11 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Take note of these 11 tips to prepare your home for spring if you’re craving ways to brighten up your home decor this season!

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The most alluring season is right around the corner, and it’s time to prepare our homes to embrace the warm sunsets and vibrant colors spring brings.
As we wait for the cool days to end and the warm sunsets and vibrant colors of spring to arrive, it’s the perfect time to prepare our homes for this pretty season!

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Spring has a unique way of inspiring us, doesn’t it?

Our surroundings become much more lively, fresh, and charming during this time of year.
It makes me crave pretty colors and enchanting spaces where I can embrace and marvel at the beauty of the season.

So, today we’re focusing on easy and sophisticated ways to freshen up your home this spring.

11 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

To fill your home with some spring magic with these easy 11 tips to prepare your home for spring, read on!

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Transition Your Accent Decor

Spring is all about light, freshness, and bold colors. This is the perfect moment to stow away dark and moody decor accents you have in your home and introduce new ones that lean on the lighter side of the color spectrum. 

Vases, candles, sculptures, coffee table books, and trays… just to name a few!

idea to prepare your home for spring featuring a esmerald green lamp shade, white desk and black and white striped ottoman

Pastels like light blue, lavender, pale yellow, and soft pink are a gentle way to bring spring’s color palette indoors. 

For those who crave a punch of bold, brighter hues like seafoam green, bright yellows, reds, and magentas are the way to go. These work particularly well if you have a neutral color scheme at home and want to play with colors outside of neutral.

Play with Patterns

By incorporating just a few well-thought-out patterns into your spaces, you can give them a fresh new look without disrupting the overall style of your home.

To add an element of surprise, consider opting for traditional patterns in unexpected color combos and experimenting with different variations in scale and composition.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by introducing accent pillows, as just a couple of pillows can transform the look of a room while the rest of the decor remains the same. This works especially well if you have a neutral color scheme!

velvet and corduroy pillows for fall

A checkered pattern in pale hues, light but bright red detailing in a toile de jouy print, organic shapes in vibrant tones… the list goes on!
But, no matter your color palette, try to pick items in complementary accent colors to give your space a harmonious update.

Deep Clean & Declutter

Spring cleaning is an annual-honored tradition to prepare your home for spring, and for good reason!

Take advantage of the invigorating energy that comes with the change of season and make sure to deep clean and declutter your home. Although spring cleaning usually comes with endless checklists and rules, I advocate for a gentler take and encourage you to focus on your most used rooms. If decluttering is not something you’re interested in, you can always opt for new organization systems to store away what you have laying around in plain sight.

Introduce Organic Materials & Textures

Incorporating natural materials brings a coastal-inspired vibe that perfectly captures the charming essence of spring.

Decorative elements and furniture pieces crafted from woven materials like wicker, jute, sisal, rattan, and seagrass can refresh and elevate your spaces.

wicker ginger jar vase fall decorating ideas

Using just a couple of these items will add warmth and texture to your space and will help you bring some of the natural beauty of the outdoors inside!

There’s a huge variety of decor items crafted from natural materials, which gives you plenty of options to find items that fit your current home decor style. My favorite ways to introduce these woven textures to my home are using area rugs, baskets, accent chairs, and lampshades.

Rearrange your Furniture

Sometimes, it’s not about adding or removing items, but rather finding a new place for them in your home!
Consider moving around furniture and decorative elements for a fresh perspective. This is a simple way to give spruce up your home for free, and make it feel new this spring while “shopping” your own home.
Think outside the box and try to explore all the different possibilities!

idea to prepare your home for spring featuring a yellow chair

Maybe an outdoor bench would work beautifully in the kitchen, or an accent chair that is not used in the living room would improve your bedroom’s look and functionality. It’s all about exploring ideas and finding new ways to decorate your home with your own furniture.
I recently wrote an in-depth article about it rearranging your living room so don’t forget to check it out for more ideas. Click HERE to read it!

Refresh Your Space With New Fragrances

What better way to welcome and prepare your home for spring it than by elevating your senses with fresh and alluring fragrances? 

white marble bathroom

Fragrances hold the power to change the mood of spaces, so pay close attention to what you want each room to feel like. For places where there’s a lot of activity going on like the kitchen or the living room, revitalizing scents like mint and citrus notes are ideal. For studies and bedrooms, you may want to go with more fragrances that evoke calmness and relaxation like lavender and sandalwood.

You can use candles, diffusers, sachets, potpourri, or even apply a few drops of essential oil onto cotton balls inside a decorative jar for just a subtle and lingering aromatic touch.

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Revamp your art collection.

The easiest way to give any room a new vibe is by editing your art collection and swapping or adding paintings in darker shades for brighter ones that are reminiscent of spring’s colors.
If you have a gallery wall, consider removing your paintings for prints in vibrant hues or with a more summery vibe. You could also swap your frames for lighter ones with a golden or silvery finish.

Let The Light In

If you want to embrace the golden sunlight that spring brings, swapping out your window treatments could be the best way to prepare your home for spring.
This can be as simple as replacing your old heavier curtains with ones made of lighter and more sheer material or adding something more summery to filter the light, like rattan blinds.

living room featuring sofas and chairs in neutral shades along withsheer curtains in a sunny room, inspo for preparing your home for spring

If you want to go the extra mile to prepare your home for spring, you could invest in a more dramatic change by getting a new window treatment altogether.

Bring In the Outdoors with Greenery and Florals

If you’ve been reading me for a while, you know by now that I love using flowers and plants to beautify my home. I’m a huge believer that lush greenery and pretty florals have the power to elevate any interior space!

open kitchen shelf with white ceramic plates, whicker placemats and purple flowers, idea to prepare your home for spring

Choose plants that thrive in natural light and match your decor style. Don’t forget to bring nature into unexpected areas of your home, such as window sills, hallways, or kitchen shelves. 

Place small pots of flowers on open shelves or unexpected corners to make every corner look Pinterest-worthy. 

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Make sure to spruce up your outdoor area now so you can enjoy it throughout the upcoming warmer months! The first step is to give your outdoor area a good cleaning. Remove any debris left from the winter season and clean the most used areas. Then, make it comfy and inviting!

Consider adding some colorful planters or hanging baskets to add a pop of color or even try your hand at growing your own herb garden. Adding string lights and lanterns is also a simple way to give your outdoors an enchanting glow.
If you have a balcony or terrace, make it serve double duty with a vertical garden.

Focus On The Details

When it comes to preparing your home for spring and home styling, the trick is in the details: changing one small element of your space can have a big impact on how the space looks and feels. 

Shabbyfufu | Dressing Your Bedroom For The Warmer Months

Make your bedroom look different by teaming up small patterns together in a light and summery fabric for your spring bedding.

Consider swapping out your doormat for one with a more spring-themed design, adding flowers or plants to the entryway, or swapping your bathroom mat and shower curtains for more light and airy options. Even swapping your usual hand soap for a new one with a fresher scent will do!

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