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80+ Lovely Simple Spring Decor Ideas

Give your home a spring makeover without going all out with these spring decor ideas! In this post, I’ll give you 80+ easy ideas that you can apply and breathe life into your home this spring. Bonus…most of these ideas work for summer as well and there are 20+ more ideas in a free printable as well!

No matter where you live, spring is the season to freshen up your home and welcome the warmer weather outside in.

You don’t have to go all out to give your home a makeover!

You can make your house feel more alive by adding simple touches that make all the difference.

Some of these are simple DIY projects for those who are crafty and have time on their hands. However, most of these ideas are ideal for simple and easy decor accents that anyone can do. All of them will make your home feel fresh and cozy as it warms up this spring!

Spruce up your house for spring (& summer) – Spring Decor Ideas

  • Bring some eclectic flair to your living room sofa by adding new throw pillows in jewel tones with contrasting hues.
  • Use a French cast iron urn as a vase for a rustic french Farmhouse look. 
  • Paint an accent wall. It will freshen things up and give your room an updated style.
  • Clean up! If you’re ready to give your home an affordable spring makeover, the best way to do it is by following a deep cleaning protocol. Check this post with 10 deep cleaning tips!

  • Add a fun twist to the classic birdfeeder and make this Teacup Birdfeeder for a romantic touch.
  • Not a big fan of flowers? Add some fresh greens!
  • Paint the back of your bookcases in a soft pastel color that matches your color scheme for a nice Spring accent. Spring decor ideas like this can make such a difference for practically free!
  • Change the arrangement of the living room furniture. Play around with your own furniture and décor to see how you can arrange the sitting area. Read more about living room layouts.

Decorating on a Budget Ideas for Spring

  • Use colored pampas grass for an easy but glamorous spring makeover.
  • The prettiest of spring decor ideas is to create a pretty arrangement with DIY Pom Poms with tissue paper.
  • Add a rattan puff to your living room for a boho touch.
  • Display any candy-colored plates and glasses from your silverware collection.


Spring Decor Ideas – DIY Home Decorating Tips

  • Add small jute framed mirrors.
  • Tie tassels pull to your drawers. 
  • Reorganize your closet. Hide away any heavy and dark winter garments and replace them with your lighter spring fashion. This will be a daily inspiration to welcome the new season with spring decor ideas.
  • If you have time for some additional spring decor ideas, add a french provincial look to your furniture by giving it the iconic distressed look. Use this tutorial where I share the secret to giving furniture a chalk finish.
  • Decorate your coffee table using a tray and your favorite spring decor ideas items!
  • Paint half a wall. If you’re feeling courageous, you can even try freehand some abstract shapes to give your wall an eclectic and fresh feel.
  • Create a vertical indoor garden. Let your playful imagination go with with the plants on these spring decor ideas project.
  • Print out a botanical planner and display it in the kitchen or living room. It will give a cute spring vibe to the room while helping you remember your to-dos! Get my free botanical planner HERE.

Easy Spring Home Decor Ideas

  • Replace your bedroom art wall with spring-inspired illustrations.
  • Make a bold statement with an unexpected color combo for your bedding. Pink and emerald green, light beige and black, purple and copper … the sky is the limit!
  • Use vintage watering cans as flower vases and display yellow floral arrangements or greenery. 
  • Placing an oversized mirror facing a window is a simple and quick way to amplify any room.
  • Tie pastel-colored ribbons to your doorknob handles.

  • Swap and re-arrange your dining room chairs by mixing in some different textures. Bring in a couple of wicker or rattan chairs from the garden and re-arrange them with your usual ones. This is a small detail but it certainly breaths in new air into the room.
  • Stripes! Use striped fabrics in your bedroom or kitchen for a nautical vibe. 
  • Put lemons on a tall clear vase to add some spark of summer yellow
  • Keep your grocery flowers looking like elevated bouquets with these tips and display them around the home. Every room needs a little flower love!

Spring Decorating Ideas for Living Room

  • Use mint shades to brighten up a room for a cool and airy vibe.
  • Spring is synonymous with Easter, so give your mantle decor an Easter-inspired color palette.
  • Make these oil lantern candles to add a romantic glow to your decor.
  • Color the water in your clean vases with a box of food coloring.
  • Refresh your tablecloth and dress up your spring table by mix-matching pastel colors, and neutrals and add pops of colors with your silverware.
  • Make a garland of greenery and drape it over your bed frame.
  • Hang a basket with greenery and flowers (real or faux) as part of your gallery wall.
  • Use clipboards as frames and clip in some spring-themed printable illustrations!
  • Play with lavender hues for a delicate and soft seasonal color scheme.

Simple Spring Decor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

  • Load up on the chintz!
  • Layer a soft gauze table runner on top of a burlap one.
  • Prep your outdoor table with dinnerware in pale colors.
  • Add canopy home decor accents.
french market basket with peonies
  • One of my favorite spring decor ideas is to introduce materials like macrame or crochet decor elements to add a boho flair.
  • Dress up your room’s corner with a ficus tree.
  • Give an old chandelier new life with a spring makeover using vintage floral wallpaper. Check how to do this in this tutorial.
  • Use one single large conch shell for a decor statement rooted in simplicity.

Quick Spring Decor Ideas

  • For some spring sparkle, clean your copper pieces and display them in your home like vases with purple flowers. 
  • Upcycle old chandeliers into DIY cake stands and use them for your cakes or as jewelry holders. Click HERE for the tutorial!
  • Give new life to a tree branch and make a stunning decor statement by adding faux leaves to it. HERE for the tutorial.
  • Use chocolate pots as flower vases. 
  • Tie a bow around your cutlery by wrapping it in silk ribbons. Go for light blues, minty tones, and pinks to highlight the Spring colors.
  • Prep your dinner party table with a statement gradient flower centerpiece.
  • Tie wreaths to the back of your chairs with silk ribbon or jute cord for a whimsical touch. Click here for the DIY tutorial.
  • Give any room the sunshine treatment! Add yellow throw pillows to your sofa in different textures and shades.
French terre de fer plates
  • Use these Marie Kondo Do’s and Dont’s for an organized home that brings you joy and upcycle spring decor you already own!
  • Change the lightbulbs in your lamps and add a dimmer to give a soft glow to your dinner nights.
  • Add a whimsical and romantic homage to the blooming season with a floating dried flowers chandelier, like this one I made. For the full tutorial, click HERE.

If you’ve gotten this far, I have 20+ additional ideas in a useful free 2 page printable! This is for our subscribers only and you’ll find it in the FREE PRINTABLE LIBRARY. Look for the password in our newsletter and jot it down to save it! If you’re not yet a subscriber to our blog you can subscribe at the bottom of every post.

20+ spring and summer decorating ideas free printable
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