Palm Beach Regency Style – Fresh & Modern Ideas

Palm Beach Regency Style is timeless and you don’t need to live in the Palm Beaches to embrace and include aspects in your decor. The trend of charming old-world allure resurfaces with a modern twist every now and again. Previously, we’ve discussed this with the GrandMillennial and Cottagecore trends. Today, I want to show you another fantastic style to glean from!

The Palm Beach Regency Style

The regency aesthetic is trending all over social media, and like most times with trends, it’s making its way into fashion and interior design. As a Florida girl myself, I’m delighted this interior style is finally getting the attention it deserves!

I think Palm Beach Regency Style will only become more fashionable lately with its chic and tropical take on coastal living.

Now, let’s go over the basics and some sublime examples of this home decor style in action!

The Roots

This style has its roots in architectural designs created by Clarence Mack during the 1950s and 1960s.
However, the style has undergone some changes with its latest revival.

Think of Hollywood’s Golden Age mixed with old Florida charm, and you’ve got Palm Beach Regency. The signature elements of this interior design style work together to create a home that’s both lavish and casual, elegant but fresh, and lazy summer afternoons meet daily life.

palm beach inspired living room decor featuring a green sofa, golden lamps and coffee table


Palm Beach Regency Style: Signature Colors & Elements

Wicker and rattan furniture, light and airy neutral shades with pops of color using vibrant colors like emerald green, pink hues, blue and yellow are a good starting point.

Silk, velvet, and linen, as well as wallpapers with tropical elements, add to the overall look.

Additionally, you can infuse summertime luxury into your design by adding some sparkles! Gold accents, shimmering chandeliers, and bamboo details are the perfect complement to tie this style together.

A Fresh Style For Any Home

The great thing about this style is it can be applied to any house, regardless of the architecture.

A stunning view of the ocean and high ceilings contribute to the appeal of this style, sure. But it’s not a requirement to nail the look at home. Using neutrals as your color foundation and adding decor elements and certain styles of fabrics, materials, wallpaper, and little details can give your home this divine signature look to any home.

Here we’ll see how these homeowners have decorated their interiors in the Palm Beach Regency to create outstandingly beautiful spaces!

Palm Beach Regency Style Examples:

Sun-drenched in Palm Beach splendor, this home boasts a tropical vibe that’s both classy and fresh. Aqua-colored wallpapers with tropical illustrations, a layered pair of warm-toned carpets around the living room and set the tone.

Wicker details -like the lampshade, accent chairs, and bar car- among palm leaves and striped fabrics give the room a pop of color and coastal appeal.

Palm Beach Regency Style living room with green wallpaper and tropical plants

Photo by Johnny Valient via

Embraced in warmer hues, this living room keeps it a bit more understated, choosing to go for subtle hints of tropical details. The 60s-inspired wicker chairs, indoor plants, textured carpet, and low furniture give the Palm Beach vibe in a modern way.

Living room in the palm beach style by Julia Lynn

Photo by Julia Lynn via MyDomaine

Just imagine escaping the stress of work in this beautiful sunroom! Decorated in a coastal color palette of blue and white shades with rattan, wicker, and a wall gallery of porcelain plates, this space offers an elegant but fresh version of the tropical style.

Terry Allen Kramer home in the palm beach style

If you find this trend to be way too sixties for you, this living room is a lovely alternative to get inspiration from!
It’s a more traditional take, having a well-balanced mix of traditional elements and Palm Beach Regency ones that make it a terrific idea to replicate at home. The low saturated colors -green, soft yellow, and blue- pair beautifully with the gold accent and white ceramic details.

traditional living room with two armchairs, sofa and mirror on the wall


This sun-filled living room that opens to the outdoors provides the perfect setting for elegant entertaining during summer. The white accent chairs with the tropical motifs are a perfect complement to the coastal color palette of whites and turquoise. Plus, the natural textures only enhance the Palm Beach vibe even more!


The Essence Of Relaxed Style

What is the essence of Palm Beach Style? A glance at this living room and you’ve got your answer! It features ceramic animal statues, bamboo chairs, patterned carpets, and an upholstered botanical couch. Above the desk is a framed photo of Slim Aarons that fits perfectly!


This little enchanting dinner area has a more rustic take on the Palm Beach Regency rooms we’ve seen so far. But, it’s equally divine!
Although the entire ensemble works beautifully together, the heart-backed wicker chairs really add to the overall regency of palm beach’s signature style thanks to the vintage furniture touch. Floral fabrics, lots of indoor plants, and lightweight furniture make this space a colorful and bright interpretation of the tropical glam look.

Rebecca de Ravenel's dining area in L.A


This living room with a regency flair is still bold but is a tad more serious in design style. Featuring a heavy pattern carpet, darker artwork, and refined bamboo furniture, this living room is perfect for those who favor a more serious decor style.

Palm Beach living room designed by Les Ensembliers

Photo by Andre Rider via

Bright and full of character, this corner of Rebecca de Ravenel’s home reflects the clean lines of a casual seaside style.
Over the console table, there are two opaque ceramic seashells as well as artwork framed in contrasting colors. With the ottoman’s floral pattern, indoor plants, colorful objects, this room plays on a laid-back yet glam style.

console table in white with gallery wall behind it at Rebecca de Ravenel's


The glamorous tropical vibe reigns supreme and these beautiful homes are fabulous examples! I hope you enjoyed and are inspired by the revival of this interior design style!



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  1. Mikki Parker says:

    Beautiful, looks like a lovely spring day. Love all the colors.

  2. Where did they find the light color rattan or is bamboo furniture on the outside patio with the blue and white plates on the wall? I’ve never seen that color before.

    1. I’m not sure, but suggest clicking on their website that is linked and do a Google image search if it’s not sourced. Most like it’s custom or possibly vintage

  3. Betty Ellis says:

    You outdid yourself with this post. I loved all the photos and your comments explaining their features. I did save the photos for further scrutiny as you suggested.
    Thank you Janet.

  4. Ann Drayton says:

    Those photos are so lovely and nostalgic. Took me back to my childhood.

  5. barbara S. says:

    What does Old Palm Beach design look like ? For instance, what would a ceramic kitchen backsplash in that style look like? A kitchen table?
    I’m doing a whole house and don’t have answers to the above so I can get started.
    Can anyone help? Please advise.
    Thank you!