms. They all look effortlessly put together. I love the mix of upholstered dining chairs at the long table – tartans/plaids. Also love the built in shelving and that large light wood cabinet with glass doors in the dining room.

    1. Effortless is the key of a serene design we think, and Amber knows her way around this look!