Tips For Buying & Arranging Inexpensive Grocery Store Flowers

Tips for buying and arranging inexpensive grocery store flowers! Yes, there are times to splurge on expensive peonies or garden roses from the florist, but it’s not practical to do for most of us on a weekly basis. Today I thought that I’d share some tips and tricks on how to arrange grocery store flowers beautifully and make the best out of these budget flowers!

inexpensive grocery store flowers

Where To Buy Inexpensive Grocery Store Flowers:

There is one place that I head to when I want to pick up inexpensive grocery store flowers. I’m fortunate to have a Trader Joes about 10 minutes away from my home! Not only that, but we have a Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Aldi, and Publix within that same short car ride as well!

So while I have a large selection of places to buy budget grocery store flowers, I stick with TJ. The prices can’t be beat and they have the best bang for the buck. Not everyone will have these shopping options, so check places like your local drug stores, Costco and similar stores. I’ve even found acceptable roses at The Home Depot and Walmart!

inexpensive grocery store flowers

This week I asked my husband to pick up some flowers, as he was stopping by Trader Joes to stock up on nuts. Bolder colors aren’t generally what I prefer, but I told him to surprise me and I love the thought! He picked up some stock and sunflowers that are seasonal summer flowers and I enjoy the sweet scent of stock.

grocery store flowers from Trader Joes


  • Grocery store flowers usually come wrapped in cellophane and tied together. When you get them home, clip off the rubber bands or twist ties right away.
  • Cut off the cello and then I find it helpful to spread the stems out on the counter and evaluate what needs to be done. Trim off any dead looking blooms and leaves.
  • Cut the stems on an angle and place in water in a bucket or the sink filled with a few inches of water temporarily. Let them soak and rest for at least an hour.
  • Once you decide on your container, add fresh cool water and flower food if provided.
  • Turn your flower upside-down to determine the correct length and cut once again on an angle if necessary. Remove any leaves that might be under the water line, as these will cause the water to develop bacteria and wilt your flowers.
  • Get started on arranging your inexpensive grocery store flowers and just enjoy the process! There really are no strict rules.

inexpensive grocery store flowers

Daily Care Of Grocery Store Flowers:

  • Try to change your water daily, filling your container about 1/3 way full with fresh, cool tap water.
  • Trim off any flowers and leaves that have turned brown.
  • Keep your inexpensive grocery store flowers out of direct sunlight and the path of air conditioning vents.

summer inexpensive grocery store flowers

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  1. Miche Ortega says:

    OMG, your husband did a great job picking them, and you did a great job arranging and placing them. They are gorgeous, and I LOVE them with the purple stemware. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Miche…flowers in the house are a must, whether real or faux!

  2. I love these beauties! And what gorgeous styling! Although I never expect anything else here at Shabbyfufu! 🙂 Thanks for the flower tips Janet – I’m inspired to stop at the store on my way home!

    1. Awww, your’e the best Barb…thank you so much!

  3. Janet,
    Your flowers are so gorgeous. They look amazing in your beautiful dining room! Thanks for joining us on this blog hop!

    1. Thank you Janine and it’s always fun joining in with you sweet friends! xo

  4. Placing flowers in my grocery cart makes “shopping a pleasure”. I am going to shop at the newly opened Wegmans in my area. I remember going g to one in VA and them having such a great selection. So fat, TJ’s has been my “go to”
    Love seeing your flower posts.

    1. You do such a beautiful job with your flower arrangements Shirley and isn’t it so satisfying to have fresh flowers in the house?!! Love your beautiful new home!

  5. Tish Grabar says:

    I love the lavender/white salad plates. Where did you purchase them from?

    1. They are old French plates from a brocante, so unfortunately I have no place to refer you to Tish

  6. Absolutely Gorgeous!! I really love having fresh flowers around the apartment but unfortunately I have one bad cat that just doesn’t love fresh flowers and no matter what I have done, he will find the vase and destroy it. So often I have to use fake, paper flowers..