20 Ways to Make Your House Look Expensive on a Budget

Learn to make your house look expensive on a budget with these 20 tips!

20 Ideas to Make Your House Look Expensive on a Budget

Making your house look expensive doesn’t have to be expensive! With a few clever tricks and some savvy shopping, you can make your home look expensive on a budget.

I’ve gathered 20 budget-friendly ways to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home decor and transform your house into a high-end abode. From simple DIYs that make a big impact to statement lighting fixtures, these tips will help you achieve that coveted luxe look you’ve always dreamed of, without expending a small fortune in the process.

So, let’s dive in and explore the many ways you can elevate your home’s style in budget-friendly ways.

When it comes to creating an expensive on budget look, focusing on key areas where you spend most of your time is essential. By doing so, you can focus on sprucing up your home’s key spaces and give it that luxurious flair, no shopping needed!

dining room

1. Focus on first impressions

If you want to make a dramatic impact from the go, focus on the entryway! This space will help you to set the tone and create a wonderful first impression.

One easy and affordable way to do this is by painting your front door a bold and eye-catching color. This can instantly add personality and style to your home, especially if you go with an unexpectedly vibrant shade. Then, you can add a few decorative touches like a bench, a console table, a basket with faux flowers, and maybe a coat hanger or shoe rack.
This will keep everything organized and pleasing to the eye, making it instantly inviting.

2. Elevate your lighting scheme

Opting for warm and soft white bulbs instead of harsh, cool ones can create a more inviting mood and add a layer of luxury. 

Twinkle lights can add a touch of glamour and sparkle to your decor, and they can be draped over curtains, mirrors, or shelves, so they’re a very versatile option. 

Shade lamps are an excellent way to diffuse light and create a relaxing atmosphere, especially in the bedroom or living room. 

If prefer to invest a little more, consider installing a tech-savvy dimmer switch in your main living areas to adjust the lighting and set the perfect mood for any occasion.

3. Upgrade your hardware

To nail the look of expensive on a budget, small details can make a big impact. 

Swapping out old and worn hardware with sleek and modern options can instantly elevate the overall look and feel of your space, giving it a more sophisticated and elegant vibe.

Look for hardware with a metallic finish for an added touch of glamour. If you are like me and you prefer things with a bit of a vintage feel, I highly recommend adding tassels or going for a design with a more Palm Beach Regency vibe, like these ones.

4. Go big with a statement piece

It is crucial to select a statement piece that complements your existing decor while also adding a touch of drama and luxury to your space. For example, a colorful, oversized painting can act as a focal point in your living room, while a sculptural floor lamp can add interest and elegance to your bedroom.

5. Upgrade your bedding

Nothing feels more luxe than a bedroom oozing comfort and a serene aesthetic. 

To get the look, focus on keeping a harmonious color palette. I recommend going for serene blues, creams, and greige hues for contrast or my beloved color combo of white and blue.  Look for soft, high-thread-count sheets, plush duvets, and fluffy pillows to create a luxurious and comfortable sleep space. 

Get the Look: Expensive On A Budget

6. Display fresh flowers

For a more upscale look, bring in some fresh flowers to give your space a more upscale look. Place them in a vase or arrange them in smaller containers and position them on a coffee table, dining table, or windowsill to make them the focal point of the room. 

blue hydrangeas

Play with different flower varieties and colors to show off your creative side and infuse your home decor with a personalized touch!

7. Take advantage of paint

Paint is one of the most affordable and effective ways to transform a room and make it feel luxurious. You can simply update your current walls with the same hue for a fresher feel or you can paint an accent wall in a shade that compliments your home decor color scheme.  For those looking for something more daring, you can create visual interest and depth, like painting a ceiling of an unexpected shade or the trims in a contrasting color.

8. Add decorative pillows

Decorative pillows are an easy and affordable way to add a touch of lush to your home. Choose pillows made from high-quality materials such as velvet, silk, or linen, and look for ones with decorative details like tassels or beading for an extra touch of glamour. You can also mix and match patterns and textures to create a layered and luxurious look. 

