Paris Day Trip – Loire Valley Castles

In this post I’m sharing an easy Paris day trip to three beautiful and historical Loire Valley castles. I hope that it inspires you whether simply to look from your armchair or are planning a trip to Paris in the future.

Paris day trips at sunrise

I recently shared my latest trip to Paris with you in the post – Living Like A Parisian. With just a week in the city we decided to devote a couple of days for Paris day trips. One of our side trips was to spend time with my dear friend Tania of Grange de Charme (follow her on Instagram) at her beautiful home in the countryside outside of Paris. Right off the bat…excusez-moi, all of these photos are unedited and from my iPhone and I do apologize if they aren’t the best.

We spent some time brocante shopping and I got all googly-eyed gazing at the amazing French antiques (even if I couldn’t bring them all home). I mean…these beds were incredibly gorgeous and this is only a fraction of what we savored!

But I digress and wanted to mostly talk about and share the Paris day trip that my husband and I took to the Loire Valley.

The sun rises early in Paris in the spring and we walked over to the Arc de Triomphe to be there by 6:30. Although I had my real camera I didn’t bring it this day, because I wanted to be more in the moment and not worry about taking the best shots. The light was golden, and we met up for a Paris day trip to the Loire Valley castles with a small group tour.

Paris day trips from the Arc de Triomphe

We decided on a small group tour from the company Viator, as we’ve taken day tours with them for years and had always been happy. I encourage you to visit their website and see what they offer in most countries worldwide as well as the U.S. Viator partners with local travel tour businesses on these overseas day tours and the guides are well trained and speak several languages. Find our particular tour here –Small-Group Loire Valley Three Top Castles Day Trip with Wine Tasting  (not sponsored).

Paris Day Trips – Why Take A Small Group Tour?

  • While we have done a few large tours over the years, we generally like to explore on our own when we can. However, there are definitely good reasons to take tours. When you have limited time and want to squeeze a lot in…as this day, where we saw three chateaus in one day. That would have been close to impossible on our own. I talked about our Switzerland trip of last year and the day tour that we took into Alps in this post – Natural Beauty Of Switzerland.
  • There is a knowledgeable guide/driver on these tours and the small group tours have limited spots. There were only eight of us and we were able to ask questions and receive personalized attention.
  • You will be in a small van and not a huge tour bus. That makes it easier for getting in and seeing small streets and areas that buses can’t navigate.
  • Less annoying people, lol! We have taken large and small tours and it’s simply less aggravating with fewer folks.
  • From a practicality standpoint, small group tours seem to be more organized. We’ve taken those umbrella holding up tours before and it’s easy to miss people and have to wait for them to show up.

There are many chateaus or castles within a couple of hours drive from Paris. The Loire Valley Castles that we visited were about 2 hours in a comfortable air-conditioned van. These chateaus offer an alternative to Versailles, which while worth seeing at least once…is CROWDED. As in…overcrowded! We could have driven ourselves, but frankly my husband drives all day every day in his job as a general contractor and deserved a break. If you’d prefer to be on your own, you definitely could do one of these chateaus in a day.

Château de Chambord 

The Château de Chambord is the largest chateau in the valley and is one of the most recognizable with it’s French Renaissance architecture. The chateau is grandiose, with 426 rooms, 83 staircases, 282 fireplaces and rivals Versailles with several “apartments” recreated authentically to visit. The gardens are formal and spectacular!

Loire valley castles Chambord Loire valley castles Paris day trips Loire valley castle Chambord Loire Valley Castle of Chamboard Loire Valley castles interiors

The Château de Chambord has a huge park on it’s grounds. It’s the largest enclosed park in Europe with dense woods to explore if time permits.

Next we stopped for lunch and a bit of shopping in the quaint town of Amboise. This little town itself is worth a Paris day trip, simply to enjoy! The weather was great on this day and we sat at an outside cafe and had pizza (and wine). This was a wine tasting tour, so after lunch we met up with our hostess and headed over to a local tasting room to sample wines made in the region. Side note: if you are thinking of this tour and don’t drink wine, that portion of the trip is not heavily emphasized. We did 2 quick visits for tastings.

