Awesome Home Decor Design Trends For 2024

Inspiration ahead! In this post, we’re about to dive into the tantalizing world of upcoming Home Decor Design Trends for 2024

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Return to timeless styles, a focus on personalization, inviting color palettes, and playful accents. Learn everything you need to know about the Home Decor Design Trends you’ll see everywhere in 2024!

We’ll look at some of the key interior design concepts in store for next year and we’ll explore some of the specific trends that will be making a splash in 2024.

Speaking of something that you see a lot of at the moment are swivel chairs. I am not a trendy person and prefer the classics for the most part, but I recently added the chair above to our family room and it’s a win/win!! Another trend that harkens to vintage times is boucle, and this comfy chair is upholstered in a delicious cream butter soft boucle. It’s large enough for two people and is under $300! FIND MY SWIVEL CHAIR HERE.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know I’m a huge believer in timeless decor. Home decor trends come and go, but timeless style remains.  

That’s why I’m feeling so inspired about what’s on the horizon for 2024. There’s a return to timeless styles, a focus on personalization, inviting color palettes, and playful accents. Interested? 

Home Decor Design Trends For 2024

Here are some of the best home decor design trends to look out for in 2024!

Artisan-Inspired Elements 

When it comes to home decor design trends for 2024, we’ll see a new appreciation of craftsmanship, with a resurgence of artisan-inspired textures.

Artisan-inspired textures will take center stage, a nod to the personal touch that only handmade elements can bring.

Think of handwoven textiles, like a jute and cotton area rug, ceramic lampshades, uneven glass vases, and wicker baskets bearing the mark of a skilled artisan. 

We’ll also see the same concept transition onto walls and surfaces, with a rise in wall treatments that embrace a handmade look like limewash paint, clay plaster, and glazed finish instead of high shine. Terracotta, terrazzo, and hand-pressed tiles will also be a front runner in home decor design trends for 2024. 

Earthy Color Palette 

In keeping with the trend for making our spaces feel cozier, earthy tones are very popular in home decor design, especially brown hues and warm neutrals.

From the lightest shade, like sandy beiges to darker tones, like a rich oak brown, the trend is all about a grounding palette inspired by nature.

A carmel upholstered couch, a farmhouse-style wood table, or an area rug rich in texture… This trend offers so much versatility!

No matter your style, you can incorporate more earthy warmth in your home with a couple of accents sprinkled in. 

Home Decor Design TrendsLess Open Layout Spaces, More Intimate Settings

Next year, we’ll see a shift from expansive, open layouts to more intimate and cozy interiors. This concept has been trending for a few years already, but it’s getting more popular as more people find the need to have defined zones within their homes tailored to their needs.

Tailored Secondary Spaces

Customized secondary rooms take the lead — be it a personalized wet bar, a handy butler’s closet, or a practical mudroom. 

Personalizing these areas isn’t just about improving the functionality of your daily life. It’s an opportunity to experiment with colors, integrate trends, and try out new styles that may not work in other rooms in your home! 

Simple Shapes in Vibrant Hues

While earthy tones and warm neutrals have taken over the cool-toned greys, 2024 will also be a year in which we will see a rise in vibrant colors. 

Bold colors like emerald green or chartreuse and deep purple take the spotlight, injecting vibrancy into simple shapes or often forgotten corners.

An array of deep purple throw pillows on a clean-lined sofa, a green ceramic lamp shade, or an accent wall with chartreuse green tiles are all perfect examples.

The trend is all about dressing small spaces and simple shapes with colors that feel a bit edgy and catch the eye. If you like this idea, you can take it another step further and pair saturated and contrasting colors to make a statement and keep things playful!

Coastal Blue Shades

Blue is making a comeback, and it’s not just any blue – but Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year. This versatile hue opens the door to a coastal aesthetic, bringing a coastal aesthetic back into home decor trends. 

Incorporate blue-and-white striped textiles like rugs, curtains, throw pillows, or white and blue gingham bedding. Go for a full-blue room by painting the walls with Sherwin-Williams’s Upward blue or add coastal charm to your kitchen by swapping your barstools for coastal-inspired ones, like these

Another option is to mix and match different shades of blue, like a soft powder blue sofa decorated with ivory and blue boho throw pillows

Fluted Elements 

From coffee tables to wall panels and chic accents like fluted lamps, the fluted trend is reclaiming its spot in the limelight, adding a touch of retro elegance to modern interiors. 

Whether you prefer a classic look or a more modern vibe, this trend can help you update your decor in a simple way. 

A fluted division panel can help you create zones and divide areas in your home, while a fluted wall treatment can add texture and visual interest to a neutral color scheme. 

Textures and Patterns: Bouclé, Ruffles & Candy Cane Stripes

In decor, playing with textures and patterns is one of the best ways to make your home reflect your unique style. For next year, we’ll continue to see bouclé furniture pieces and accents trending, with a more subtle take than in years past. 

If the bouclé trend interests you, but you’re not too convinced, opt for adding a small piece to your decor. Something like this bouclé ottoman is perfect to have around in a living room or add as a stylish -and comfy- piece in a bedroom. 

Ruffles and candy cane stripes will also have a big moment in the spotlight. Paired with pastel or contrasting colors, they effortlessly add a playful touch to our homes.

From cottage-inspired kitchen ruffled curtains to throw pillows, table linens, and duvets these charming details can bring a subtle yet whimsical flair to your decor. It’s the perfect way to sprinkle a bit of charm throughout your living space!

And that’s a wrap! These are the home decor design trends ready to make waves in 2024. Whether you’re considering incorporating a couple into your decor or fully diving in, I hope you find inspiration in the upcoming year and enjoy your space.

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Now, it’s your turn! What’s your favorite home decor design trend for 2024? Share it with me in the comments below!

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  1. I am in love with ruffles and candy cane stripes. Ruffles soften the look of a room and candy cane stripes just make me happy. I’m intrigued with the idea of clay plaster and lime washed paint. I will investigate these two, seems like they would have a European look.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this post. Always appreciated Diana

  2. Wow, so many fabulous photos and resources, I really like the Sherwin-Williams color of the year. but ruffles will always be fabulous in my opinion!

    1. Thanks Dee! I like ruffles as well, but have toned them down here over the years. Enjoy your day

  3. Kimberley says:

    Love the office space by Laura U Design! Clean, calm, organized…so what I need for 2024! That paint color is so soothing!

    1. We love that office space as well and glad that you got some ideas for your own home office Kimberly!

  4. Patricia Wing says:

    I love seeing all the posts all the time. I live alone in a senior housing apartment. Would love to see some ideas pertaining to that. My favorite color is teal. Thank you for sharing all that you do! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Patricia for being here and Happy New Year to you! You could take any of these ideas and apply to your apartment in a small way ;-)) Will try and keep the apartment decorating request in mind for sure.

  5. I really enjoyed this post! I’ve been adding touches of rattan around my home since autumn and love the warmth it brings. Also warmer whites to my soft furnishings. So cosy!
    Thanks for sharing Janet.

    1. It’s always fun to check out what’s trending Annie! Enjoy your day