20 Glorious Green Home Decor Ideas: Paint Colors & Inspiration 

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Green home decor! Do you embrace the color green in your decor? In this post are some ideas that might encourage you to incorporate a touch of green into your home!

Charming Shades of Green: Cabinets and Walls in Green

Trends may come and go but green shades are timeless!

In this blog post, we’ll dive into all things green home decor.
We’ll explore the timeless charm of this classic color, see how it’s making a comeback, get inspired by some beautiful green rooms, and explore the prettiest green paint colors to choose from.

Charming Shades of Green Home Decor: Green Cabinets and Walls

Just like blue, there’s just such a beautiful nuance in green hues. From bright and airy to muted and soulful and to saturated and moody – green offers a wonderful range of color shades to create the perfect look and mood you want in your home. 

Why is the Color Green Trending Right Now?

It’s no wonder green is making waves in interior design trends once again!

Green has this unique ability to tie everything together. When paired right, green can act as a neutral and bring a sense of timeless style, making your entire home feel cohesive and full of life. 

green and pink living room as example of green home decor

While it has always been a color used in interior design, especially in traditional styles, lately its popularity has risen once again in all home decor styles thanks to its versatility.

People are falling back in love with green home decor and it’s timeless charm but this time around green gets a refined modern spin. Pale sage green, greens with strong grey undertones, and muted shades are the ones being more loved right now. 

Traditional library in dark green as example of green home decor
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Green Home Decor: A Modern Neutral

Green can act as a canvas for vibrant pops of color in accessories or artwork, allowing them to stand out without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. This makes it the perfect new neutral to give your interiors a natural and inviting feel that matches with almost any other color.

Green Cabinets & Walls in Kitchens and Bathrooms

I have to be honest that when I was sourcing items for my kitchen renovation, I didn’t think much about green home decor. I found these counter stools on sale at Ballard Designs and had always wanted them, so I took a leap of faith with the green! I figured that I could always paint them, but once they arrived I just loved the pop of color! Green is a color I plan on using more of in a few future projects on my list here, as it reflects the gardens outside!

green rattan counter stools

We can see the green trend in so many homes and in every type of room, but especially in cabinets for kitchens, pantries, and bathrooms.

Traditional kitchen's pantry example of green home decor
Chirigos Designs Design Bar

Subtle and soothing, a muted sage green adds a soft, earthy tone to your kitchen, creating a relaxed mood.  For a more contemporary look, you can pair sage green counters with light-colored countertops and black hardware and appliances. 

Sage green kitchen counters as example of green in home decor
Inspired By Charm

For a more glam and vintage-inspired look, simply change the metallic details and go for a shiny gold or bronze finish paired with natural textures, like rattan pendant lights. 

green and pink kitchen as example of green home decor
Everingham Design

Natural woods, vintage white, soft pink, and all shades of blue work beautifully when paired with sage green.

Traditional kitchen in dark green as example of green home decor

Similarly, in bathrooms counters and walls in sage green can elevate the entire style of the room.

You can combine it with bronze and gold hardware, or go for a more daring look and pair it with a wallpaper design. 

Home decor idea featuring bathroom in med green walls
The Turquoise Home

Recommended green home decor colors : sage and medium green paint colors: 

Dark Greens in Home Decor

For those seeking a more daring approach, a dark green can be the best option. This works beautifully in kitchens! 

It gives the space a lush and old-world allure that’s reminiscent of classic English style. To enhance the moody feel, you can pair it with a marble backsplash in grey, paint your walls in a dark green color, or play with another shade of green to create a playful contrast.

Dark green kitchen featuring green counters and marble backsplash, home decor ideas
Bon Atelier Limited

Paring the counters and the walls will result in a dramatic look but it’s not the only way to create a striking change. 
You can also play with lighter walls and give your backsplash a transformation in a deep emerald green.

Green kitchen featuring green counters and walls, home decor ideas
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

This bold choice is ideal to add a pop of color and drama to a neutral kitchen. Whether in subway tiles or intricate patterns, an emerald backsplash instantly becomes a focal point of green home decor!

Dark and lush green kitchen featuring green counters and backsplash, green home decor ideas
Mitzi by Hudson Valley

Recommended dark green paint colors: 

Light & Gentle Green Home Decor

In spaces like the bedroom, the color green takes a gentler and more subdued tone, creating a soothing and serene feel perfect for a room of rest. 

Bedroom in traditional style featuring green home decor ideas

Greens with a gentle grey undertone or blue tint are some of the best paint colors for creating a tranquil feel.

Bedroom in traditional style featuring green home decor ideas

Given the neutral power of this color family, it works with any interior design style. It all depends on your unique taste and the room and elements you’re working with. 

Another trend that is making waves is “Bookshelf Wealth” where built-in bookshelves are customized to perfectly reflect the homeowner’s style with a dose of old-old glam. One of the favorite colors that go hand in hand with this trend? Green! 

For bookshelves and built-in cabinets, the green tends to lean towards a deep green to create a sense of wealth and opulence.

Green bookshelf - green home decor idea in traditional living room

Recommended grey and blue-green paint colors: 

Green Home Decor: Small Details, Striking Results

Besides cabinets and walls, there are other ways to inject a little green into your home!

Staircase hallway with white walls and green home decor ideas

Contrasting trims is one of my favorite ways to add a little bit of color without overwhelming the space. It’s unexpected, playful, and adds such a pretty detail! 

bathroom with white walls and green trimms home decor ideas

This would work amazingly in a neutral space!

bedroom with white walls and green trims home decor ideas

If you want to take it a step further, you could also paint doors and add a wallpaper featuring a similar green hue to pull together this green look.

Home office with green wallpaper and trims
A Glass Of Bovino

Recommended bright green paint colors: 

As we’ve seen, green has the power to craft beautiful spaces with a distinct quality that is both creative and timeless.

Infographic of green paint colors for interiors

Whether you lean towards green cabinets, painted walls, or subtle accents, green in all its shades is worth considering for your next home renovation project.

Would you consider adding more green to your home? If so, what’s your favorite green shade? Comment below! I love reading your thoughts.

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  1. I really like the softer greens, I think they would be easier to blend. The Sea Salt and and Pearl Gray is very pretty.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Diana and thinking of some soft green on my walls somewhere!

  2. Dominique says:

    This was a great post on the color green. Thank you! Can you do a similar one in the color blue with all your paint recommendations? You are super talented, very helpful, and much appreciated!

    1. That’s a good idea Dominique and although we’ve done some color blue posts, not like this green one that was more detailed! Thank you so much!

  3. I never thought I’d like a green kitchen. But your examples in the darker green look absolutely marvelous!

    1. Thank you Heike and I’ve fallen in love with green more and more in my own home lately too!