Paris day trips shopping

Loire Valley Castles – Chateâu d’Amboise

This historical and luxurious chateau is deeply rooted in the history of France. It was a residence for French kings from the 15th to the 19th centuries. Leonardo da Vinci’s tomb is preserved at the chateau. If you’re interested in the history of this magnificent place, find more detailed information here.

Chateau d'Amboise Paris day trips

Loire valley castles Chateau d'Amboise gardens Paris day trip

Loire Valley Castles – Château de Chenonceau

Building of this chateau started in 1514 in the style of gothic renaissance architecture. Other than the royal palace of Versailles it’s the most visited chateau in France. Of the three that we visited on this day it was my favorite with not only magnificent architecture but impressive grounds and…beautiful flowers both inside and out. You can find much more information here and the history of the monarchs who lived here over time is fascinating. If you visit Paris this is a must see as a Paris day trip in my opinion!

Paris day trips Chateau de Chenonceau

Loire Valley castles floral arrangements

If you’re interested in knowing more about our tour of the Loire Valley Castles, visit THIS LINK. As I mentioned in full disclosure, this is not sponsored in any way but I highly recommend it for a Paris day trip! I’m happy to answer any questions if you’d like to leave a comment below.

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  1. Shellye scott says:

    Ahhhhh….Paris. One day. One day we will be there. The perfection and exquisite castles … and to just lolly through them. Thank you so much for the tour!

    1. I want to go and I want to take this pink set!

    2. I want to go to Paris with you!!! When I went we didn’t do any antique shopping?. I love the travel set!!! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

    3. Absolutely Stunning….. Someday!

  2. Tracey Clark says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I traveled to Paris briefly when I was twenty years old. It’s now forty year s later and seeing your pictures
    Makes me want to go back.

  3. Eugenia Steger says:

    Lovely thank you! I would love to go to France! Great tips!

  4. Nancy Reffle says:

    What a informative post! And your photos are breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing such inspiration!!

    1. Ohhhh Janet!!!!
      This is my dream trip!!! The pics are gorgeous!!!! They’ve inspired dreams of my own trip one day!!! So much breathtaking beauty!!! ????
      Thank you for sharing it all with us!!! ??

  5. Lou Gipson says:

    I’ve never been to Paris..
    have always wanted to..
    I live vicariously through beautiful posts like this to fulfill my dreams!
    until. i can turn dreams into reality!
    thank you for the beautiful post.

  6. Cathy Hundley says:

    We are going to France next year to visit my cousin who has moved there. I am very excited and your pictures have made me even more so. Thank you so much for sharing. By the way, you are now living in South Florida where I grew up and I love hearing about that as well. Occasionally I get homesick for the ocean and tropical plants.

  7. Terry Cooper says:

    We have some good friends that moved here to the States from Paris. We have enjoyed all the stories about life there from them. I enjoyed your pictures for they put a visual to so many of their stories. One day my husband and I will be able to make our own memories there.

  8. Love love Paris. My granddaughter will visit this summer. I have taken the Loire Valley Castle tour and was overwhelmed with the size and beauty. A must see if in France.

  9. Christy Dawn Owens says:

    Thank u for the great pictures

  10. The countryside is beautiful!! We too visited Paris about 20 years ago which was very brief…
    I would have loved to had the time to wonder more of the countryside.

  11. Ila Tindle says:

    Thank you for sharing your photographs and trip plans. We are empty nesters now and venturing over the pond. We cannot wait to travel in France.

  12. Janice Elder says:

    I agree that the other castles are preferable to Versailles for an enjoyable visit.

  13. Haven’t visited France, but it’s on my bucket list…. ur story n pictures are magnificent! I really enjoy ur blog … always a venture to read! Thank you for all ur hard work!!

  14. Lori Sawyer says:

    I would love to get lost in paris.everything is so beautiful.

  15. Babette Thurston says:

    Hi Janet, Those pictures are to die for! That is my #1 place to go before I get to the point in life where I can’t! LOL! Just beautiful! So happy for you enjoying such a magical place. I would love to win those totes. I have a rolling suitcase and its not large, so these would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Michelle Buzek says:

    Janet, thank you for this amazing post! I happen to love castles, so this really resonated with me. My husband and I actually stayed in 2 castles in the French countryside years ago when we visited Paris. I will have to put these castles on my itinerary next time I go! And the pictures are beautiful! By the way, I too am from South Florida (Fort Lauderdale), so I love seeing your tropical posts! I miss the beach?.