9. Add a bar cart

A bar cart is an indulgent accessory that will create the perfect spot to store your drinks and glassware while also giving your space a flair of refinement. You can invest in one like this gold-toned one from Amazon, or go the DIY route and recycle an older piece and turn it into a stylish bar cart as I showed you in this tutorial previously.

10. Switch and outlet cover plates

Another simple and affordable way to elevate your home’s style is to replace your outdated switch and outlet cover plates. You can find a wide range of options online, from sleek matte plates to metallic ones with high-shine finishes. These small details can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of your space!

Expensive On A Budget Ideas to Elevate Your Home

11. Clean up your metals

Dirty or tarnished metal surfaces can make your whole home decor feel drab. A quick and easy way to add some shine and glamour to your home is to clean up your metals. Use a gentle cleaning solution and a soft cloth to clean your metal fixtures like doorknobs, faucets, and light fixtures. For more tips, click here.

Example of how to clean tarnish from copper featuring a copper flower vase with pink peonies against a classy neutral living room

12. Redesign your furniture arrangement

Sometimes all it takes to give your home an upscale and luxurious feel is to move things around and redesign your furniture arrangement. Start by decluttering and getting rid of any items that no longer serve a purpose. Next, experiment with different furniture arrangements to create a more open and inviting space. There are many different room layouts that you can use as a guideline. Check this post for more in-depth advice.

13. Get your rugs professionally cleaned

Dirty or stained rugs can make your home feel outdated and unkempt. A professional rug cleaning service can help restore your rugs to their original beauty, and this will immediately make your spaces feel brand new and more luxurious.

14. Make your home smell delicious

Scents have the power to instantly create a luxurious ambiance in your home.

There are many affordable ways to make your home smell delicious, from burning scented candles and incense to using essential oil diffusers or room sprays. Think about incorporating scents that evoke a luxurious feel, such as woody scents and white florals, to create a unique and inviting ambiance.

Easy Tips to Make Your Home Decor Look More Expensive on a Budget

15. Elevate your furniture with simple DIYs

Transforming your outdated furniture into luxurious pieces is not as difficult as it sounds, even if you’re a DIY beginner.  

You can whitewash an outdated dresser and swap the hardware for something more modern with a metallic touch and this would instantly change the look. You can also go for something more impactful, like reupholstering a thrifted couch or spray painting a vintage wicker piece.

16. Incorporate metallic accents

Add a touch of opulence with metallic decor. Look for metallic accent pieces such as candle holders, picture frames, or decorative bowls. You can also add metallic accents incorporating bronze lamps, silverware, and chandeliers.

expensive on a budget idea of metal golden accents in a traditional boho living room

17. Change things up with a privacy screen

Transform your home with a chic and functional privacy screen. You can use private screens as room dividers, to block off an unsightly view, or simply add a decorative touch to a plain wall.  Look for screens made from high-quality materials like wood or metal, or put your DIY apron on them and make one yourself with this easy tutorial.

18. Organize your pantry

An organized pantry can add a touch of luxury to any home, making the whole kitchen area feel more put-together and upscale. To achieve this, start by decluttering and getting rid of any clutter. Then, invest in clear storage containers and labels to keep everything in order and easy to find. Additionally, you can add other decorative elements too, like chalkboards, baskets, or framed art.

19. Invest in quality towels

Towels made of high-quality materials and detailing may seem like a small detail but they can give your home that spa-like feel we all love.
Find towels with a high GSM (grams per square meter) for added plushness and comfiness. The ones I like best are made of Turkish cotton but there’re many options on the market. You can even find pretty styles with decorative borders and monograms to make them feel more luxurious! Like this one and this one.

monogrammed towels hanging from a bathroom bar, how to make your home look expensive on a budget idea.

20. Elevate your home with carefully curated art pieces

Artwork is an essential element to make your home look expensive on a budget. Instead of splurging on expensive original pieces, look for affordable prints and posters online. You can also create your own statement art by framing a favorite photograph or painting a canvas in a bold, abstract style.

The key is to display them in a way that adds to your decor but doesn’t overwhelm it. Go for small groupings of your framed art pieces or symmetrical gallery walls for a more streamlined look.

What are your favorite tips to make a home look more expensive on a budget? Comment down below. I love hearing your thoughts!

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