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I’ve just returned from a lovely fun filled trip to San Francisco to visit our daughter and celebrate my birthday weekend. Some of my friends dedicate the entire month that their birthday falls in, but for me it’s enough to kick up my heels for just a few days! How about you…any thoughts?

It was raining most of the days spent there and for this Florida girl it was frightfully cold to boot. We didn’t let the weather keep us from doing things though, and I loaded up the layers with the eventual outcome of looking like the Michelin Man (woman). On a couple of rainy days we went to the SF Museum Of Modern Art and the San Francisco ballet performance of Giselle. We stayed with our daughter and her husband in their charming and comfortable 1920’s home in the city. It’s nice to be back in springlike Florida now and to sleep in our own bed.

Work in progress dining room with the plant filled garden room behind.

At the SF Museum Of Modern Art

The world class SF Ballet

Now that I’m back I’m going to work on getting my act together to share the reveal of our completed kitchen renovation with you next week! Stay tuned for that, as there is much to share.


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Published In A Magazine

If you’ve been with me for awhile, then you know that my list of published media is a long one. I was recently contacted by the editor at American Farmhouse Style and that’s a new one for me! I do not live in a farmhouse, but was asked for tips for the spring issue (out now) on incorporating color and mixing styles. Look for it at your local groceries, drug stores and news stands!

What I’ve Purchased Lately

I’m veering from the regular format today to share some of the home items that I’ve purchased recently on Amazon that you might find useful in your life. There are several real gems here and nothing is pricey, so take a look below and click on any blue title link to shop or for more info.

Non Slip Washable Grippers for Rugs

These non slip rug grippers are a must have to keep your area rugs from curling up at the ends and sliding around on your wood or tile floors.

Suction Cup Hooks for Shower, Bathroom, Kitchen

I purchased these suction cup hooks to hang towels inside of my new kitchen cabinets. Not only are they easy to put up, but they look great in this gold color.

Circular Spice Labels Sheets

I’ve never been so organized and it’s a good feeling! These spice jar labels work well if you have a spice drawer (as I now do) so that you can see what you have from the top. They come alphabetically organized and there are a few blanks as well.

Desktop, Countertop, Tabletop – Mini Vacuum Cleaner

I love this thing for quickly cleaning crumbs off the countertops. One of my favorite aspects is that it’s rechargeable with a USB cord which is included and really works well!

Trimmable Wooden Kitchen Drawer Divider Utility Holder Cutlery Tray Organizer Insert

My new kitchen cabinets did not come with any inserts and I’m now working on customizing according to needs. This maple kitchen drawer utility holder works to hold utensils and you can trim it to fit your own drawers. The price point was great on this one at just under $75 and much more sturdy than those plastic ones.


Fiber Artist Crochets Colorful Dishes That Look Like a Chef Prepared Them (So Amazing!)

Catering Kitchen with Melanie Millner – FLOWER Magazine Atlanta Showhouse (Video Tour)

100 Easy Dinners to Try This Winter (I have saved a few of these to my Pinterest boards)

What Is a Reverse Grocery List? Here’s How to Save Time at the Store With One (OMG, I’ve already been doing this!)

How to help young people limit screen time — and feel better about how they look (good one)

15 Flowers That Are Easy to Grow From Seed (Spring is coming, promise!)

weekly tip

cleaning products

Borax is a multipurpose product that is versatile and has been around forever. Sprinkle on a damp sponge to clean tile, floors, sinks, or cabinets. Add it as a detergent booster to rid laundry of odors or use it as a pre-soak for tough stains. For more simple home cleaning products that you might have around check out my post on The Best Natural Cleaning Products That You Already Have. There are free cleaning recipes and labels in that post as well!

what you might have missed

Design Trends That I’ve Been Noticing For 2023

Benefits Of Rearranging Your Living Room Furniture

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  1. At 70, I celebrate each and every day that Iā€™m still alive and that most of the body parts still work. Lol!

  2. Congratulations on being featured on American Farmhouse! It will be such a treat for all who subscribe or see the magazine. I love all your tips & decorating style. Awesome as always!