  17. Jo Wyrosdick says:

    This post brought back memories of visiting two of these castles in 1998. My husband and I chaperoned a group of 10-12th graders to England and France. My only regret is not being able to spend more time there. All of those vases of flowers were beautiful.

    1. What a wonderful trip. I love your blog.

  18. Susan Jezeski says:

    Now I can say I went to Paris! This post was informative and pictures awesome. Looking forward to your next travel adventure post.

  19. Your pictures are so inspiring.
    I would absolutely love to see the gardens in person.
    What a wonderful trip it would make, especially with your inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Jacy Cole says:

      Wow!! Thank you for the lovely and inspirational post!! This is a dream vacation and one I would love to enjoy!! Beautiful pictures.

  20. Donna in SC says:

    Mais oui—splendide!! For so many of us the allure of Paris is indescribable! Just seeing your pictures brings back all the wonderful memories of our trip a few years ago. Oh, how I want to go back and just bask in all the beauty that is there to be enjoyed! Merci beaucoup pour tes belles photos!

    1. Cindy Dooly says:

      Paris! What a beautiful dream!

    2. Merci, oh my goodness I escaped with you briefly and what an amazing and informative not to mention the feast for the eyes of beauty and the love of France ❤️ Suzanne Castellon

  21. Beautiful! We were planning a large family vacation to the south of France with a day or two in Paris but ended up in Napa instead. One day!

  22. Arrilla Milby says:

    Janet, you have such beautiful photos of your tour. My Dad drove through the Arc de Triumph many times during WWII, but when my husband and I visited, it was closed and could no longer drive through. So much traffic, how were you able to get such a beautiful shot with no one around???

    1. Thank you Arrilla! I find that Paris is a bit of a late riser, so if you get out early enough it’s perfect for photographing. It was about 6:15 am and the sun was beautiful that morning.

  23. I loved all the pictures, thanks for taking us along. It looks like a beautiful place, I agree about the smaller tour group. I have only been on the large tour bus groups and would love to try a smaller one someday. Have a nice day!

  24. I am actually going tomorrow for a week in Paris-day trip to Epinal American Cemetery where my uncle is buried. Next year, with my daughters, we will definitely check out your suggestions.

  25. Edy Cowan says:

    I enjoyed your visit to France…
    looking at the photos through you lens brings it to life… I feel I’m with you seeing and enjoying… thank you…
    Your packs are great for organizing…

  26. Debbie Powell says:

    So enjoyed your post today. We visited Paris several years ago and went to Versailles, which was great, but I told my husband I would like to go back someday and see some smaller places and other areas. Your ideas were very helpful. Love your blog. Thanks for all you share.

  27. What a wonderful and informative post! I am bookmarking this one for sure for that Bucket List 2nd trip to Paris! Thanks for sharing and for this giveaway opportunity!

  28. Thank you for the beautiful photos. We spend a couple of years in Germany, and visited many castles, and visited France once. I wish we had been able to visit Paris while we were there.

  29. Thanks for sharing about your trip. It looks magical! Those travel bags look awesome. What a great way to stay organized.

  30. Carol Mayne says:

    Janet, Your post made me feel as though i was there! My husband is a huge Tour de France fan We are currently taking care of my three year granddaughter, while her mom is deployed. Hopefully we will be able to start traveling next year. France will be our number one destination. So, these pink Packing Cubes would be ideal! Thank you for such marvelous posts!

  31. Maricia Gregory says:

    Beautiful country. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Beautiful photos and great information, thank you for sharing!

  33. Cindy DeMay says:

    Thank you for your private tour. The pictures are lovely. Paris is definitely on my bucket list. Thank you for gifting such a wonderful gift. Cindy 🙂

  34. Judy Johnson says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I am dying to go back to Paris and would love to do a day trip to see one or more of the chateaus, they are spectacular. Love all your posts Janet, thank you!!

  35. Debbra Weber says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have it saved under my Travel Board!! I bought my son a set of the packing cubes to help him pack for a recent week-long Shrine Bowl Camp. It make packing easy, more organized and kept us from packing too much which I do a lot! He is leaving for his first year of college out of state so those packing cubes will be going with him. I’d love a set of my own!!

