Home Decor Design Trends For 2023

Home decor design trends are constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up. But, in the day’s post, we’ll go over some of the most popular home decor trends 2023 has to offer.
I’m also sharing my top suggestions for affordable decorative products and easy tips to incorporate the trends that resonate with you the most.

Home Decor Design Trends For 2023

Even if you don’t follow trends, knowing about what’s in and what’s out in the interior design world can help you discover new ideas and keep your home decor style updated. Freshening up your perspective of home decor can inspire you to explore new styles or repurpose old forgotten decor elements in your home. I say…always be open to change, as times do change and so does life. 

Now, without further ado, let’s go over some of  the home decor design trends that I’m seeing for 2023!

Organic Minimalism

With the 2023 update in home decor design trends, the minimalist interior design trend takes on a softer, more organic feel. We’ve collectively decided to leave sterile-looking spaces behind us and for that, I’m quite thankful.
Don’t get me wrong, minimalist spaces are incredibly chic and practical but in 2023 the all-white minimalist decor warms up with neutral earthy hues, nature-inspired decor, and neutral textural elements.

Things like texture-rich artwork with abstract shapes in white and neutral colors, artisan-inspired ceramic vases, geometrical elements in off-white hues, and soft-arched furniture are some of the home decor design trends we’ll see everywhere this year.

minimal living room featuring warm neutral palette

Dark Wood (and walls)

Some trends are circling back, as is usual when it comes to design.  Thanks to the younger generation discovering old-world home decor styles, heritage-inspired aesthetics like Dark Academia, Old Money, and Cottagecore are more popular than ever. 

dark wood entryway console with arched mirror

There is no doubt those viral home decor aesthetics have had an impact on the interior design sphere and carried through to this year’s home décor trends. A striking example of this is the return of dark wood as a dominant feature. Along with dark wall paint colors and decorative elements, refined woodwork reappears as the focal point, in sumptuous dark hues and detailed designs. The use of vintage-inspired wooden pieces and moody color schemes adds an element of old-world charm that’s quite irresistible. 

wood bench next to a fireplace against a dark green wall

I know that dark walls and furniture may not be for everyone, but it’s worth taking a look at this trend for possible ideas. I’m even considering adding a touch of dark furniture for contrast in my own home this year!

Wood panels, intricate wood cabinets, tramp art, and carved detailing elements will slowly but surely take the spotlight in the months to come.

If this trend speaks to you, opt for wood pieces that have a neutral brown tint. Alternatively, go bold and make a statement with rich mahogany, charcoal, and amber hues.  Try to stay away from flat-looking browns with yellow undertones pieces as these tend to give an outdated 80s feel.

grand millennial style dining room

Thrift stores and Etsy are always good places to look for these handmade pieces. To incorporate the look with a modern fair look for tramp art style frames, vintage style tv stand with fluted panels, entryway consoles, vintage-inspired swivel barstools or add a slatted wood wallpaper panel to a corner nook.

collage of dark wood items inspired by the home decor design trends

curved drawer | brown wood panels | swivel barstools | honey wood frame | cherry console table | accent dresser

Whimsical Detailing

In 2023, we can expect to see a lot more whimsical details in home decor. This style often uses floral prints and textures that are reminiscent of nature.  

how to hang peel and stick wallpaper

This type of interior is perfect for those who want a relaxed atmosphere in their homes with charming and playful energy.

The best way to add this look is through small touches, like adding a floral wallpaper or introducing a scalloped rug or delicate bamboo headboard. 

You can even add a touch of whimsy by using golden pieces with delicate details or lacquered finishes like hand-painted stools made out of wood or pleated curtains in a dainty floral pattern.

whimsical inspired items home decor design trends

Laura Ashley wallpaper | gold metal scalloped console table | butterfly golden mirror | ruffled pillows & comforter | jute scalloped rug | bamboo headboard


For more on this style, you might like my previous post on the GrandMillennial Trend: GrandMillennial Green In Home Decorating

Embraced imperfection 

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that celebrates the beauty of imperfection and simplicity. In terms of home decor trends, this concept encourages us to stir away from focusing on a spotless home with picture-ready decor. 

textured neutral home decor wall featuring decor elements made of natural textures

It’s all about emphasizing the beauty of natural materials such as wood and stone that have been weather-beaten by time. This home decor trend tends to lean to the minimalistic side and often uses natural materials, serene color palettes, and hand-made decorative elements to create a space that feels calm and peaceful.

