How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy – The Look For Less

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your bedroom cozy without breaking the bank, keep reading! You’ll love these affordable styling ideas and tips to get the cozy look for less.

bed idea in soft rusty pinks to make your bed cozy for fall

Fall weather is drawing nigh! As summer ends and autumn breezes sweep in, we find our homes to be our haven from the bustle outside.

And when the temps drop, there’s nothing more comforting than an inviting bedroom to retreat to!

I’m talking about a cozy bedroom that welcomes you in like a warm hug on a chilly day—a place where you can escape the outside noise and recharge after a long day.

bedding styling idea in soft rusty pinks next to a natural wood nightstand to make your bed cozy for fall

During the colder months, our bedrooms become more than just places to sleep. Like me, this season  may inspire you to revamp your sleeping space to give it that extra coziness factor the colder months call for.
But, you may also know that giving your space a fall-themed makeover every year is not just impractical but also not budget-friendly.

The good news is that there’s no need to redecorate your space from scratch this for fall and overspend during the process.

With a few styling tips and finishing touches, you can make your bedroom cozy and create an intimate space to enjoy the little moments of everyday life – all at an affordable price!


Make Your Bedroom Cozy: Fall Bedroom Ideas & Styling Tips

Warm up your color scheme

Winter coziness doesn’t get better than being nestled inside a cocoon-like bed. To boost the cozy factor in your bedroom, warm up your color story using earthy and calming hues.

bed featuring layered pillows in a fall color scheme with a wall and landscape painting in the background

My ultimate favorite way to do this is by switching up your bed styling. It’s such an easy -and affordable- way to transform your bedroom aesthetic for fall. Whether you go for muted hues or deeper shades, a warm and earth-toned color palette will work beautifully to create an inviting space and set a mood for rest.

assortment of fall themed pillows on top of bed, idea to make your bedroom more cozy

If you’re adding pillows and throw blankets, play with different textures. The juxtaposition of contrasting textures like velvet, ruffles, macrame, or linen, creates a delicate rusticity and adds a handcrafted flair that’s simply stunning.

fireplace with white fall themed mantle showcasing white pumpkins, candleholders, shabby chic mirror and wood logs
As my lovely long-time readers know, I’m a forever white-and-blue fan, but this time around I decided to switch things up a bit and introduce some warmth and tactile textures to my bedroom color scheme.

Instead of going with typical fall tones, I went for warm hues and add hints of rusty pink and soft-washed ivory by layering texture-rich throw pillows.

fall themed gift guide ideas for the decor lover to make your bedroom cozy

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Incorporate organic & rustic elements

Embrace this season’s colors by mixing rustic wood with organic materials such as bamboo, rattan, macrame, and jute.

It could be something small and practical, like a woven tray or hand-carved wood bowl to keep knick-knacks at hand.
You could also bring out your heirlooms or most beloved vintage pieces to add a sense of worldly flair.

shabby chic decor styling idea to make your bedroom cozy

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Give your nightstand a seasonal touch

Adding some fall-inspired flair to your nightstand will add character and charm without taking up much space in your bedroom.

Grab an assortment of earthy-toned flowers and greenery and arrange them in artisan-inspired ceramic vases.
To dial up the fall coziness with an added whimsical touch, compliment your floral arrangement with candles and pumpkins in similar hues.

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Romanticize your space with lighting

Light plays a central role when crafting a dreamy and cozy ambiance. Using filtered lampshades and dimming bulbs along with autumnal-scented candles will help you achieve this look.

Lighting your room in this way will create a honeyed glow, making it the perfect place for a quiet retreat. To enhance the lighting ambience, don’t forget to play with reflective metallic elements!

Golden or silver framed mirrors and light-catching tinted glass vases or candleholders would work exquisitely.

Set a reading nook

Jazz up your bedroom with a little reading nook to make your night routine a bit more magical!

fall inspired idea to make your bedroom cozy featuring a reding nook

Find a quiet corner in your room and add a comfy armchair. You can pair it with a footrest if the space allows it.
Cover your armchair with a chunky knit throw and place a small side table next to it with your essentials.

seating area in cozy bedroom featuring an airchair and reading nook
In addition, you can anchor your reading nook by placing a rug. This small detail will add a lovely touch!

woven tray in side table in cozy bedroom

gift guide ideas to make your bedroom cozy this fall season

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As you can see, it’s all about tweaking your bedroom decor by incorporating some seasonal elements. My biggest advice is to find high quality products that convey the mood and aesthetic you want to evoke when you walk into your bedroom.

And that’s why I’ve partnered up with Walmart for this guide on how to make your bedroom inviting with these global-inspired designs.
Walmart Home offers a broad selection of sophisticated and quality decor products at budget-friendly prices, perfect to get a cozy vibe for less.

cozy bedroom idea featuring airchair facing layered mirrors

So, if you are looking for inexpensive ways to cozy up your bedroom decor for fall, this post is for you! I’ve partnered with Walmart to show you some of my favorite ways to refresh your bedroom affordably and transform it into a snuggly and delightful winter retreat!

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy – Shop + Source

Click the images below to be taken directly to the product listing. I’ve tried to make sure every product source for the items found in this post. I have replaced the items that are no longer available with similar options.


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