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It’s been all about the kitchen around here up until now, as it’s finished! If you missed my reveal post, head on over to see it HERE! In the post I mentioned that at the same time we embarked on the kitchen project we decided to include a complete reno of the family room. Are we crazy? Maybe, but as soon as we opened up the soffits which had lowered the ceiling to the family room we knew it had to be done. Here is one of the last images (sorry, blurry phone image) that I took of the family room prior to renovation. It shows just a corner of it and it looks good but there were issues.

I’ll go into that completely in a forthcoming post, but we sold everything (NOT Darby!! 🐶 nor the Karastan rug) and started fresh. It looks completely different in here now and my dilemma is what to do with the big blank wall that you see behind the sofa (which we sold). You can see the rest of the room and the portion of the room in the photo below is behind the separation wall with the clock. You can’t see the big blank wall in this shot, but it’s where the leather sectional (that we sold) used to be.

When I am trying to decide on ideas for a project, I do what I always do…save images and create a simple mood board of sorts. Ignore the actual decor and colors in the image below, it’s more about the molding, and I’m certain that I want some form of it. Whether I want to take that wall and make it a feature with wallpaper is another issue. I’m open to it, but thinking… Hmmm. What are your thoughts?

Something that I am leaning towards is a half wall of this brand faux grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper! I’ve worked with this paper before and just got the cucumber sample and it’s lovely!

light green grasscloth wallpaper

On to some other decor chatter, I currently have a pair of Chinoiserie vases up on the living room mantel. I filled them with these reasonably priced faux cherry blossoms for spring and a few other silk blooms and stacked an antique roses painting in-between.

I’m thinking of this gorgeous pair of lamps for the mantel since it’s not light enough in the room once the sun sets. Take a look at them and let me know what you think!


My husband celebrated a birthday last week and one of the things that I have been focusing on helping him with lately is skin care. Just because we all get older each day and perhaps no longer have that pesky teenage acne doesn’t mean that we need to give up caring for our complexions! He’s been totally on board with this and we both can see a big improvement on the texture of his skin since he started with product application faithfully! I use all of these myself and recommend these sheet masks that come in a huge quantity (we share). Relax with one on your face in the tub or after showering and your skin will be baby soft for the next day or so! I also got him the vitamin C serum that I use and this moisturizing hyaluronic acid serum. For more beauty and health products check out this section of my Amazon storefront!


I’ve been streaming the new Marie Antoinette series on PBS and it takes a slightly different twist that any I have seen before. I’ve definitely learned a few new things about her and the casting is excellent! Also on my streaming circuit lately via Amazon Prime has been the series Grantchester. It’s not new, but new to me and I recommend it if you enjoy British Masterpiece Theater.


Why Japanese Meets Scandi Is Taking Over The Internet – I love writing about design styles, but this one says it better.

Want To Relax? Try Yoga – Recently I started up my yoga routine again and it really centers me and for so many other reasons. Have you practiced yoga?

The Mural Source – Not sponsored or anything, but if I need a mural this is my go-to source


I’ve seen all sorts of tulip tips on the internet but this one really works for me. Take a straight pin and poke a couple of holes up near the flower on the stem. Place the tulips in water and watch them stay straight and not droopy! I think that this somehow water absorb up to the top.


How To Mix Patterns In A Room Like A Designer – This has some helpful tips on mixing & mingling!

Product collage that reads "How To Mix Patterns In A Room Like A Designer"

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