  36. Just lovely! I’m taking a trip to Charleston to celebrate my 47th Anniversary and those packing cubes would be great! Love following you?

  37. Linda Meehan says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and your tour. I’ve been to Versailles and it was crazy and very overcrowded! Can’t wait to go on a tour like this to the Loire Valley castles. We took a couple of Viator tours from Dublin a few weeks ago and they were great. Thanks for all your information!

  38. I’m loving all you are sharing. My husband has planned a rather spur of the moment trip next month (we have never been overseas before) and I am scrambling for meaningful things to do in the two days we will be in Paris that aren’t sold out already. This sounds like a lovely way to spend a day. I’ve been hearing about travel cubes as I’ve searched travel blogs, but do not have them. Winning these would be awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  39. Thanks for the tour: wonderful pics, and it didn’t cost me a cent! I’ve fallen in love with that shot of the Arc de Triumph—think I’ll set it as a background on my monitor at work and enjoy it all day long!!! I’m not much of a traveler—don’t really enjoy it since motion sickness is always a factor — but I might be persuaded to take a trip like this. Looks fabulous!!!

  40. I have been to the hustle and bustle Paris, would love this day tour!!!!

  41. Dennie Brooks says:

    I really enjoyed your photo tour . I will probably never get to Paris but I so enjoyed your tour . I loved the Garden with the fleur de lis design .
    This is your best posting so far

  42. I too have just returned from Paris and we did visit the same castles in the Loire Valley.
    You are right a small tour which is what we did was the best option because it takes all day to visit 3 castles but well worth it!

  43. Liza Lara says:

    Wow! thank you for sharing your trip to Paris. I love all the headboards!!!
    Saving all the links!

  44. Shelley Rappmund says:

    What a wonderful post! I am planning a trip to France in 2020 for my 50th birthday and this was most helpful. I cannot wait. Thank you for your posts.

  45. Josephine Marie Howland says:

    Thank you for sharing your tour with us. The photo are beautiful! Since my nickname is Pinky, those pink packing cubes would be wonderful.

  46. LAURETTA PERRY says:

    Love the pictures! France and Europe are on my bucket list. The list keeps getting longer! LOL

  47. Beautiful, Janet. I’m filing this away for my next European adventure. Chenonceau is my favorite in the Loire Valley. xo

  48. Stunning! I would love to see this in person. Thanks for the giveaway

  49. Janice McFadden says:

    Would that I would one day get there!! Thank you so much for the “E” trip. I enjoy all your emails and never miss a one! Thanks for the great job you do. Keep them coming please!
    Best Always, Jan

  50. Gilda Stigliano says:

    your photos were lovely, even if you didn’ t think so…to the eyes who’ve never seen Paris and France, you have given a beautiful jewel. I hope to travel overseas some day!

  51. Susan Nakata says:

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. Years ago my husband and I went to Paris with the company I worked for. It was a once in a lifetime trip. Your pictures brought back wonderful memories.

  52. Janet, this post couldn’t have been more timely. The hubster and I have done Paris, and have fought the crowds at Versailles. (Def NOT something I’d do more than once, lol!) I am beginning to think of my next trip to France, and visiting castles was at the top of my list…so thank you!!! Looks like a fabulous trip….

  53. Deborah Turner says:

    Absolutely breathtaking! I hope to take my 12 year old daughter to Paris this next year and you have given me some wonderful ideas. Thank you for bringing such beauty to our lives! Bonjour

  54. Goodness, I loved this post! Dreaming of my first trip to Paris, hopefully neatly packed in pink!

  55. Fabulous!! I’m excited about going to France in September – and if I can some how manage to get myself organized, it will be a win-win!!!

  56. Going to one of these chateaus will be much more fun than Versailles, I think. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and recommendations. I have my fingers crossed to go next year, but it probably won’t happen until 2021.

  57. Brenda Bartelheim says:

    The description of your day trip makes me want to visit Paris and the surrounding countryside one day. Thanks for the information.

  58. Thank you so much for the lovely tour! It has been many years since I have been to France but I’m still hoping to go back. We were there for New Years Eve and it was quite an experience!

