Fun Fall Decor And Clever Storage Ideas

We all need some clever storage ideas when entertaining. In this post, you’ll find some tips to get you thinking about finding extra storage at home.

Whether you entertain on a regular basis or it’s just the two of you, somehow it seems that storage and organization is an issue that comes up often.

clever storage ideas dining room

Fall is the season in many of our homes that we start nesting for the cooler months ahead and spend more time in the kitchen.

If you live in an older home as I do, storing all of our kitchen and dining needs can be challenging! That’s why I’ve had to come up with some clever storage ideas to fit it all in.

Clever storage ideas for the kitchen and dining room


How to Create Built In Storage?

When we purchased our home over 25 years ago, we knew that we would be making changes.

One of the changes that we did was to create extra space in our kitchen by knocking out a wall and enlarging the room to accommodate an island and storage. We designed the built-in cabinets above to match the rest of the kitchen.

The lower cabinets have pull-outs and serve as a pantry on one side and small appliance storage on the other. I talked about adding pull-out shelving and have free CAD plans in THIS POST and with the extra storage, it just makes everyday life easier.

Look for unused or outdated space in your kitchen or dining room and think about converting with a built-in unit!

clever storage ideas built in pantry


Our kitchen and dining room are open to each other, so I keep all of my entertaining needs close by to the table.

You can see the built ins reflected in the mirror above and in this vintage dresser turned buffet I store mostly table linens. Finding a dresser at a thrift shop and repurposing it for dining room storage was key to keeping organized! See more here – Dresser Turned Storage Buffet.


clever storage ideas buffet


Table linens, dishes, flatware…they are all close by for easy access.

For a dinner party this fall I created a vegetable centerpiece, which is always a fun and unexpected surprise for guests!

If you’d like to learn tips on creating something similar, THIS POST explains the process step by step.


vegetable centerpiece fall entertaining


Our storage is still limited even with the additional cabinets. So, I had to find a place to store all the extras such as candles, vases, and centerpiece props.


vegetable centerpiece fall

Hiding Clutter Close By

Our laundry room is close by and we designed a series of built-ins to hold all of our extras.

The countertops have since been updated and are now quartz that’s not so dated. Nonetheless, I find it’s perfectly functional in here when we close the doors and make sure all the clutter is hidden.

I’ll admit…these shelves could be better organized! I’m thinking a great way to do that is to use some baskets. Soon!

clever storage ideas laundry room


 Seasonal Storage Ideas

Fall pumpkins are stored in the upper cabinets as well, and keeping assigned shelves for each season makes it easier to be organized.

clever storage ideas blue velvet pumpkins

Organize by color

This year I showed you a fun fall decor post with stacking velvet pumpkins in the faux fireplace mantel. Once they come down and we head to the Christmas season I’ll be taking my storage one step further and organize by color. You can probably see how this makes it so easy to find what I am looking for each year with a place for everything and everything in place!

pink living room fall autumn

How to find extra space?

We often run out of storage in our homes. Whether planning a move or a remodel, sometimes we just need more ideas.

Final clever storage ideas!

When you’ve exhausted every nook and cranny, start to shop at your home!

Use baskets, bins and containers for storing those extras that won’t fit elsewhere. I’ve found some vintage picnic baskets at the flea market and painted them to coordinate with my home.
I used them often for miscellaneous linens and other bits and bob. A great thing about them is that you can tuck them quietly in a corner in your dining area.

Today you can find a variety of ottomans that offer storage inside and can be used for pillows and throws…and yes, dishes!

clever storage ideas vintage picnic baskets

storage ottoman with dishes


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  1. These are great ideas. We also have an old home with NO storage. I have to find ways and places to fit everything in. Sometimes it is not pretty. I love the idea of painting baskets to hide smaller items. I am glad I am not the only one with these storage issues!

  2. Great ideas! I love your idea of storing some things by color … it would make seasonal decorating easier! I’m a big fan of furniture and decor that doubles as storage: dressers, baskets, vintage suitcases.

  3. You have some great tips Janet. One of my biggest problems with decorating is remembering what I already have or where it is. It’s such a waste because we all make or buy new things every year mixed in with the old but storing it is a big problem. I usually put them in the basement in cardboard moving boxing and some plastic bins but they are such a mess. I love your easy access and open but organized cabinets. Something to strive for.

  4. thank you for sharing these storage tips and so stylish!

  5. Love this post, Janet! Well you know that we have storage issues living in a trailer and luckily our current fifth-wheel has a ton of cabinets but it’s still not really enough. 😉 I will definitely be looking at storage ideas for our next home ~ thanks for the ideas!

    Enjoy your week,
    Barb 🙂

  6. You are so good at this and I am striving to be better at organizing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I can totally relate to this post, Janet! You’ve done an amazing job with your storage solutions! I’m on the lookout for some picnic baskets to makeover and use for extra space in MWA. Every little bit of space counts!

  8. These are great ideas. I agree with Patti. I sometimes forget what I have too. Our storage is very large, problem, downstairs and I won’t go down unless my husband is home. My MS is a bit of an issue alone in the house with steps.

    Getting better after every infusion so maybe soon I will be able to get down by myself. My husband is great about helping me.


  9. Great storage ideas! I have some shelving unites in my basement, but am at the point where I’m going to have to get an off-site storage area soon!

  10. Great storage ideas! Even though we have purged our home down to “almost” the minimum, there is always a need for storage; we made a great ottoman with a hinged top that stores my yoga equipment and throw blankets, also on casters to move around and use for extra seating. Love it! Really enjoyed your post, thank you 😀

    Lori Jo – 50 With Flair

  11. I thought I was the only person that kept extra kitchen items in my laundry room, ha!! Great ideas and I LOVE that copper planter!!

    1. It’s my “butler’s pantry”…minus the butler.

  12. Those apples in the centerpiece are so much fun. And I really like your clever storage solutions for the plates and pumpkins!

    1. Love using fresh produce to decorate with. Have a great week Mary!

  13. I really like to change my throw pillows with each season, but they take up so much space! Since I make a lot of mine it finally dawned on me to just make pillow covers, not pillows!! I just fold them and store with the other decorations. Thought I’d share my “duh” moment. LOL

    1. That’s a great idea and I do that as well Ivana!

  14. I think regardless of home size, storage is always a problem! These are very clever ideas for sure and I love the basket idea. Lately I have been purging as a way to declutter, if it doesn’t fit, I don’t need it 😉

  15. I had to smile when I saw your baskets. In the last 2 years I found 5 picnic baskets with lids. I have beams in the bedroom (cathedral ceiling) and “old” looking nails. I have several baskets hung overhead and sgtore summer clothes, cloth, yarn, you name it in them. They stack well too and add interesting texture to the room!