Blue Living Rooms – Ideas For Every Style

Looking for blue living room ideas to get inspired? 

Blue is a color that evokes feelings of serenity and luxury. It can make a room modern and striking or serene and delicate. Blue can accentuate light and openness or create a moody and mysterious feel. It all depends on what shade you chose and how you use it.

Blue can adapt to any style and is easy to work with. It pairs beautifully with other colors but you can mix different shades of blue together, and the result will always be a fabulous one. And that’s why blue is one of my favorite colors, especially when it comes to home decor.

Blue Living Rooms – Ideas For Every Style

Whether you have a coastal style, a modern rustic or relaxed boho one, blue is a flexible hue. You can  adapt it to every style and it guarantees a harmonious and elegant result.

Any bit of blue in your home holds the power to transform your space, whether it’s a bold statement piece, an accent wall or small details.

If you want to spruce up your living room and incorporate blue, you’re in the right place! I’ve gathered some of my favorite blue living room ideas to inspire you!

Here are some ideas for how to use blue in your home… Read on!

1. Beach Cottage Style Home – Living Room Inspiration:

light blue living room with coastal inspired theme

The new Beach Cottage style is a casual and relaxed take on the classic coastal style. It’s not just about the beach—it’s about the lifestyle that happens there, which is relaxed, fun and inviting.
There are so many different shades of blue that can be used for this style, from light sky blue to dark navy blue. Although my favorite is a calming pastel blue, like in the example above.
To get a similar vibe, use multiple shades of blue throughout your space and create contrast using natural elements.

2. Modern Rustic Style Home:

rustic and modern living room featuring exposed wooden beams

This home is the perfect example of how small decor details in blue can bring new life to your space!
While maintaining a relaxed and rustic feel, the dish gallery wall above the fireplace with white and blue dishes immediately catches the eye against the light plastered wall.

Additionally, the subtle decor accents complements the exposed wood beams, light blonde furniture and earthy décor elements without overpowering the room.

3. Moody Transitional Living Room:

living room and library space with dark blue walls and orange accents

If you’re craving maximum impact, go bold! Cover your walls and built-in bookshelves in a dark and luscious blue hue.
If you’re scared so much blue will make the space feel cold, opt for complementary colors such as oranges and reds, as the homeowners did in this NY home. This color scheme will make the space feel uniquely warm and inviting.

4. Modern Farmhouse – Living Room Inspiration:

grandmillennial farmhouse inspired home in NY featuring white and blue rug, dark blue walls and traditional chinoiserie decor elements

In a similar way the homeowner of this historical NY farmhouse, CJ Swank, chose dark navy walls and went all out by incorporating a dark blue console table and white and blue chinoiserie elements. She also kept the original hardwood floors, windows and doors.
These warm wood tones  stand out against the rich navy blue walls pull the look together while keeping it inviting. (Check out the entire home tour HERE)

5. Transitional Coastal Style

traditional living room with blue built in bookshelves and cream color scheme

A striped upholstered armchair with an accent blue throw pillow is an easy way to incorporate blue in a living room, as shown in this lovely design.
The darker blue tones are replicated in the coffee table and the tray next to the armchair.
In addition,  the very subtle light gray color of the built-in bookshelf has blue undertones, making the room feel harmonious.

6. Traditionally Elegant Living Room

traditional living room with blue built in bookshelves and cream color scheme

In the traditional style, the use of clean lines and a neutral color palette conveys an air of elegance and sophistication, making blue an ideal choice to add a modern twist.

If you don’t want to paint walls, paint your furniture! Look at the lovely example of this San Francisco home, where the bookshelves were painted in a subtle Shadow Blue hue that plays beautifully with the formal set up but gives it a modern edge.

7. Minimalist Beach Living Room Style

boho inspired living room featuring a dark blue velvet couch

Featuring a clean and modern aesthetic with minimal embellishment and luxurious seating area, this living room is a great example of how you can adapt the beach style to a minimalist design while still creating an inviting and relaxing environment.
In order to recreate a similar space, consider adding one blue accent wall or focal point such as the fireplace frame , like in this living room where it was painted in a dark blue color.

8. Relaxed Boho Living Room Style

boho inspired living room featuring a dark blue velvet couch

Sometimes to add blue to your decor all you need is a statement couch and that alone will set the tone.
Here, the velvety blue sofa teams up perfectly with the gold accents and the mid-century tan leather chair. Plus, the layered textures and patterns used in the throw pillows and carpet give it a relaxed boho edge, creating the ultimate eclectic living room.

9. Neutral Living Room Inspiration:

unique fireplace design with white and blue tiles, a round mirror and jute baskets

If you want blue in your living room but you don’t want to disrupt your neutral color scheme, a little detail can be all you need. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this gorgeous home! Here, the only blue accent is in the small tiles framing the fireplace. The subtle pattern and blue hue make it an easy and impactful way to transform the room.

11. Grandmillennial Style

small vintage styled sofa in a blue pattern against a blue floral wallpaper

When it comes to the trendy grandmillennial style, blue reigns supreme. There are many ways to incorporate this shade to your home decor if you already have a “granny chic” living room. From heavy patterned curtains, ruffled fabrics and hand painted furniture, you can let your imagination go wild here. Even so, my personal favorite is to mix and match classic wallpaper with motifs and floral fabrics in similar hues, as shown here.

Blue Details – Living Room Ideas for Any Decor Style

modern coastal living room featuring blue accents, wicker chairs and light furniture

There’s no need to go all out and paint walls or add furniture pieces in electric blue shades. Just look at this lovely living room where only the details feature blue hues.
You can infuse blue into your current home and create a uniquely personal aesthetic that’s both elegant and welcoming.

spring decoration ideas coastal living room shabbyfufu

How? Start small! Amp up your sofa with an assorted arrangement of throw pillows that have blue detailing. Include smaller decor items such as vases with blooming blue flowers, lampshades, throw blankets and artwork featuring blue tones.

Coastal inspired living room featuring wicker rattan coffee table, light tan sofa and blue pillows

photo by Sand & Sisal

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  1. Mikki Parker says:

    Lovely way to start Monday off, with donuts,coffee and a great blue and white video just perfect.

  2. Patty Rusin says:

    Love the French and blue with white vibes. My struggle is the hubby is obsessed with the stained woodwork in our house and absolutely won’t paint it. Every room pretty much shows white woodwork with a blue and white scheme. Any thoughts?

  3. Loved seeing so many variations. I have only come to appreciate blue maybe in the last 5 years even though I had had some blue components for YEARS. I love blue and white dishes. Last year I removed the baskets from my kitchen soffit and mounted my collection of blue and white plates. BUT now, I have MORE plates! Hmm! My collection of blue cobalt glass bottles goes so well with my milk glass, too!

  4. Michelle R says:

    I love blue, and incorporating the different shades in a room is lovely. I’m partial to muted shades and I’m in the process of bring the blues into my decor. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  5. I think my design style is somewhere on the English French Country Shabby Chic Grand Manor spectrum. 😜 There’s always blue to be found somewhere. And, of course, my blue and white dishes. Love, love, love blue. And turquoise. All the blues. Thanks for the inspiration, Janet. 💙 {Donna @ Belle West}

  6. WOW, Janet! you really encompassed so many styles beautifully and thoroughly. All the effort that went into that blog post, and I think it was really fabulous seeing all the different styles and how blue can be incorporated into anyone’s home. As a blue lover, I’ve always had touches of blue or more than touches, regardless of how my style has changed over the years. this was fun, and informative!