  59. The flowers and gardens are just gorgeous. I especially love pink!

  60. Diane Corsaro says:

    I wish I had seen your photos of Paris and your trip to see the castles before I went to Paris. It would have made my trip much better. I’m using your suggestions for my next trip.
    Thanks for sharing all the ideas.
    Diane C

  61. Lovely photos! I had the privileges of visiting these chateaux on a trip to France a couple of years ago … loved the gardens!

  62. I have been to Paris and many of the chateaus in France, particularly in the Loire Valley. You photos are wonderful and bring back memories. Beautiful photos! One day I hope to get my husband to wander through France (and Paris) for a month or two.

    1. Laura Harrie says:

      Well all my wonderful words were erased, basically I said I loved all the pictures!

  63. Charlotte says:

    Thank you, Janet, for the photos and all the links. Spent a few days in Paris a number of years ago and have longed to go back.

  64. Dear Janet,
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Parisian adventures with us! I just love the grandeur of the castles. I have not been in Paris in about 20 + years….I remember the decor, however, as if it was yesterday! I was enthralled with Marie Antoinette’s bedroom…and if memory serves, I believe it was the Palace of Versailles…and if I am mistaken, please do correct me. Thank you for capturing the beauty and splendor of this magnificent place!

  65. Alicia D Sweatt says:

    These are beautiful! I hope to someday travel to Europe and visit many castles and quaint towns. Of course, I want to see London, Paris and Edinburgh too. Really, I would just like to spend a year traveling and marveling at the history of Europe preserved in such amazing sites.

  66. Tonya Schoepf says:

    Love seeing part of the castles, would love to tour them. My son and fiancé are traveling there in October.will pass on the castles tours. Luggage organizers look awesome.

  67. Susan Page says:

    What can I say….fabulous and just what I needed. My husband and I are Australians living in Aix en Provence and we’ve been planning a trip to the Loire Valley. This has helped immensely….the photos alone have spurred me on to finalise our trip. Really love how you’ve given so much information.
    Thank you

  68. Sarah Scott says:

    Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!! What a lovely and memorable trip; I love how organized and seamless those packing cubes helped to make everything! Not to mention how pretty in pink they are.. I could see them being a lifesaver for someone like me that has a hard time packing!

  69. It’s been a month now since we came home from Paris and all I can do is think about going back, especially to visit the countryside. I did end up taking more than necessary for the trip but was glad I brought warm clothes and a hooded parka, not to mention the umbrella. Will do a better job next time!

  70. Susan Primrose says:

    I too have visited all these castles and I think about them often. I stayed in the hotel by Chambord and it was a real treat. The people were lovely, the food fabulous and the room had a wonderful view of the castle. I’ll go back one day.

  71. Such beautiful castles Janet with so much history and architectural details that delight!

  72. Cecelia Sciortino says:

    I really enjoyed your post; it was informative and your pictures captured the essence of a lovely tour. While I’ve travelled to Europe, I have yet to visit France…I am pinning your post in anticipation of our trip there! Thank You!

  73. Thanks for sharing your Paris adventure with us. What a lovely city with so much architecture and history. Thanks for sharing the links, as well.

  74. Going to Normandy in 3 wks. Love packing cubes, especially these beautiful pink ones.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics!gl

  75. Ashleigh Hall says:

    Such a beautiful post! I would love to go and visit Paris someday! And that pink travel set would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  76. Cherilyn Anderson says:

    Day dreaming…such joi de vivre! Maybe one day…

  77. Sarah Rideout says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip. France is on my bucket list. During a recent move I was unpacking some of treasures I purchased from rom you so long ago on EBay. Doesn’t seem possible so much time has passed since our paths first crossed. I love reading your blog!

  78. Love your pictures, thanks for sharing! The trip of a lifetime, I’m sure!

  79. OHLALA! Pink in Paris! Would love to have the pink organizers for my someday trip to France.

  80. Sounds amazing! I am works worse packer. Love to know about organizers!

  81. Bonnie fox says:

    Paris is a treat for the eyes and all other senses! So much energy and excitement. We visited for ten days last summer and it was beautiful beyond all expectations!

    I agree that many sites are VERY crowded but Paris Pass puts you at the front of the line for most attractions. Well worth the cost.

