10 Easy Crafts To Make For Spring & Summer

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In this post I’m sharing 10 easy crafts to make for spring and summer. You won’t need special equipment or tons of skill, so if you love effortless beauty these tutorials will be for you!

If you have some time on your hands and have already cleaned out all of your closets, organized the kitchen spices and are looking for something to do this weekend then you’ve come to the right place! I love a good craft project, but it has to be simple to do and with rapid results. Now that I said that…I’m thinking we ALL have time on our hands right now, right? So here are 10 fun crafts for adults!

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Easy Crafts To Make For Spring & Summer

  1. Creative DIY Flower Pot Idea

Would you believe that this has been one of my most popular posts on the blog for YEARS?! It was not planned, but a lightbulb moment when I came home from Trader Joes. You’ll find all of the information at the link for the post above.

flower bucket diy


2. How To Give A New Mirror Patina

Going way back in time is this tutorial that will take any mirror back in time! If you love the look of French antiques then you may wish to try this technique. I’d suggest testing your hand on something small first and then moving on to larger projects.


3. How To Make A Mirror From A Picture Frame

Another oldie goody is the polar opposite of the above post! If you have some old picture frames around and want to create a few mirrors, take a look at this one. Interesting fact…some of these crafts came from the days that I had a regular column (Make It, Take It) in Romantic Homes magazine and some were featured when I wrote for eBay. Excuse the photos, they are old!

antique mirror with flowers


4. Six Wallpaper Projects That Aren’t For Walls

Wallpaper is making a big comeback! While I’m just itching to do a couple of walls in my home, I think I’m going to stick to small projects for now. There are six fun and simple ways to use up any wallpaper scraps in this post as we “waste not, want not” in our lives.

vintage wallpaper on a ladder


5. How To Make Sea Side Bottles For A Coastal Look

See that mantel? It’s all about easy crafting with what you have on hand. You don’t need a glue gun, you don’t need a Cricut…and you don’t need to be a DIYer for this project! Head on over to the article linked above for the full scoop for this coastal look!

coastal bottles diy project


6. How To Make New Books Look Old

Got books? Think about it…we all seem to have old travel guide books or outdated books of some sort. I promise that no great works of literature were harmed in this project and in terms of easy crafts for spring and summer these have endless possibilities. Once you’ve finished making them, tie up with some sea washed ribbon and display on a shelf, dresser or coffee table.

easy crafts spring and summer make new books look old


7. How To Customize A Flower Bucket

I hate to toss out a good flower bucket or flower pot and will often remake them. This project gives you a chance to customize those containers to fit your home and make for great personal gifts as well. The photo below is a bit ambiguous, but the project is clear…so click above to see it!

ranunculus easy crafts spring and summer


8. Make Oil Lantern Candles For Spring & Summer

I’ve been spending a ton of time lately on our patio lately and these come in so handy! I love how they seem to stay lit even if it’s windy outside, which it usually is here. Adjust the size, use different containers and customize to your liking. Another post that is pinned often and has been around awhile!

oil candle diy easy crafts spring and summer


9. Learn How To Hand Paint Ribbon

Some of my favorite easy crafts for spring and summer have always revolved around ribbon. I find ribbon to evoke not just femininity, but soft gentle breezes and thoughts of weddings and tied bouquets of flowers. In this post you’ll learn more about my favorite types of ribbon and it will also help you in the following post below.

easy crafts spring and summer hand painted ribbon


10. No Sew Ribbon Rose DIY Project

Glue gun required on this one, and I’m sharing my technique for creating the prettiest ribbon rose flowers. What can you do with these? Put them on a pipe cleaner and make an entire bouquet, adorn a t-shirt or a lampshade. So many possibilities with these!

Which is your favorite project? I’d love to know if you plan on making any of these…so please let me know!


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  1. Your link to the place where you can get appliques for your flower pot is not working. I can’t click on it! Can you please send it again so I can roder an appliques? I love the idea!
    Thank you,
    Mary Jane

    1. It’s in the post that is linked, which gives the instructions.

    2. If I may, Etsy links are always going to the home page. I had a whole new frustration level over this, to find you have to click open web once you were directed there. When you try to open it in the app you go nowhere. Hope this helps.

      1. It’s extremely difficult to keep up with links that are sold out Annatjie, especially with supply chain issues these days. I’m always available to help via email if you are looking for something in particular.

        1. Thanks Janet. Just needed to try and conquer, but I appreciate your offer. Will reach out if need be. 🌺

  2. Oh my golly, I pinned these to so many boards! Love each and every one of them! Thanks for sharing. You are so talented!

    1. Thank you for pinning Cindy and I’m so glad that you’ve been inspired! xo

  3. You outdid yourself with this post and all the wonderful ideas. Thanks so much.

    1. I truly appreciate you stopping by!

  4. Valeri Johnson says:

    I remember seeing the mirror craft and the stepstool a long time ago, probably in Romantic Homes magazine. Love all the crafts and especially painting the ribbons.

    1. I used to have a monthly column in Romantic Homes…seems like it’s been forever since they stopped publication!