Charming Modern Transitional Home Tour

Modern aesthetics with whimsical touches blends perfectly in this modern transitional home tour! Be sure to scroll all the way through as there are lots of photos to see.

Charming Modern Transitional Home Tour

Here at Shabbyfufu, it’s no secret that we have an affinity for interior decorating styles that mix the old with the new. We also feature homes in a variety of styles for our home tours for a variety of tastes, and ideas for you!

Whether it’s inspired by interior decor styles such as traditional, eclectic or coastal, curating a mix of old and new is no easy task. But, taking inspiration from modern transitional home tour ideas is always a great place to start!

It’s for that reason that I’m excited to share with you stunning home in today’s edition of the home tour. In this Chicago-based home, the modernity and traditional decor elements blend seamlessly and create a harmonious aesthetic.

Designer Amy Storm from Amy Storm & Company has carefully designed a makeover resulting in a modern home with an industrial-esque edge while incorporating whimsical elements that give the entire space a warm feel.

Entrance Modern Transitional Home Tour Ideas

An imposing double door with a black contemporary-style awning greets us in this home located in the Chicago suburbs.

Modern Transitional Living Room Ideas Home Tour

The living room fuses a modern transitional design with hints of a coastal decor spirit. It uses clean and simple lines throughout the space, making the room feel airy.

The exposed wooden beams give a rustic touch to the space contrasting beautifully against the white walls and black window panes. Moreover, the washed gray wood curved furniture is a simple yet effective touch that helps break up the industrial style.

Modern Transitional Dining Room Idea

This room features a soft, clean palette of creamy tones and metallic accents. The transitional living room design, with modern industrial touches like exposed beams and black windows with white walls, creates an open and airy feel to the space.


A polished gold pendant light adds a luxurious touch, while also providing ample lighting over the dining table. Large windows fill the space with natural light and draw the eye to a breathtaking view of the perfectly curated outdoor area.

Airy & Modern Kitchen Inspiration

Open and spacious, the kitchen offers plenty of natural light and is perfect for gatherings with family and friends.

Subway tiles, golden metallic fixtures and a black accents only accentuates the airyness of this room.

Annex to the kitchen is a working pantry with a second oven, keeping the clutter out of sight in style.

The dark wood tone used in the pantry enhances the overall luxe design, while satin brass drawer pulls add a touch of glitz.

Modern Moody Home Office Ideas

In the home office, the dark whimsical wallpaper print hits the right note, creating an almost enchaningd ambiance while fitting effortlessly into the modern transitional aesthetic.
The dark powdery blue furniture along with the bronze metallic details stand out beautifully against the dark floral wallpaper. It welcomes you right in!

Doesn’t this home office look like the perfect place to work? I would certainly love to work away in this lovely office!

As with the home office, the powder room features a dark and moody floral wallpaper design.

Transitional Master Bathroom ideas

This home has many gorgeous bathrooms! In this bathroom, the double slipper pedestal tub is a simple detail that makes a huge visual difference and elevates the bathroom to deluxe status. 

In another one, a vanity was added to the lavatory unit. A powdery mauve hue on the furniture and in the tiled shower gives the room a soft and contemporary feel.

Main Bedroom

When it comes to the main bedroom, creating a soothing and uncluttered space is the epitome of transitional modern interior design and the bedroom in this home is a perfect example of this. 

Soft ivory and cream colors dominate the room. In addition, delicate details in gray, black plus some rustic elements make this bedroom a classic take on the modern transitional style.


In the other bedroom, the soft blue detail on the wall creates a stunning two-tone effect that adds a little bit of drama while keeping the soothing vibe of the room.

Modern Transitional Family Room Ideas

There is a common thread of style running throughout the home, as you can see in the enchanting family room. The decor elements we’ve seen so far show up again here with added pops of color and contemporary touches. 

In this modern transitional style family room there’s a polka dot round rug and wicker chair hanging from a loft bed. The color palette remains neutral and light with a lovely wallpaper stealing the show. 

We hope you enjoyed this tour of this modern transitional home.
The use of clean lines, the mix of soft colors and industrial elements, and the lovely whimsical touches throughout this home are just stunning!
Did you love it too? Here are some moodboards inspired by this home tour!
moodboard image featuring modern transitional decor elements
moodboard image featuring modern transitional decor elements
Which room was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Oh my goodness! What an amazing home. That pantry is to die for. And I especially like the front awning. It’s like a modern take on the Victorian awnings some homes here in London used to have. Sadly, they have mostly disappeared now,
    Thanks for sharing Janet. Loved this tour.

    1. Annie…isn’t this one spectacular! I’ve seen this type of look in London sometimes in other influencers that I follow.

  2. I totally agree this home is spectacular in every way. The plan is great, the colors are perfect and the furniture is lovely. Thank you for sharing… Jean

    1. Thanks Jean…I love this home and glad that you enjoyed the tour!

    1. Indeed… and I’m glad that you enjoyed this tour Emily!

  3. Jennifer Rocca says:

    Wonderful project! Doing my floors currently and dying to know precisely what your wood floors are? —they would be perfect in my home! Might you help a girl out?? 🙏 —Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer, but this is a home tour and we just don’t have that information available.

  4. Gorgeous! do you by any chance know the name and company off the stone on the porch??

    1. If you click on any of the images they take you to Houzz and perhaps you can find out there?

  5. lisa Bivona says:

    Beautiful! one of the best tours yet. Everything flowed.

    1. Just catching up here and glad that you enjoyed the tour Lisa!