For wabi-sabi-inspired home decor, try to look for rustic ceramics, pieces made of organic materials with abstract shapes. Plaster, limewash, and clay paint are extraordinary options to evoke the wabi-sabi aesthetic in your home. My favorite colors are low saturated and neutral with an earthy feel, like this Golden Grey Lime Wash Paint and Warm Slate Lime Wash Paint.

neutral home decorating ideas showing a living room with a ceramic vase and dried flowers in warm neutrals

Additionally, clay decor, textural-rich rugs, textural artwork, and rustic natural elements like this tree stump made of reclaimed cedar are also small ways to add a bit of this beautifully imperfect style to your home.

For more on this style, you might like my previous post on neutral home decor design styles: Neutral Home Decorating Ideas and Tips

wabi sabi inspired items home decor design trends

wall art with texture | slyart black and white painting | white ceramic vase | u shaped white ribbed candle | ceramic plates | nautical rope knot | decorative marble figurinewhite faux coral tabletop piece | terracotta  planter | tree stump table | bamboo shade pendant light


Marble Accents

The return to natural materials and rustic finishes will also give room to a new appreciation for marble and stone in home decor. Travertine, terrazzo, and rich jewel-toned marbles with striking veining are some of the options this trend offers us.

Unlike other times when this trend has surged, in 2023 marble and stone are used with a light touch, to avoid overwhelming small spaces.

bathroom with dark marble backsplash

You can use marble and stone as accents to enhance focal points like in a backsplash, fireplace, shower niche, or in small decorative items like trays, bowls, and dinnerware.

marble inspired items home decor design trends

stoneware dinnerware | pink marble vanity tray | marble chiller bucket | marble backsplash peel and stick | marble table lamp | antique style drawer pulls | chic black marble coaster set | white marble trivet

Bold Pops of Color

No matter the interior design style you subscribe to, there’s one thing clear when it comes to the home decor design trends for 2023: it’s all about self-expression. Whether you want to completely transform your home into a colorful tropical oasis or prefer the more tranquil style inspired by minimalist concepts, we’re all looking to make our homes reflect our creative side.
We can see this creative take in the last home decor design trend we’ll go over… bold pops of color everywhere!

French sofa with fall pillows

The use of bold pops of color and patterns to spice up neutral spaces will become a staple this year. In difference to complete color makeovers, adding pops of color gives us the chance to experiment with new colors and patterns in small doses. Small bursts of color can help refresh your space and make it feel more vibrant, while also allowing you to show off your personality.

A small accent wall with playful wallpaper, a shower niche with colorful handmade tiles, a collection of throw pillows in vibrant hues in an otherwise neutral room, layered bedding with an unexpected color mix… there’re endless ways to infuse your home with bold pops of color in an affordable way!

collage of home decor design trend items in bold colors

velvet pillow covers | velvet shell chair | pink goblets | round pleated pillow | cottage style and woven pot basket | cherry blossom stained glass lamp 

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And these are some of the home decor design trends for 2023 I’m keeping an eye on! What do you think? Do any of the upcoming home decor trends speak to you? Let me know down below in the comments!

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  1. Catherine ten Hertog says:

    So it would appear hen that everything and anything is trending for 2023. Something for everyone.😁

    1. There are definitely take-aways from every style to inspire all sorts of home decor enthusiasts! Thanks for stopping by Catherine

  2. I live in a house with wood ceilings wood walls and wood floors no wood for me I will stick with my white everywhere I can get it.

    1. Sounds like a great mix Mikki!

  3. I cannot appreciate the sterility of a room with white walls, white furniture and white accents. I come from Northern Ontario in Canada and all that white is reminiscent of cold and snow. My eyes crave the warmth that colour brings, so I am in complete agreement with the bold use of colour. I am happy to see the white trend on the way out.

    1. Honestly I don’t feel that white decor will every go out of style Judy, and it’s a great backdrop for adding colors of one’s choice! This is how I decorate here on the Florida coast!

  4. This is the best, most original post on trends I’ve seen. They tend to all say the same things. You offer a nice perspective on how to change things up and refresh without just saying this is “in” and this is “out” and the added theme pictures to spark ideas – that’s.great. Thx

    1. Thanks much Maxine for letting us know. You made my day! xx

  5. Sheila K. says:

    Amazing piece of content, Thanks for putting everything under one roof!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. I just got into home décor and designs this year, hope one day I can make our house the way we love!

    1. Just have fun with it Melanie and we have a ton of design posts to peruse under the category “decorating”!