Shadow Box Frame Displaying Heirlooms – 20 Minute Decorating

A shadow box frame for displaying heirlooms is simple to put together and makes a great inexpensive gift. See how to put one together for Mothers Day in this easy 20 minute decorating post.

shadow box frame mothers day heirloom gift

I’m all about easy when it comes down to it. I hope that even though my style can be seen as a bit fancy…the easy, relaxed part of me comes through. Perhaps it’s living the Florida life and may be an inherent quality as well. My crafts that I love sharing are things that aren’t “showoffy”, rather ideas that anyone can do. Now that being said, today I have a VERY EASY idea that has possibilities limited only by your imagination! A simple shadow box frame for displaying heirlooms and a 20 minute way to decorate your mantel or shelf. Look how pretty this is, and easy peasy lemon squeezy!

shadow box frame displaying heirlooms

Obviously this would make a great mothers day gift, I raided my craft studio supply closet for supplies. A shadow box frame is perfect for displaying heirlooms of any sort though. Think about antique keys, your grandpa’s pocket watch, a vintage hanky, bits and bobs of French ribbon, and so on.

displaying heirlooms

You will need some basic craft supplies:

  • A shadow box frame
  • Vintage wallpaper or craft paper. Fabric works too, but paper is easier to apply
  • Spray adhesive
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft scissors


  1. Open up the back of your frame. The shadow box frames that I’ve worked with have mostly had metal clips that are easy to bend to take the back off. At this point I would suggest cleaning the glass with some Windex or a natural cleaning product. Lately I have been switching to mostly natural cleaners that I make and you’ll find more information in THIS POST.

shadow box frame for display

2. Take the back and trace on to whatever you’ll be covering it with. I collect (hoard) rolls of vintage wallpaper and used this pretty floral pattern. Using spray adhesive, spray the backing itself…not the paper that you use. Then start at the top and apply by flattening with your hands as you go along. Use a bone folder to press out any air bubbles and let dry.

vintage wallpaper for a shadow box display

If you are planning on doing any sort of paper crafting, I highly recommend getting yourself a bone folder…below is the perfect set. Anything else can tear your project and you don’t want that!

mothers day gift craft

Then add your adornments and since this is an example of a Mothers Day gift I used pretty things. A piece of vintage paper scrap with gold foil, a snippet of old French ostrich feathers, a vintage pink button and a handmade ribbon rose. Interested in learning how to make your own handmade ribbon rose? I have an easy NO SEW TUTORIAL for that here  How To Make No Sew Ribbon Rose Flowers  

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you’ll visit my friends as we have a new monthly series called 20 MINUTE DECORATING!

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shadow box frame mothers day gift



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  1. Frances Batson says:

    I love the box. It is so sweet!

    1. This is very pretty. It looks like there may be some pink netting over the paper too.

      1. Thanks Linda! The netting is part of the paper scrap used. Good eye!

    2. Thank you…these boxes are perfect for so many momentos!

  2. Ah, how fun it would be to raid your craft supply closet!! Such treasures you have! I really love the vintage wallpapers and I think this would definitely make a terrific gift!

  3. This is so lovely, thanks for such a pretty idea! This would make a great gift for a friend.

  4. Barb Clark says:

    So petty, my mom passed away years ago, but one of these hanging in a home would look lovely. Thanks, Barb