River House Home Tour – Traditional Elegance!

Join me in this River House Home Tour. A new edition of our Home Tour series, where we’ll look at the stunning interiors of River House, tucked away in Kilmarnock, VA. 

Crafter by the designers of Pillar & Peacock, this home embodies timeless elegance with a playful twist. 

Gracefully marrying traditional decor with trendy flair, every room in this river house home tour is captivating and inspiring.

Blending classic architecture and traditional furniture, this home’s interiors showcase timeless elegance. Vibrant blues, greens, and pinks introduce a modern touch, complemented by geometric patterns and unexpected accents for a balanced blend of tradition and trendiness.

Traditional Elegance with a Twist: River House Home Tour

The foyer greets us with a blue door, framed by transom windows. Rather than going for a conventional entryway arrangement right next to the front door, a Victorian rocking chair paired with a colorful rug stands as a unique choice upon entering the home.

Farther along, a mirror makes a statement. A console table topped with a stunning table lamp in white and blue. I loved the detail of the vintage chests!

With coffered ceilings and glass doors with transom windows, the living room basks in natural light.

Matching green couches and armchairs in a pretty white and green pattern gather facing the fireplace, giving a colorful note to a delightfully airy and fresh space. The portrait in this river house home tour brings a personal touch of tradition.

Adjacent to the main living room there’s a sophisticated dining room with plentiful space to host friends!

There’s another dining room. This one showcases a more traditional style, following the color story with its use of green in the patterned dining chairs. A colorful abstract artwork and quirky lamp shade breaks up the traditional setting.

All the corners of the river house home tour are carefully decorated, creating a harmonious flow across the rooms.

Blue walls and white trims bring a summer house feel to this family room.

A large rug rich in texture grounds the seating area and pairs beautifully with the green and light blue decor accents.

An eye-catching bespoke armoire in dark blue and golden detailing steals the show, while the rest of the furniture perfectly complements it.

The use of the color blue is the connecting thread that weaves together a cohesive narrative in this home. Like in this lovely little window nook! Perfect to cozy up with a good book or just enjoy a nice cup of tea.

In the kitchen, blue makes another appearance. The walls are bright blue while a navy shade graces the rattan chairs and pendant lights. Glossy white cabinets balance it all out.

The powder room captivates with a striking coastal-themed wallpaper pattern and traditional elements. Gold hardware and detailing bring out the wallpaper’s blue tones even more.

Home Tour: Study room featuring blue walls, built-in shelves and patterened armchairs
Pillar & Peacock/Houzz

The study room feels more intimate and playful with its use of patterns and decor.
Two comfy armchairs dressed in a colorful and fun pattern sit next to a vintage wood desk. Note how the pattern matches the hues used in the artwork and mementos displayed on the white built-in bookshelf.

Boasting clean lines and a very serene ambiance, the bedroom boasts sandy walls and carpets paired beautifully with light blue armchairs and a very eye-catching patterned headboard.

With upholstered ottomans in a floral pink pattern (that matches the bed throw pillows) and an antique armchair and footstool in the Louis XV style, the aesthetic in this other bedroom feels more romantic.

Another room has a more tropical flair, with a rattan rope headboard, white bedding, and green pillows as colorful accents.

This spacious bathroom boasts deep navy walls contrasting elegantly with white cabinets and a marble countertop. A classic blend that makes a bold and timeless statement.

I found this home so enchanting! What was your favorite feature in the river house home tour? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Gorgeous! Nice to see a decorator who isn’t afraid of color, but keeps everything classy.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this one as much as we did Jessie ❤️