Spring Break In Miami Tablescape

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My spring break in Miami tablescape is a reflection of how I look at design. Decorating a home once you have all of the essentials in place should be fun! I love some whimsy and am emulating the outside with tropical flora and fauna, all FREE from my garden. Did you know that you can find dried palms online these days? I’ll source some below, but first let’s get into what I did for this informal, layered spring table setting!

spring break in miami tablescape shabbyfufu

Setting a table in your home can be so rewarding and if you are anything like me then it’s not too formal or stuffy. I do love beautiful things as much as the next table decorator. But over the years I’ve found that a mix of the relaxed with the elegant suits my home and lifestyle well. Are you ready for the spring break in Miami tablescape?


 spring break in Miami tablescape with dried palm fronds

I’m never afraid to take risks when it comes to decorating and wanted to mention something about my x-back chairs first. I got these as part of a brand collaboration some years back. These are the exact chairs – X BACK DINING CHAIRS. Love them, but they were a bit too dark for my taste. With the lines of the chairs being somewhat complex, bleaching them would have been time consuming. I wasn’t using them much and had my more formal Paige chairs at the table. So I put these x-back chairs out in the sun to bleach on my covered patio and voila! They are made of mango wood, which is a tropical wood and my own Miami neighborhood is full of the hearty mango trees! I knew that they would do well out there in the heat.

spring break in Miami tablescape painted palm leaves

Setting A Spring Break In Miami Tablescape!

After swapping out the more formal and heavy Paige chairs for the lighter chairs I was inspired! So I grabbed my clippers and went outside to cut some palm fronds and leaves. 

spring break in Miami tablescape

Digging underneath the top layers of the palms I mostly clipped what was dead and dried out. We do this on a regular basis anyway to allow for new growth. I grabbed a can of spray paint left from this project and did a light mist on some of the palm leaves.

dried palm fronds in a table setting

I worked on the sideboard first, which already has a tropical look with the vintage Thomasville dresser (Henry Link Bali Hi dupe).

vintage Thomasville dresser Henry Link Bali Hi dupe

A mix of vintage and new with tropical ginger cut from the garden as well. I love how the mirror reflects whatever I decide to display on the dresser. These pale aqua and pink colors were what I was planning on for my spring break in Miami tablescape.

*DESIGNER TIP* – Always display collections in uneven groupings of 3, 5, 7 etc for more interest!

tropical sideboard

spring break in Miami tablescape

Ruffle bowls are trending right now and I made this one last week! I’ll be sharing a tutorial coming this week so you can make one as well!

pink and blue ruffle bowl

The spring break in Miami tablescape is set with my usual mix of vintage and new pieces. Wall color is Benjamin Moore White Dove and I know you’re going to ask…the pink glasses are no longer available!

spring break in Miami tablescape

spring table shabbyfufu



Tropical Tablescape Dried Palm Leaves

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  1. Your tablescape is beautiful Janet!! I love how you sprayed the palm leaves!! So pretty- I love the soft colors!!💗🤗

  2. I love those chairs. I think the palms add interest along with the backs of the chairs and the light colors. That ruffle bowl is speaking to me.

  3. Brilliant! The painted palm fronds are just wonderful! And I love that some of the natural color still shows through. The aqua and pink really does make it seem like Spring – even from here in frosty Connecticut!

    I love your idea of sunbleaching the chairs – and you weren’t afraid of the sun loosening the glue in the chairs?! O, ye courageous intrepid, designer, ye!

  4. Miche Ortega says:

    Your spring table and sideboard look amazing. So springy! Thanks for the inspiration, Janet.

  5. There is nothing like nature to showcase creativity. This is a beautiful table with a real organic look; the marriage of colors creates a calming effect, Thanks for sharing Janet.