    Le Fountainebleau outside Paris is another FABULOUS castle! Unlike Versailles, all interior furnishings have been restored to their original splendor and the grounds are equally gorgeous.

  82. My dream vacation! I would love to go now, after 25 years of marriage, to resurrect all those feelings of new love from so many years ago. Love pink and that pink travel case would be the cherry ? on the top for a trip to France or to anywhere as a matter of fact! I so very much enjoy your blog. I have bookmarked this post for future travel. Thanks for sharing.

  83. Saralee Jamieson says:

    Janet, thank you for sharing this lovely tour of Paris! I’ll probably never make it there but I can dream through your beautiful pictures!
    By the way I got my beach prints framed and trying to figure out where to hang them!
    Thank you so much for sharing those as well!

  84. Janet Bassett says:

    The day trip to see the châteaus is definitely going on my list for my next trip to Paris. My husband and I spent three days there in 2015 at the end of a river cruise and it was just enough to whet my appetite and inspire an even greater love of all things French! Thanks for all your suggestions and inspiration.
    Another Janet

  85. Beautiful, thanks for sharing

  86. Griselle Camacho-Claudio says:

    I love France. Went to the South of France about 30 years ago and in the last 12 years I have been in Paris twice. I. Would like to go back but this time to tour the country. There is so much more to see and your photos are beautiful and serve me as an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  87. I know that I will not get the giveaway as I live in Spain, but I want to thank you for your work and all the inspiration you give me.
    Big hug from northern Spain,

  88. This brings back memories of my previous adventures in Paris and other beautiful parts of France. Wish I was planning a trip back right now!!

  89. Lori Carrozza says:

    Just stunning pictures and can’t wait to visit Paris one day myself ! Thanks for sharing

  90. joanne kennedy says:

    I have been to France twice…once to Paris and the Champagne area (my niece and her husband own a champagne vineyard outside Rheims…very convenient!) as well as Provence. Your post has encouraged me to visit the many wonderful places in between, especially the Loire Valley and its wine! If you have never been to Paris on Bastille Day, you are missing a treat! I highly recommend it.

  91. Kerry Chubbuck says:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures!! I never had the chance to go antique shopping when I was there! The travel set is lovely!! Thank you!

  92. What an amazing trip! How I’d love to go, too!
    Have a bit of traveling ahead in the coming weeks myself. This pink set would be a real asset! Wonderful giveaway!

  93. Sara Kleeman says:

    I have really enjoyed your Paris postings. Maybe one day soon we will be able to take a trip there. First, Alaska, where I grew up. Then, London!

  94. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to Paris, makes me want to go!
    I am trying a similar packing/organization method right now while touring Alaska & Canada for 3 weeks. However, I didn’t have time to order nice organizers before I started my trip & am using ziplock bags. Having organized compartments is making a huge difference & I will always pack this way from now on.

  95. Carolyn Foxworthy says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Your trip makes me even more determined to move a trip to Paris up on my travel list. Would love the pink luggage organizers for a trip to Paris or any where. Thanks again for sharing the pictures.

  96. Charlotte says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures of Paris. I will be taking a trip shortly, unfortunately, not to Paris. I love the pink organizers and could really use them on my upcoming trip. Thank you.

  97. Theresa Pennell says:

    I enjoy your blog and the pictures of France.
    My sister and I take trips together which is always enjoyable, and I like to keep my bags neat and organized. This would be a great addition to me.

  98. Brenda Brothers says:

    What lovely photos! Thank you for sharing and thank you for this opportunity! I may never be able to go to France but I love to go to New Orleans when I can. ?

  99. Doris Hoyt says:

    THE BED!!! The curved footboard with the pink flowers showing. I am in serious lust for that bed!

  100. You have so many wonderful ideas on your site and I enjoy them all. Thank you for sharing!

  101. I love reading about your trips to Paris. I would love to go, as I love anything French, but due to age and having walking problems that is out of the question. So I read and enjoy your post, please keep it them up.

  102. Denise St. Peters says:

    I am taking my first overseas trip this fall and need all the help in packing the suitcase.

