The Designer Spotlight: Amy Studebaker’s Beautifully Collected Style 

Welcome back to a new edition of one of my favorite series; The Designer Spotlight! 

In this edition, we’ll meet the work of Amy Studebaker. This St. Louis-based designer has been making waves with her unique approach to creating spaces that feel both fresh and timeless. And I’m sure you’ll love her creations just as much as me!

Her signature touch? It’s all in the details! 

Picture walls adorned with eye-catching floral wallpapers, rooms elegantly framed by trellis work, and a masterful mix of luscious patterns and textures. She balances simplicity with ornamental concepts remarkably.

This is what sets her apart! The spaces she designs feel luxurious yet wonderfully livable, traditional but relaxed and never stuffy. 

Today, we’re taking you on a tour of Amy’s most captivating projects. You’ll see how she adapts her style to suit diverse client tastes while always maintaining that distinctive Studebaker flair. Get ready to be inspired by spaces that blend tradition with modernity in the most delightful ways!

Let’s begin, shall we? 😉 

If you have been lurking around Instagram or Pinterest looking for grandmillennial inspiration, you’ve probably come across Studebaker’s design at the Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House.

In it, we can see her characteristic style on full display.

In this design, we can see her characteristic style on full display. Boasting inspiration from late 18th-century European aesthetics, the floral walls contrast against the green treillage ceiling, creating a serene space where pattern and texture playfully balance each other out.

Amy Studebaker interior design featuring a traditional whimsical living room
via Amy Studebaker Design

The dreamy daybed with a drapery canopy framing the window is, no doubt, the focal point.

Next to it, a lush sofa in antique pink adds a solid color to the myriad of layered patterns and textures. Earthy textures like the sisal rug and rattan console ground the embroidered linens and botanical artwork.

Dressed in a sophisticated white shiplap, her design for the Pool House Chalet feels like fresh air! Contemporary pieces mingle with collectible vintage finds, while geometrical patterns, like checkered ottomans, add symmetry to more playful ones, like the curtains featuring banana leaves in blue.

Bold color accents, like the tangerine grasscloth wallpaper, pop against neutral backdrops creating a curated space that brims with a unique sense of style.

Like in many of her creations, bamboo side tables in colorful hues and organic rugs rich in texture add that bit of palm beach charm.

Topiary Lane, Amy’s own home, has her design language all over it.

Beautifully layered colors and lived-in layers of texture create interiors that have a collected feel while being comfortable and functional. 

The dining room is one of my personal faves. Bright and cheery, the green of the rattan chairs stands out against the crisp white flooring. The back of the antique armoire, which displays white and blue china and vintage dinnerware, replicates this summery hue.

The entryway and living room share the same color palette and a perfect mix of simplicity and ornamentation.

Vintage-inspired patterns play with coastal and traditional elements, with modern shapes balancing it all out.

The addition of beautiful art and floral arrangements brings an extra touch of glam.

It’s breezy and relaxed but utterly sophisticated!

Playing with bold colors is no easy feat, but Studebaker’s take on balance is truly unique. Case in point: this vibrant yet serene home.

The color palette here is a masterclass in bold harmony. Lush green dominates through the eye-catching patterned curtains, creating a connection to the lush outdoor views. A soft blue sofa acts as a calming counterpoint and tempers the bold choice.

The mix of patterns—from the geometric curtains to the floral chair cushions—adds depth and interest. Meanwhile, the use of natural materials like rattan and the clear acrylic coffee table keeps the space from feeling too heavy.

Studebaker then introduces pops of lavender in the rattan chairs and throw pillows, adding a touch of whimsy without overwhelming the space. The result? Interiors that feel fresh, luxurious, and undeniably high-end.

Her ability to blend bold choices with timeless elegance creates spaces that are not just visually stunning, but also very livable and relaxed.

Isn’t her work truly outstanding? I’m just in love with her aesthetic!

Follow her on Instagram @amystudebakerdesign for daily doses of design inspiration. For a deeper dive into her portfolio and design philosophy, her website is a treasure trove of ideas and insights.

Pinterest Pin featuring Amy Studebaker interior designs, titled "The Designer Spotlight: Amy Studebaker’s Beautifully Collected Style"

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  1. Her sofa’s are amazing and grounds the room. I’m feeling a island vibe in the bathroom with the beautiful wallpaper and bright blue mirror. Even though there are patterns everywhere, they work so well together.

    1. One of the marks of a good designer is being to mix and match patterns, textures and pieces seamlessly. I’m so glad that you appreciate this Diana!