Discover Pattern Mixing In Bedrooms That Master the Art!

Let’s talk about the delightful art of pattern mixing in bedrooms! Discover a curated collection of bedrooms that have perfected the art of pattern mixing, offering stylish inspiration for your next design project.

I’ve handpicked these strikingly pretty bedrooms to showcase how different patterns can create a serene space and beautify the most personal room of your home. I’m in the process of planning a little reworking of our own primary bedroom and have been feeling so inspired by these patterns!

Pattern mixing is no easy feat, right? This rings especially true when decorating bedrooms, where we want a restful space. Too many bold patterns can be too overwhelming, while too few might leave the space feeling flat.

Bedrooms That Master the Art of Pattern Mixing

In this post, we’ll explore bedrooms that nail this balance across the board – from modern coastal to traditional and eclectic.

These bedrooms will show us how to tackle common challenges like scale variation, color coordination, and pattern distribution. Whether you’re looking to add a subtle hint of pattern or go all out with a maximalist approach, these rooms offer inspiration and guidance.

So, grab your cup of coffee, and let’s dive, shall we? 

The Basics of Pattern Mixing

We first need to talk about some basics!

  • Understanding scale: large, medium, and small patterns: Getting a bit of insight into how scale works is crucial when mixing patterns. You’ll want to combine large, medium, and small patterns to create visual harmony. A perfect example is a large-scale floral wallpaper, paired with medium-sized stripes on bedding and small polka dots on accent pillows.
  • This variety in scale prevents patterns from competing and creates a layered and intentional look.
  • Color coordination is your secret weapon for a cohesive palette. Choose patterns that share a common color or a color family. This doesn’t mean you need to go the matchy-matchy route, but there needs to be an unifying hue that can tie your patterns together. For a foolproof approach, stick to a limited color palette and experiment with different pattern styles within it.
  • Balance the visual noise. Balancing busy and calm elements is key to preventing pattern overload. If you’ve got a bold, busy pattern on the walls or bed, balance it with solid-colored elements or subtle textures elsewhere. Think of it as creating visual “rest areas” for the eye. This balance ensures your bedroom remains a restful retreat, even with multiple patterns at play!

Let’s take a look at these charming bedrooms that beautifully display pattern mixing basics!

The Art of Pattern Mixing: Bedroom Ideas

In this traditional-style bedroom, a folk-inspired floral wallpaper in mustard and soft blue steals the show. This large-scale pattern sets the color scheme, complemented by light blue trims on walls and windows.

The bedding shows scale variation through medium and small-sized patterns, like the mustard sham and white-and-blue gingham lumbar pillow, tying the color scheme together.

This bedroom blends coastal charm with a touch of tropical Palm Beach flair. A light blue Hydrangeas wallpaper sets a serene backdrop, while bamboo elements – a framed mirror and blinds – add beachy flair.

The bedding showcases pattern mixing expertise: a textured light blue French knot coverlet pairs with a bold geranium patterned throw pillow and an ivory striped one. This combination of delicate and bold prints, unified by a blue and neutral palette, creates a fresh and sophisticated space.

Here’s a bedroom that proves you don’t need bold wallpaper to master pattern mixing. Instead, we find patterns in strategic doses. The curtains sport a delicate dark beige motif, playing nicely with the bed’s bolder patterned cover. Twin pillows bring in yet another scale of print, while a trio of solid-hued pillows offers a visual breather.

Tying it all together? Lovely blue wainscoting and crisp white walls. It’s a masterclass in subtle pattern play.

From checkered fabrics to ditsy spots and floral galore, this bedroom has it all. And it works beautifully! Yellow takes center stage here, popping up on the side drawer, bedding, and even as a cheeky fringed detail on the bed skirt. Red shows in the floral curtains against an ecru shade and in the throw blanket motifs. Small blue accents complement the space, making it work and adding that extra touch of drama!

The secret to all these patterns working together is keeping the larger spaces, like the walls and floors, neutral. This allows the primary colors and prints to shine without overwhelming the space.

Similarly, in this bedroom with old-world elegance, red takes center stage. The walls are dressed in wallpaper featuring toile a pattern in red against ivory. Roman blinds in a striped pattern, also in red and ivory, cover the window behind the headboard.

A ticking stripe bolster pillow adds a pop of contrast to the neutral bedding matching the striped detailing in the lampshade.

In this tropical bedroom, pattern mixing shines with a breezy, fresh vibe. Lush palm leaf curtains frame a stunning view, while a soft green wallpaper boasts a hand-drawn-like striped pattern.

A vintage caned chair enhances that Cabana-chic feel, and vibrant throw pillows with organic geometric designs bring bold pops of color. It’s a fantastic example of pattern mixing and layering textures done right!

Who needs wallpaper when you can weave this much magic with textiles? The headboard flaunts a hand-embroidered piece inspired by Scandinavian folk art. The intricate florals in soothing ivory and blue set the room’s aesthetic, becoming the focal point.

Stripes mingle with florals, while geometric prints join the mix on throw pillows and shams. The mix of patterns and textural elements manages to feel both cozy and chic yet uncluttered.

In this kid’s room, we have another space where pattern mixing has been done through textiles.

Matching duvet covers and textile canopies create a cohesive look, their playful motifs adorning the beds. Soft blue walls provide a soothing backdrop, harmonizing perfectly with the bedding’s color palette.

Striped and checked pillows introduce additional layers of pattern, proving that mixing prints can be both fun and sophisticated!

This room it’s a more traditional take, with a pattern play style for the classicist at heart! The upholstered headboard displays a crisp white-and-blue pattern, setting the tone. Classic bedding and wallpaper follow suit, sticking to the blue-and-white color scheme, along with the blue side table and matching floral arrangement.

It all works beautifully together by playing with the right balance and pattern scale. It’s simple, yet it has a chic edge that feels anything but stuffy.

This pretty room has such a feminine allure thanks to the playful pattern mixing. Floral bedding cozies up to pillows with red scalloped edges, while a bold checkered throw pillow adds an eclectic punch.

The curtains echo the theme with a smaller geometric print, just like the red stripes running across the rug. A white-washed wood wall keeps things grounded, while pops of turquoise add unexpected charm.

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