  103. I’d love to go to Paris someday! Once my husband retires we will have to plan a trip.

  104. Cindy Nevels says:

    I would love to go to Paris one day. We were in London a few years back and talked about a day trip but didn’t think we could fit it in. Going back to Ireland next month though, can’t wait! The packing cubes would come in handy for sure!!

  105. Just returned from Paris. I agree; Versailles was VERY crowded. Your day trip sounds wonderful; thanks for sharing!

  106. Oh my – thank you for this post. We celebrated our 10th anniversary there (21 years ago) and it remains my favorite travel abroad trip — so much so that I said I’d never go back because I was afraid the next time wouldn’t/couldn’t possibly be as wonderful. Now seeing and reading your post made me realize ‘of course it will be wonderful’ — thank you!

  107. What a glorious destination. Thanks for sharing!

  108. Deborah McReynolds says:

    What a lovely giveaway. I am taking my twin sister to Paris and towns in southern France in April 2020. She has recovered from a surprise diagnosis of ovarian cancer and I want to celebrate her courage and fight. These packing cubes would be perfect for our trip.
    Love your posts

  109. Rebecca H says:

    I enjoy all of your posts, especially the ones about Paris. That is a huge dream of mine to visit someday. The picture of Chateau de Chambord, oh my! Beautiful!!!!

  110. One of my favorite trips to France was with my two sisters. We stayed in Paris and focused on gardens which we could get to by Metro or bus. Went to Versailles just for the gardens.

  111. We are planning a trip to Paris and Normandy next fall. I have never been and your post and photos make me thrilled the trip is in the works! I would love to win the packing cubes, they make travel so much easier and organized. Thank you.

  112. Thank you for sharing your trip and information with us. My husband is a heart patient and doesn’t travel well if there is a lot of walking , so I loved seeing what you both enjoyed. It looks so wonderful!

  113. Enjoy traveling vicariously through you. Could use the packing cubes for my more domestic travels! ☺

  114. Wow! Can’t wait to show this posting to my granddaughter who will be studying in Paris in July. Always enjoy this lovely blog. Merci, Janet!

  115. The extravagant wealth needed to build and maintain these “homes” always blows my mind. Beautiful though, for sure.

    1. Amazing. My dream is to one day see Europe. The two countries I feel in love with are England and France. I have never been. Dream trip. Pink is my happy color. I love the cubes for short juants. Thank you for the show. Always a fan.

  116. Love this post! We’re heading to France in the spring and you’ve convinced me to add a side trip. Thank you! Would love to win the pink packing cubes to bring along. Beautiful blog!

  117. Please note: the link to the printables directs readers to this page. The printables link seems to be broken. Please advise.

    1. It should be fixed now and was a technical issue

  118. What lovely castles! Thank you for taking us along on your tour, Janet!!! They are all beautiful.

    Barb 🙂

  119. I am going to Paris soon so thank you for all the information.

  120. Teresa Snipes says:

    I want to go back to Paris so badly! The only chateau we saw was Versailles, which is gorgeous, but crowded.

    I’m a cathedral nut, so I loved seeing them all. I’m thrilled I got to be at a Sunday service in Norte Dame before it burned. My favorites were St. Chapel and Chartres.

    Your pictures of the peonies in urns are stunning!! I love the atmosphere of France and need to return!

    Thank you for sharing,

  121. Ashley Bergstrom says:

    What fun looking at all the pictures! Thank you Janet for the details too. I have a question. When you mentioned about the smaller van, less annoying people, I wanted to know if in the vehicles for the tours, do they allow smoking? I am very allergic to the smoke and with asthma, would be sick the rest of the trip. 🙁
    I adored, OMGosh, the florals!! How pretty they were.
    I have been to Castles in Germany when my son was stationed there. We had planned to take the train into Paris but his new wife said she would stay home since they had just been there entertaining her Mom’s five Japanese friends and spent a lot of money. To save leaving her behind as i didn’t know her well at that point, we decided against our trip to Paris!!!! She would have never cared if we went without her, I know now. Oh, well….. maybe one day we will have the chance to go again. In Germany loved the quaint cobblestone streets and shopping with no cars down those roads. Chandy’s in even the Subway! Roses outside on every table for dining. I can only imagine Paris to be that lovely or more. !! Thanks for your hard work putting these together for our enjoyment!