50 CUTEST Spring Cakes Cookies & Cupcakes

50 CUTEST Spring Cakes Cookies & Cupcakes (On The Planet!) In this post you’ll find many recipes that you’ll want to bake for not only for the cute looks, but they are seriously delicious! 

These days I am not a huge baker. Definitely I’ve made my share of birthday cakes over the years and cookies…cupcakes too! We try and eat healthy around here now, since it’s just the two of us. If I bake a cake for an occasion where there will be multiple friends it’s one thing, but if I make it just for the sake of baking for enjoyment…I would eat most of it. Especially chocolate. Not good! I do enjoy the creative process though and find it quite therapeutic. 

romantic homes magazine cake diy
Some years back I has a regular column in Romantic Homes magazine called We Love – Make It, where I crafted original tutorials and DIYs. This piece (above) was on creating faux cakes and that used to be a thing, but like every trend it no longer seems to be trendy. Maybe it will come back into vogue some day…who knows? If you need a PRETTY CAKE STAND check out that tutorial and then THIS ONE (a reader’s favorite!)
I have some truly spectacular cakes for spring of the real kind to share with you today, in the form of recipes. It would be hard to select just one, and I can imagine these scrumptious goodies all lined up for a spring event! 
beautiful rainbow cake cutest spring cakes cookies



surprise cake with rainbow center cutest spring cakes cookies


speckled spring cake cutest spring cakes cookies

50 CUTEST Cakes Cookies Cupcakes & TREATS!

Check out the rest of these cutest spring cakes, cookies and cupcakes. You’re sure to be inspired!

  1. Speckled Easter Egg Cake from abeautifulmess.com
  2. Easter Nest Cake from sugarhero.com
  3. Chocolate Easter Cake from deliciouseveryday.com
  4. Easter Egg Surprise-Inside Cake from iambaker.net
  5. Easter Polka Dot Cake from sugarhero.com
  6. Triple Chocolate Easter Cake With White Chocolate Frosting from wellplated.com
  7. Easter Egg Layered Cake from iheartnaptime.net
  8. Easy Chocolate Easter Cake from amuse-your-bouche.com
  9. Easter Ice Cream Cake Recipe from fancyshanty.com
  10. Strawberry Shortcake Easter Nest Cake from peasandpeonies.com
  11. Lemon Bundt Cake With Chocolate Glaze from cookwithmanali.com
  12. Easter Egg Nest Cakes from sweetcsdesigns.com
  13. Easter ‘Creme Egg’ Mousse Cake from glutenfreealchemist.com
  14. Easter Kitkat Cake With Cadbury Cream Egg Filling from eviltwin.kitchen
  15. Easter Simnel Cake from thefoodiesway.co.uk
  16. Rainbow Cake Ombre Cake from supergoldenbakes.com
  17. Feed-a-Crowd Perfect Chocolate Cake from simplebites.net
  18. Best Ever Carrot Cake from delscookingtwist.com
  19. Thermomix Easter Cake from thermomixbakingblogger.com
  20. Naked Carrot Cake from crazyforcrust.com
  21. Easter Bunny Rolls from celebrationsathome
  22. Carrot Shaped Veggie Pizza Bars from crayonsandcravings
  23. Pastel Deviled Eggs from thelittlekitchen
  24. Creamy Carrot Bites from celebrationsathome
  25. Chocolate Dipped Peeps from creativecynchronicity

Here are twenty five more SPRING CAKES COOKIES CUPCAKES & TREATS…so good!


  1. Easy 3 Ingredient Cake Mix Cookies from shabbyfufu
  2. Chocolate Covered Oreo Chicks from funhappyhome
  3. Candy Coated Strawberry Carrots from bellyfull
  4. Easy Easter Decorated Pretzels from thedecoratedcookie
  5. Easter Egg Fruit Pizza from persnickityplates
  6. Bunny Butt Cheescake Cheese Ball from 4sonrus
  7. Oreo Cookie Pops from suburbansimplicity
  8. No Bake Oreo Truffles from currytrail.in
  9. Peeps Stuck In The Mud Bark from thesuburbansoapbox 
  10. Allergy Friendly Chocolate Easter Eggs from mygluten-freekitchen
  11. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes from boulderlocavore
  12. Letter Cake from amytreasure
  13. Garden Patch Dirt Cake from uncommondesignsonline
  14. Candy Filled Piñata Cake from foodnetwork.ca
  15. Spring Kit Kat Cake from busycreatingmemories
  16. Surprise Inside Mini Bundt Cakes from freutcake
  17. Easter Bunny Carrot Cake from scrappygeek
  18. Easter Egg Mini Cupcakes from mykitchenlove
  19. Lemon Filled Buttercream Cupcakes from tidymom
  20. Peep Cupcakes from freutcake
  21. Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Rainbow Cookies from thedecoratedcookie
  22. Bunny Bum Cookies from noshingwiththenolands
  23. Easy Bunny Decorated Cookies from thedecoratedcookie
  24. Bunny Sugar Cookies from glitterinc
  25. Spring In Bloom Cake from sugarhero           

This post was updated in April 2020

Speckled Malted Coconut Cake from countryliving

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  1. Rachel W. Robbins says:

    I’ve been scrolling through the above Easter recipes & have found quite a few that look wonderful. However, the cake at the bottom of the list doesn’t seem to have a corresponding recipe. It looks so good & beautiful as well! I would love the recipe for that cake. Can you help?
    Thank you!

    1. Rachel, I’ve received a few emails and then your comment…so I added the link to the recipe.